Joshua Bonehill arrested under Racial Hatred for supporting National Action

Originally posted on Joshua Bonehill:

Yesterday as I was due to answer bail for incitement to racial hatred against a Labour Party MP, I was arrested for a further offence of incitement to racial hatred – simply for supporting National Action.

In a post on this blog here, I posted an image taken from National Action’s website which asks for ‘Racial activists’ to join the movement. According to the police, use of the term ‘Racial Activists’ constitutes incitement to stir racial hatred. I spent 12 hours in a police cell expecting to be fully remanded, the only reason I am still here is because the CPS had to refer the case to a specialist division in order to determine what kind of ‘racism’ this is classified as.

This apparently is classified as incitement to racial hatred.

This apparently is classified as incitement to racial hatred.

My home was raided for a fifth time this year and the smartphone I used in order to…

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Brixton, Bradford, British Anti Fascist Left Wing Politically Correct Lesson


Left Wing politically correct Anti Fascist Whines and Sniffles After Being Beaten Up By Black Guys.

The Daily Bale of course sends our deepest sympathies to the left wing victim.

Who do these self righteous white left wing politically correct Holier than thou people think they are we ask ?

Well apparently, a bunch of black guys showed this guy just what they thought of him.

Our Hearts bleed for this left wing Anti Fascist politically correct “victim”

Chris Schaefer , a left-wing Anti Fascist white college student tried to join the black protesters in Ferguson.

They brutally beat him solely for being white and a politically correct sicko.

Witnesses say he was marching with a crowd of black protesters who he had immersed himself with uninvited or wanted, when a large number of black males began pummeling the leftist and giving it to the Anti Fascist politically correct Marxist good style.

He was hospitalized with serious injuries. – There, there, such a shame.

Numerous other white people, including white self righteous politically correct leftists and politically correct Marxists who tried to join the protests have been brutally beaten by black males in Ferguson.

hope not hate. U.A.F

The Daily Bale asks a question of the white British Anti Fascist left wing politically correct weirdos here in the U.K,

“why don’t you go to Brixton or Bradford and hold a march there for the rights of non-white people –

‘who you do not seem to have many of in your ranks at all incidently’

and tell these non-white good citizens of Bradford and Brixton that you have come to stand up for their rights because you white self righteous left wing Anti Fascists believe you know better than them and you can stand up for their rights and their culture better than they can, just like you seem to be doing on the internet and all over Social Networking sites” ?

No, we don’t think you would do that would you ?

Why ?

Because it is you who are stirring up racial tension in the first place by continuously bringing attention to ‘differences’ and identifying people by their race as being ‘different’ by saying that you Anti Fascists, who just happen to be white, are standing up for them.

We suggest it has nothing to do with ‘standing up’ for people, but everything to do with you being Racist and Fascist yourselves, and displaying that fact by using race to get your own way and calling other people Fascist and Racist if they oppose you in anyway or disagree with your left wing politically correct policies.

You are using people of other races besides yourself to push a political ideology and to get your beloved Labour cranks back into power.

This is exactly why you do not go marching in Brixton or Bradford, because those people know what you are doing and it is insulting, patronising, and highly racist, and you are likely to get what that Anti Fascist above got when he decided to involve himself with something that does not concern him and where he certainly was not welcome either.

We also suspect that you Anti Fascists know full well, that you are hiding something within yourselves far deeper and so very shameful that you cannot admit it.

Slowly but surely your layers are being picked apart and more and more people are starting to see you for exactly what you are, and what you have done in the U.K

One day you must answer and justice must be served.

The British public will demand that you are punished and hauled before Courts of law to answer for what you have done.

For us, that day cannot come soon enough.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing racism and fascism – Frazer Cook.

Competition: Snappa Marxist

There’s nothing we like more than going up to sick left-wing perverts, taking pictures of a close up of their face and sticking it all over the bale before branding them sickos and weirdos.

