Joshua Bonehill framed in left-wing twitter conspiracy

I have stated time after time that I am not currently on Twitter yet I have discovered what appears to be a plot designed to see me remanded in custody before my next court appearance.

As stated in this post here and then more recently here, there is a ‘blame bonehill’ campaign at large which is currently alleging that I am responsible for running accounts on Twitter that are harassing people – this is simply untrue.
I have noticed that today these fake accounts have been contacting witnesses in my on going court cases. The accounts which have changed their name to ‘leaderbonehill’ and a variety of other names that I have used in the past are pretending to be me to ensure that I am arrested for breaking bail conditions and then therefore remanded in custody.

My bail conditions are not to have any contact with the witnsess in my cases – I have not had any contact with them during the time I have been on bail.

I beleive that these fake accounts are being operated by the left-wing witnesses themselves in an attempt to frame me as they were upset I was not imprisoned past Friday at my court hearing.

This matter has been logged with the police but I feel the need to draw public attention to this given my current circumstances.

The simple fact of the matter is that I am not on Twitter currently under any guises, alts or usernames nor can I be held responsible for my supporters actions.

Joshua Bonehill

Hate Not Hope: Why hating the Left-wing is a good thing

Left-wing Perverts – society’s rejects, super creeps and degenerate weirdos. Hating the left-wing is pivotal to destroying them, there can be no sympathy or friendship as these vile parasites will always stab you in the back to benefit their sick agenda.


Anybody who announces their loyalty to the left-wing should instantly be viewed as an ‘enemy of the people’ as what essentially they are declaring is that they hate white people and have betrayed their race to side with the Jews.

There is no such thing as a ‘good Marxist’, they are all the same and have just one agenda – the complete and total destruction of our race and nation.

You’ll notice how civic nationalists and Nancy boys frequently legitimise the left-wing and treat them as some form of recognised and respected political force. This kind of Left-wing appeasement personally makes me wretch as it’s like watching a murderer killing somebody without being able to do anything to stop it.

Throughout every major facet in society, the left-wing seem to appear and have positioned themselves in places of ‘false authority’ over the people as to dictate their plan and ensure cultural Marxism is widespread.

The left-wing will rely on tactics of manipulation, demoralisation and mental traumatising to ensure you do not get in their way. This is why the left-wing are evil, immoral and ultimately do not deserve a place within our race.

The evil and immorality of the left-wing knows no bounds as they target our children and weakest members of society in their brainwashing anti-white campaigns.

The argument people will often use in defending the left-wing Is ‘they deserve to have a political opinion’. Well political opinions are all very good but the left-wing don’t have one, their agenda is simply one of hate and destruction.

Left-wing so called ‘politicians’ should be viewed as hate preachers akin to Islamic extremists. Marxism is a bigger threat than Islam as Marxism has caused Islamic Extremism accross the world and therefore should be viewed as a terrorist belief.

9/11, 7/7 and the brutal slaying of Lee Rigby can all be attributed to judeo cultural Marxism. The 1400 children who were abused in Rotherham, the paedophilic red ripper murderer in Russia or even proven Jew jack the ripper – these are all left-wing atrocities.

As I have found out myself, when you step in the way of the left-wing then prepare to be slandered, attacked or even imprisoned as they will do anything they can to silence you.

These are not good people, they are pure evil and have no place in our society. Unfortunately at present there is very little we can do about them, the only true way of eliminating this threat from society is by forming a government voted in by the people.

Until we reach the stage of governance, we just have to deal with the Left-wing as if they were parasites and pests that need exterminating. There can be no legitimising of the Left-wing, no sympathy and no collusion – hate them!

Joshua Bonehill

Left-wing man ate dog in front of children

A Left-wing man high on synthetic marijuana killed and ate a dog according to police.


Mr. Daniel's neighbour took this photograph as the horrific ordeal began

Michael Daniel Leicester was charged on Monday for an incident earlier this month in which he allegedly got down “on his hands and knees and chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog,” according to Leicester Police.

Daniel then took his dog onto the house’s front porch, beat and strangled the canine and then “began to bite into the dog, ripping pieces of flesh away,” Leicester Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton told the daily bale.

Mr. Daniel is a member of far left group, hope not hate and is believed to have been inspired by Russian left-wing communist serial killer, the Red Ripper.

