Joshua Bonehill has been arrested – for doing nothing wrong!

On Sunday evening several fake accounts appeared on Twitter and accused the left-wing witnesses in Nationalist Joshua Bonehill’s court case of being paedophiles, among a number of other things.


The left-wing know that Joshua’s bail conditions state he is not to contact the witnesses in his case and they framed him by setting up an account to abuse themselves and then report it to the police.

The fake account categorically went through a list of the witnesses and then some people not even involved with the case and branded them paedophiles and child abusers.

The reason this was done is because Joshua Bonehill walked free from court last Friday and the left-wing are not happy with that result. This is perverting the course of justice and whichever left-wing witness did this, they will be looking at serious time inside.

The left-wing are desperately trying hard to silence Joshua Bonehill, dirty his name and stop him from exposing their tyranny. This set up is just the latest in a long line of attacks against Bonehill.

We do not know at this time if Bonehill has been remanded in custody but we suspect he probably has. Bonehill is being both persecuted and prosecuted for doing absolutely nothing wrong but let the general public rest assured – Joshua Bonehill will be back.

Peter Collagen.

Joshua Bonehill: Statement

November, 2014.


Today I have been imprisoned, illegally and unjustly in a left-wing conspiracy against my liberty with an aim to silence me from spreading the truth.

My imprisonment is not the end, this is the start of a Nationalist revolution in which our country will be given back to the native white folk and true justice  shall reign superior over the Judeo tyrant that threatens our race with genocide.


Thanks to the David Queef for making this

I was arrested for allegedly attacking the left-wing on a series of fake twitter accounts – I can hands down confirm today that I didn’t do this, I’ve been framed in what appears to be a conspiracy to see me imprisoned.

In an apparent attempt to set me up, the left-wing witnesses in my on going court case set up a twitter account to harass themselves and pin me as the guilty party so that I would be remanded In custody and therefore silenced to their delight. 

Prior to today, In a series of articles on this excellent website I also branded various members of the left-wing community as ‘paedophiles’ because of their reluctance to protect the children of Rotherham when their Labour Party Council covered up for Mulsim grooming gangs – guilty by association!

Another two of the charges against me today is for simply calling a Jew, a “Jew” and a queer, a “queer” using my Twitter account. This is free speech and I have every right to brand these people as the very things they profess to be.

The prosecutor in my case is a proven left-wing Jew and has been working with the Left-wing community to dirty my name in the eyes of the general public through his corrupted left-wing bias.

Given the corrupted left-wing element of this trial and the persecution faced at the hands of Judeo tyranny, I decree that I am being held as a political prisoner in an ideological war.

Free speech has been denied to me and this denial was enforced through the malicious communications act and harassment act.

It is with today the first day of my imprisonment that I announce a hunger strike in both protest of my imprisonment and in defence of Free speech.

I therefore demand:

1) My Immediate release
2) The creation of a bill designed to protect free speech in Britain on both the internet and the real world.
3) The immediate resignation of John Mann and Luciana Berger of the Labour party for their part in silencing people on twitter and the imprisonment of Garron Helm.
4) The removal of any undemocratic anti-free speech charges against me for criticising Labour Party MP John Mann.
5) The removal of the ‘two year imprisonment’ sentence for internet trolls.
6) The full reinstatement of my popular Twitter account @Leaderbonehill which was unfairly suspended in a move against free speech.

I am prepared to die for my cause and if these demands are not met then I will perish in defending White British free speech both proudly and honourably.

In my absence, I will ask my supporters and followers to continue the fight in my name. It is my intention to form a new Nationalist movement and Party upon my release with a high emphasis being placed upon Free speech.

The time for revolution is now, the white race Is facing genocide through cultural Marxism whilst the people’s free speech has been perversely limited.

Britain is our country – we the working classes make up the majority whilst the establishment form the minority. If we don’t take a stand today then there will be no Britain tomorrow.

The left-wing would frequently accuse my supporters and Twitter followers of being me in disbelief and jealously of my visionary ideas. If you use social media then I give you permission to use my name and image to fight back. Follow the teachings I have taught and remember that you are all Bonehill now.

The details of the prison I am being held at will be published on this website soon. I welcome all correspondence but particularly that which comes with Golden Virginia Tobacco and Yorkshire Gold Tea.

They can imprison me as much as necessary but know that I will never give up on the struggle. My heart will always be with our people in the defence of Race, Nation and Free Speech.

No doubt there are and will be many left-wing lies about me after this sentencing. I point all intelligent people in the direction of this website for the truth. If you need clarification on a particular rumour or slander then the truth can be found here.