Snappa Marxist

Snappa Marxist or ‘Snap a Marxist’ is a new competition we’re launching. If you happen to be in a situation where you are close to a Marxist pervert then simply hold your hand up to his face with a camera and zoom in, as close as you can until you’ve got a nice image, then simply snap away (Preferably with flash on).

The Marxist you snap must be a proven Marxist and preferably needs to look subhuman or have a beard. In days gone by we’d brand them paedophiles because of the Left-Wing’s connections to PIE and the Rotherham scandal but we can’t do this anymore as members of the BALE team have been arrested for malicious communications and harassment in doing so.

Taking pictures of Marxists and calling them Marxists in articles is however perfectly legal, these people need to be named and shamed for their perverse politically correct criminality. In order to avoid legal persecution you must not use any form of aggression and be civil to the Marxist to ensure he doesn’t get on the phone and ring 999. It’s best to take pictures at demos or in situations where you can prove the person is a left-wing marxist, that way no false accusations can be made.

We will then take the image and put them in our gallery of shame whilst branding them marxists for the public to see.

All entries can be sent to or

Good luck!

Jews not Zionists

Originally posted on Joshua Bonehill:

We see people often describing themselves as ‘Anti-Zionists’ or proclaiming that they are fighting against Zionism to which they view as a threat to the world. Zionism is the global political movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the reestablishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the ‘Land of Israel’, this however does not address the Jewish problem as a whole.


Nationalists tend to describe themselves as Anti-Zionists in fear of being branded racists or Anti-Semitic, but every good and honourable racial nationalist should by default classify themselves as Anti-Semitics. Being openly Anti-Semitic is no shame whatsoever, it’s an immense position of knowledge that decrees you are aware of the vast judeo-conspiracy that threatens our world and race.

This doesn’t mean to say that we should dismiss Zionism entirely, instead we need to recognise that Zionism is simply a sub issue within the Jewish problem. Jews by…

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British Born Politically Correct Left Wing Anti Fascist Sicko Eats Grandmother


British Anti Fascist Politically Correct Left Wing Sicko Eats His Grandmother.

Anti Fascist Left Wing Sicko

Anti Fascist Left Wing Sicko

Evil British born left wing politically correct Anti Fascist ‘Hope Not Hate’ supporter who ate his Grandmother age 95 because he was angry at her for not being politically correct.

Hope Not Hate. U.A.F

When most people think of the French Riviera, they think of picturesque beaches and palm tree-lined streets, but certainly not familial cannibalism and left wing sick politically correct Anti Fascist weirdos, sickos and perverts.

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

But the seaside town of Nice, France, is reeling after a British born Riviera resident who went to live in France to be with his distant family there, was arrested for reportedly dismembering and eating part of his 95-year-old grandmother in a fit of left wing rage and Anti Fascist self hate when his Grandmother said the word ‘Packet’ and he mistakenly thought she was referring to somebody who is of Asian background and hence being politically incorrect and not fitting the world view of Anti Fascists where it is not allowed to mention anything at all that refers to non-white people in any way that does not praise them or at the very least speak in a way that is self hating if the speaker happens to be white.

Hope not hate. U.A.F

The suspect has been identified by police only as “Rick” a man in his 30s who is believed to be the victim’s grandson.

According to the French, the investigation was opened earlier this week when the victim’s daughter, named in French news reports as A.P discovered that her mother had been dismembered and that her body parts had been scattered around her property in Nice.

Nice, France
The popular resort and tourist attraction in Nice, now a horror scene of left wing Anti Fascist evil.

After notifying police that something was amiss, investigators searched the house and property, discovering the victim’s legs stored inside a freezer and her liver inside a refrigerator.

Further exploration turned up more body parts belonging to the deceased buried around the woman’s garden, and along the entrance to the home.

hope not hate. U.A.F

Locals subsequently overpowered the sicko known as “Rick” and brought him into custody.

During an interview, “Rick” reportedly confessed to eating a portion of his grandmother’s body, it was reported.