Daniel allegedly told neighbors he was high on synthetic marijuana, sometimes called K-2.

When officers arrived, Daniel had “blood and fur around his mouth,” Swanton told the Bale

Daniel is charged with crueltIy to a non-livestock animal.

Mr. Daniel’s children were forced to watch the horrific incident as their father began to ate the beloved household pet.

It is understand that neighbours heard Daniel screaming ‘Hope not Hate’ repetitively from his porch as he chewed into the dog. One witnsess described how Daniel had earlier been listening to left-wing soviet union music at full blast from the house as he prepared for the attack.

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News

Even Labour Party councillors support the Daily Bale

There’s nothing we like more than serving Labour Party Councillors and politicians sharing Daily Bale articles.

When a serving Labour Party Councillor by the name of Andrew Knight shared a link to a Daily Bale article earlier today, we were more than delighted.


This is evidence that even Labour’s own councillors are sick of the party as the whole left-wing ideology is starting to crumble and lots of daily bale articles find their way into the mainstream and crush cultural Marxism with iron brutality.


We have also noticed that many regular Labour party supporters and activists have been sharing daily bale articles recently. We understand the madness of political correctness and will help anybody who wants to break free of the tyranny and find freedom once more.

This marks a change in our ambitious adventure, an advancement and surely a glorious victory over the left-wing politically correct parasitical perverts.

We welcome Councillor Andrew Knight to the ‘Daily Bale family’ with full open arms and understand his grievances with the Labour Party fully.

Daily Bale officials will be making contact with the councillor in the coming days to suggest new and ambitious Nationalist policy for his constituency area in Cinderford West. We will guide the democratically elected councillor in the ways of true nationalism and seek to have a high level of input in the day to day running of Cinderford West.

We welcome all other local level councillors who have had enough with party politics, political correctness and indeed the judeo democratic system to defect to the Daily Bale and allow us to help with the running of your constituencies.

Joshua Bonehill’s statement: Court Summary

Joshua Bonehill, Nationalist Politician and Daily Bale News editor has prepared a statement in regards to the events of today at Yeovil Magistrates court.


‘I would just like to state how pleased I am with the outcome of today’s court visit. The possibility of a Crown Court trial will allow for the full facts and evidence to be presented In front of a jury so that the truth can finally be exposed’

‘Just yesterday there were many left-wing parasites who were claiming that today I would be behind bars and locked away in prison, this is not the case and therefore we can declare a victory over tyranny’

‘The white cause is a cause I am prepared to die for and there can either be victory or death in this ideological war of good versus evil. We are the side of good and I fully believe that providence will dictate the outcome of my future in the courts, next year’

‘I believe that true justice will prevail and the extent of evil used by the Marxist enemy in my case will be fully exposed for the general public to see with the outcome of this legal matter where we return to court’

‘We will soon be calling for a meeting in London for all Nationalists to discuss the future and I look to the potential creation of a revolutionary new movement that defends race, Nation and Free Speech’

Joshua Bonehill.

Joshua Bonehill walks from court, again

Joshua Bonehill’s sentencing has been adjourned until the 15th of January because of more offences relating to Labour Party MPs and Tesco.



Left-wing admit setting bonehill up

It is likely that the whole case will be moved up to Crown Court which means potentially Bonehill could be looking at a Nelson Mandela type of sentencing for doing nothing other than speaking the truth under his rightful free speech.

If the case enters crown court then this will be a historic landmark case in British History as bonehill will be the first Nationalist Politician sentenced to years in prison for free speech. Furthermore because of the internet nature of these crimes, Bonehill will be known as the biggest internet criminal in history.

This has just entered a whole new level entirely but Bonehill remains confident and will state his case in court fully. There is a clear judeo-Marxist  conspiracy to see Joshua Bonehill silenced and this is emerging in every facet of this case.

Joshua Bonehill will not surrender his political views nor will he be threatened by the judeo Marxist establishment.

This is an ideological War and only one side can emerge the victor. For bonehill it is either victory or death, there is no defeat and no surrender.

Bonehill has categorically stated that he is prepared to die for the Nationalist and free speech cause.

For Bonehill he will remain a free man over the festive period and continue full Nationalist duties as if nothing has changed. If you are against Marxism, Judaism or the establishment’s oppression of Free Speech then you should be supporting Bonehill.