If interested in my case then I have prepared a series of articles that tell the truth but also throw the lid off my persecution:

Evidence of CPS Labour party corruption in Joshua Bonehill court case

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The persecution of Joshua Bonehill

John Mann, Labour Party MP exposed

Twitter is controlled by Left-wing Fascists

A message to John Mann Labour MP

#FreeGarronHelm – The Campaign to Save Free Speech

Labour MP John Mann threatens people on Twitter after Joshua Bonehill defeats him

Furthermore, a selection of my videos can be found here and here

With my official Twitter account here (Although don’t count on it being up for long, twitter will suspend it for no reason)

I will be writing a book over the coming months, if you are interested in reading up about me as a person then see the ‘joshua Bonehill’ tab on this website for a short biography.

If anybody has any direct questions for me then please email:

And it is with that I sign out for the last time in a while.

Hail Victory!

Joshua Bonehill
A Political Prisoner







Joshua bonehill commissions new website

Joshua Bonehill is moving away from the Daily Bale to focus on pure political ideology at his new blog/website BonehillNET where he will attempt to outline a new ideology to bring Nationalism into the 21st Century.


Joshua Bonehill will still write his popular features at Daily Bale News but now the website will be mainly updated by our dedicated team of Nationalist journalists.

This is what Joshua describes as his ‘serious move into politics’ where he hopes to this website will serve as the stepping stone between now and a victorious nationalist future. Bonehill will eventually launch a new movement to which he sees as a step in the right direction.

The new website will also serve as Bonehill’s official voice and presence online where social media proves ineffective for carrying our message forward.

We wish Mr. Bonehill the best of luck and thank him for the inspiration, confidence and principle he has instilled into us whilst working here at Daily Bale towers.

The Daily Bale News team

Peter Collagen
Alec Woodward
Gary Raikcroft
Rich Hays
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Alex Cookson
David Manchester (Alias)
Kyvon Monk (Alias)
Margo Berwick
The Hamilton Family of Croydon
Jamal Malouf (Alias)
Iewob Divad (Alias)
Sean Badman (Alias)

Joshua Bonehill Fight to Expose Grooming Gangs and Anti Fascist Cover Up


Eight jails now hold only sex offenders, says Chris Grayling

Number of sex criminals leaps 700 in a year to more than 11,000, forcing the Justice Secretary to change the way treatment programmes are offered in jail

Prison population projections are far higher than a set issued a year ago which predicted a far lower number of inmates

Left wing politically correct Anti Fascist perverts make excuses and try to cover up for paedophiles as we have seen recently in Rotherham, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford and countless other areas where left wing politically correct sick Anti Fascist groups have covered for paedophiles to enable them to continue to offend.


We must report not only suspected paedophiles, but also those suspected of covering for them who are just as bad if not worse in the fact that they are excusing and encouraging the abuse of children and putting even more of our children at risk with future predators who have been given the green light by left wing politically correct Anti Fascist paedophile apologists and collaborators.

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

Eight jails in England and Wales now house only sex offenders as the number of abusers has rocketed to more than 11,000, Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, has disclosed.

He set out new plans to cope with the rise – largely driven by longer sentences being handed down – including restricting specialist treatment courses to high risk offenders only.

It means lower risk sex attackers will now no longer be eligible to take part in the courses and will instead be offered “more appropriate interventions”, a Ministry of Justice spokesman said.

Mr Grayling said it was a departure from a “one size fits all” approach, but critics will seize on the move as a failure to provide enough places on courses designed to stop sex crimes being carried out.
Eight jails are now wholly for sex offenders compared with five a year ago, with 20 more offering specialist courses.

Joshua Bonehill – Nationalist and Campaigner against left wing political correctness and Anti Fascist oppression, intimidation, manipulation and politically correct immorality in the U.K, has been exposing for some time now, the left wing militants and Anti Fascist left wing bullies and the extent to which they will go to cover up paedophilia and many other immoral and evil criminal activities.

Only last year, Joshua Bonehill tried to expose grooming gangs in the U.K, but he was targeted by left wing Anti Fascist groups and left wing Anti Fascist anonymous trolls on Twitter, and he was called a racist and a fascist by the left wing ‘paedophile apologists’ and left wing politically correct collaborators and supporters of paedophilia.

Joshua underwent a long and brave battle against these evil left wing Anti Fascists, during which time Joshua was slandered, victimised, hounded and verbally attacked across social media by left wing Anti Fascist perverts who were desperately trying to shut him up.


Joshua Bonehill is currently fighting a long legal battle for charges incurred whilst confronting left wing paedophilia and Anti Fascist oppression of freedom of speech.


The Justice Secretary did say: “As a Government we make no apologies for putting sex offenders where they deserve – in jail.

“But when they are there it is important that we deal with their offending behaviour – that means programmes consistent with the best evidence, targeted at those who pose the greatest threat.
“I don’t want a one size fits all approach which costs the taxpayer lots of money and doesn’t reduce
the risk posed by the most serious offenders.”