Hope not hate. U.A.F

The news publication reported that it is believed the suspect has suffered from ongoing mental-health issues resorting from being a politically correct crank and a left wing freak, and has previously been admitted to psychiatric institutions.

The investigation, opened by prosecutors in France, is reportedly ongoing, but it is believed that the weird left wing politically correct Anti Fascist sicko, was British born and a supporter of the Anti Fascist left wing politically correct gang in the U.K called ‘Hope Not Hate’ and he also was involved with several Anti Fascist online Twitter accounts that run anonymously to attack and troll decent right wing people online.


While the horrific incident might be the first of its kind for the beach town, it’s just the latest in a series of recent cannibal crimes.

In March, former New York Police officer Gilberto Valle, better known as “Cannibal Cop,” was found guilty of planning to kidnap, cook and eat women. Although the 28-year-old did not follow through on those crimes, an FBI search of his computer yielded a list of 100 potential female victims.

All of these strange killings have one thing in common, apparently the perpetrators are always of left wing politically correct orientation and by the standards of normal people, they are stark raving loop the loop fruitcakes, weirdos, sickos and Anti Fascist Marxist perverts.

Is Father Christmas a Left-Wing Paedophile?

With a fake beard, red coat and innocent appearance, this predatory monster could almost get away with being Father Christmas, but the Daily Bale can report he is in fact sick left-wing convicted Paedophile, Tom O’Carroll

Tom O'Carroll

Merry Paedomas, Sick Left-Wing Paedophile Tom O’Carroll dresses as santa to lure children

Sick Paedophile, O’Carroll has been trying a lot of things recently in order to lure unsuspecting children into his sleigh but we’ve never seen him sink so low until we spotted him dressed as Father Christmas. Indeed, much speculation has befallen the Father Christmas myth, with many people pointing the finger at Father Christmas as being a predatory paedophile who sneaks into people’s houses and enters the room of sleeping children.

It’s a sick move by Tom O’Carroll who presumably hoped to bag up children in his ‘present sack’ and make off with them in the back of his sleigh where he could take them to his paedophilic nest, ‘Santa’s Grotto’. O’Carroll who used to be the self-proclaimed leader of P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange) brags of his sick paedophilic conquests and intentions of abducting children at his blog Heretic TOC.

Clearly dressed in red, this paedophile Father Christmas imitator is showing his support for the Labour Party and communism in general. Santa Clause is traditionally green, so therefore we must assume that the change in attire must also relate to a change in political alignment.

Santa Clause as we know is a myth made up to give children hope at christmas, but could Santa Clause actually be a sick predatory paedophile? The evidence we’ve presented certainly seems to back that up.

Peter Callaghan,

Reporting for Daily Bale News

Evil Left Wing Anti Fascist Sicko in Sadistic Racist Attack


Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist In Evil Racist Attack.

Brett Charlton has had his sentence extended to three years by the Appeal Court in London for slashing a man’s throat in a racist attack in Worthing, Sussex. The sentence will be concurrent from today with his sentence of three years he is serving for burglary.

Anti Fascist Left Wing Sicko.

Anti Fascist Left Wing Sicko.

Charlton, 27, was sentenced in January 2004 at Chichester Crown Court but, as he had spent five months on remand waiting for the trial, meaning he had served the mandatory half of his sentence, he was allowed to go free.

The victim, 17-year-old Alahassan Kamara, left Sierra Leone three years ago. He was attacked by Charlton who slashed him in the throat and shouted racial abuse at him. He needed 18 stitches in the wound.

“The attack by Charlton was a calculated and horrific attack and caused great pain and trauma for the victim and his family,” said Sarah Jane Gallagher, the County’s Chief Crown Prosecutor. “We believed that the crime, particularly as it was racially aggravated and carried a maximum sentence of seven years, warranted a greater sentence than the 10 months given to the defendant. We are pleased that the Appeal Court endorsed that view.”