Furthermore, Bonehill will be launching a new movement in the coming weeks. This will not be a political party but a revolutionary movement against the injustices faced by our people.

Bonehill will also be organising a rally for all Nationalists to attend at an upcoming date in London. The details of this will be posted in good time.

The left-wing are said to be outraged at the ruling of the court today and have took to Twitter to spread lies about Bonehill

Let’s look over some of the left-wing remarks from yesterday from the people who predicted Bonehill would be in prison today:




It is the view of this publication that the Left-wing have ‘well and truly had their arses handed to them’. Bonehill is said to be laughing at the left-wing tonight as he enjoys his freedom.

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News

Joshua Bonehill-Paine Hero Of The British People Faces Court For Freedom Of Speech


Joshua Bonehill-Paine, Founder and Creator of the popular right wing publication the Daily Bale and the Daily Bale News arrives at Yeovil Magistrates court to be met with overwhelming Public support and publicity.

Joshua today faces sentencing for his courageous battle against left wing political correctness and the oppression of freedom of speech by left wing Anti Fascist thugs on Social Media, who have bullied, intimidated and harassed innocent people on a grand scale.

Joshua fought back against these left wing politically correct Anti British fascist bullies during a long and hard online campaign against joshua, during which he suffered countless arrests and police raids upon his property and confiscation of his computer property, phones and personal belongings.


Joshua Bonehill-Paine has vowed and promised that if he is sent to prison today, then he will come out at the end of his sentence with even more determination to confront and fight the evil of left wing political correctness and the evil left wing thugs and bullies that push this evil menace upon the decent hardworking British Patriotic people of this country.


News Media teams had been waiting since very early this morning.


He faces 2 counts of Malicious Communications and 5 counts of Harassment for Daily Bale articles.


Joshua Bonehill, founder of the notoriously famous and popular Daily Bale, with 2.5 million readers, the free speech publication and exposure of left wing political correctness injustice and Anti Fascist left wing intimidation, bullying and hypocrisy arrived under a blanket of security that suddenly appeared, but he walked to the Court by the cars and waving security people aside.


Joshua made it clear that he does not need security and will never need security provided by anybody, but he was thankful to the people who voluntary arrived to offer that support.

He said –

“i stand today as an advocate of free speech and self expression. I do not point the way, but rather i beckon, follow me, speak out, speak up, speak your mind and your conscience, we can never allow the left wing fascist suppression of freedom of speech win over us, and only by exercising our democratic basic human right of free speech can we ever make change a reality, and once and for all overcome the evil of left wing politically correct fascism”


This morning at a Hotel the Daily Bale Team were staying at to support Joshua today, the team gave him a very warm and loyal send off to Court when he called to see them on his way to Court.


Bonehill, who has been on police bail for over a year wrote a number of articles on this website which targeted Left-Wing agitators, branding them paedophiles, Jews and Homosexuals faces magistrates at the cost of the taxpayer.

In a targeted campaign of hate directed towards Mr. Bonehill, the Left-Wing have attempted to destroy his reputation and disable him from participating in the political arena but despite this conspiracy he hasn’t gone anywhere.

Joshua has had overwhelming support from local residents and the British Public.

Mr. Bonehill’s Daily Bale has continued to serve the Great British public bringing the latest news and information about the  evil of political correctness and the criminals who call themselves Anti Fascists despite the continued oppression and loss of Freedom that he has faced.

“If anything this case will highlight the evilness of the Left-Wing” said Mr. Bonehill,

“They are a truly vile and cretinous source of perversion, whilst I may be standing in the docks it’ll be the Left-Wing who are put on trial today”.


Mr Bonehill said before going into Court -

“i will continue to fight the evil that calls itself ‘Political Correctness.
The British People are sick and tired of this evil left wing oppression within our Society, and i will make a stand against this vile outrage that has infested our once great British way of life and tried to wipe out common sense amongst the masses of the decent truly moral hard working people of this Country, but the left wing politically correct fascists and bullies will never take away our true combined strength together as a people with a true voice and truth as our solid foundation.

i call upon all decent upstanding British Citizens to stand behind me to fight this evil oppression and left wing disease within our Society. Lets wipe it out forever for the sake of our future and our Children’s future. Make a stand with me and the Daily Bale today. Lets put the Great back in the Britain today”


Mr. Bonehill told the Daily Bale that he doesn’t believe he’ll be going to prison as this is not what providence has in store for him, he believes this case will highlight the hypocrisy of the Left-Wing and land a fierce and brutal blow upon evil, sick political correctness.


We the general decent British public stand fully behind Joshua, and we believe all communities do too who believe in common sense, true morality and living in the real world without left wing politically correct criminality and bullying, or the vile racist and fascist mentality of the extreme left wing activist thugs.

The left wing politically correct marxists and vile racists, divide communities by continuously bringing attention to people’s race by vile race hate slander and bringing race to people’s attention, where before it just was not an issue. The majority of decent people do not recognise ‘differences’ in other human beings, and race is not an issue or a recognition.

The so called left wing ‘anti fascist’ thug organisations do recognise ‘differences’ in people, by continuously bringing attention to race, and using vile racist name calling and slander towards non racist people who just do not happen to agree with left wing policies or the extremism of left wing politically correct unjust and immoral ideology.

Who are the real fascists and racists in Britain today we ask ??


We call upon the Government to ban outright all criminal left wing activist militant thug organisations, and to protect the British public from any further left wing politically motivated fascism and racism, and the politically correct marxist bullying and intimidation by so called ‘anti fascist’ criminal groups.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a true Martyr and a true national hero to all decent moral upstanding hard working people everywhere who want to see an end to the unjust and immoral ideology of left wing political correctness, and left wing politically correct fascist bullying, intimidation and manipulation of the British public.


The Evil Of Political Correctness Exposed.

The Evil of Left Wing Political Correctness.


The Daily Bale again brings your attention to the ‘massive left wing scam’ that the left wing use against the people to gain control of your thoughts and your freedom of speech, by pretending to use ‘morality’ as their claim to righteousness and authenticity.

By using the perception of morality, and then terming it as ‘Political Correctness’ they then use that to shame, bully, intimidate and manipulate and force their own way, and their own left wing political agenda, by silencing any opposition or questioning of their point of view, by calling you a ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist’ if you so much as question these evil people.

They get away with it by keeping you continuously on the defensive. Think about it – if you are being labelled as a racist or a fascist, then your first reaction is to defend yourself, because the majority of people are appalled by those terms, and the social stigma attached to those labels. Are you beginning to get the picture now ?

But let us look more closely at the people throwing those disgusting terms and labels at everybody else, why they are doing it, and what does it really says about the people doing it.

The people doing it are almost always left wing and self righteous in attitude. They are doing it to shame, bully, intimidate and manipulate the other person or person’s into following the same twisted thought process, and they try to make the individual feel false shame and guilt so that the individual falls in quickly to the left wing politically correct agenda, whilst the politically correct weirdos themselves project a perceived ‘moral’ high ground and thus deceptively ‘prove’ themselves to be morally right.

The overall percentage of politically correct left wing weirdos have been shamed and brainwashed themselves by the same sick and evil ideology that they are now pushing themselves – they just dont realise that this is why they are doing it.

But, this is where the whole rotten disgusting false morality of Political Correctness falls flat on its face, and the ‘real’ racists and ‘fascists’ are exposed for the shameful and immoral evil people they really are.

Logic tells you very plainly, that you have to recognise ‘differences’ in people in the first place to then go on and accuse others of doing the very thing that you yourself ‘recognise’ which is ‘differences’ of race.

The majority of us do not see ‘differences’ and we just see other ‘people’ or other human beings just the same as every other human being on this planet. But the Politically Correct left wing racists actually pick up on ‘differences’ and then go on to accuse other people of what they themselves see, which is ‘differences’ in other people.


The politically correct racists and fascists then use the ‘differences’ that they see to then go on and falsely accuse others of racism, and thus shaming people into submission and keeping them quiet and preventing any questioning whatsoever as to the moral foundation of what they are doing or what they actually stand for – which in this case is the squashing of freedom of speech and politically correct fascist left wing domination of all areas of society by P.C bullying.

It thus becomes a dictatorial order of either (conform to our way of seeing things, or be branded a racist or a fascist) –


Alec Woodward.
Reporter on left wing crimes and P.C.C – Politically Correct Criminality