According to latest figures the number of sex offenders rose to 11,150, up 652 year on year. In comparison, the previous 12 months saw a rise of only 152.

The MoJ spokesman said: “The new approach targets those with the most prolific offending, who are a much higher risk to the public and more likely to reoffend on release, with lower risk offenders given more appropriate interventions to match their individual needs.

“Funding for treatment has been maintained and increased but resources are now being targeted where they are most needed providing a smaller number of longer, more intensive programmes for the most serious offenders to reduce their risk to the public.”

A series of reports by Nick Hardwick, the Chief Inspector of Prisons, have found there is a shortage of places available on sex offender treatment programmes, leading to some inmates being released without having undergone any courses to address their behaviour.


The eight sex offender jails are Albany on the Isle of Wight, Usk in Monmouthshire, Bure in Norfolk, Whatton in Nottinghamshire, Ashfield in Gloucestershire, Stafford, Rye Hill in Northamptonshire and Littlehey in Cambridgeshire.

The MoJ said the specialist jails included “designated treatment hubs”.

“Evidence shows that holding sex offenders together makes them more likely to engage in programmes.

“It is also better value to taxpayers as resources are targeted where they are most needed,” said the MoJ spokesman.

Another project at Whatton jail has seen sex offenders given drugs to reduce their libido, which the

MoJ said had led to “encouraging” results.

Last year a report from the National Audit Office found the number of treatment programmes completed by sexual offenders had dropped by around 5 per cent since 2010-11.

BBC Question Time under fire for only selecting left-wing audiences

BBC Question Time is a long running flagship news and politics debate show on the BBC. People have long suspected a bias with the audience but it looks like they have been proven right.


Several university students have come forward to shed light on how members of audience for the show are selected and the process may prove a culture of left-wing corruption within the BBC.

According to Carl Lynch, 22 from Strathclyde University, he was asked by BBC Question Time producers if he was a member of the Labour Party or had Union ties. When Mr. lynch who is a UKIP supporter said no, his application for audience participation was swiftly denied.

An actors’ agency by the name of ‘4score’ recently revealed that BBC Question time had approached them looking for 30 paid actors to fill the audience for a show in Manchester. The actors were required to ask a number of questions as issued by the BBC but the agency felt uncomfortable with the proposal and declined the BBC’s offer.

An investigation into the claims is being made by broadcaster complaints quango, Ofcom. Whatever the results of the findings, the BBC can expect to be answerable to a culture of left-wing corruption.

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News.

Bristol Grooming Gangs of Somali Origin. Politically Correct Anti Fascists Cover Up ?


Bristol sex gangs jailed for grooming girls, Now the Somali immigrants are at it too.

From top left, clockwise, Mustapha Farah, Liban Abdi, Mustafa Deria, Idleh Osman, Abdulahi Aden, and Arafat Osman Clockwise, from top left: Mustapha Farah, Liban Abdi, Mustafa Deria, Idleh Osman, Abdulahi Aden, and Arafat Osman

This is who the left wing Anti Fascists try to protect, and call you a racist if you dare say anything about who is doing it or even if you dare say that it is another race besides white people !

We can only speculate that the left wing Anti Fascists agree with this and support it.

It was clearly seen in Rotherham that they tried to cover up and protect grooming gangs so that they were able to continue to offend without fear of prosecution.

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

Thirteen men have been convicted of a string of child sex crimes in Bristol involving the abuse, rape and prostitution of teenage girls.

Bristol Crown Court heard one victim, aged 16, was assaulted by five Somali men after she was moved to the city while in the care of another authority.

Her 14-year-old sister was raped by a member of the gang while visiting her.

The inquiry led to police uncovering another gang of Somali origin who had been abusing four other girls.

The four teenagers were paid £30 or given drugs, alcohol and gifts to perform sex acts on older men from the Somali community.

Joshua Bonehill tried to expose these evil grooming gangs last year, but he was called a racist by left wing Anti Fascist groups and came under a barrage of abuse and victimisation by leftist perverts.

‘Shocked and shaken’
The court heard some were persuaded to have sex with other gang members as they were told by the gang it was Somali “culture and tradition” and “men always have sex with each other’s girlfriends”.

One 13-year-old victim was raped four times by three different men in a Premier Inn in Bristol city centre.

A statement from the Bristol Somali community said: “The community is deeply shocked and shaken by the outcome of this case. They are unforgivable acts of cruelty against the most vulnerable members of our community.”

Clockwise from top left: Mohamed Jumale, Said Zakaria, Sakariah Sheikh, Mohamed Dahir, Omar Jumale, Abdirashid Abdulahi and Jusef Abdirizak Clockwise from top left: Mohamed Jumale, Said Zakaria, Sakariah Sheikh, Mohamed Dahir, Omar Jumale, Abdirashid Abdulahi and Jusef Abdirizak

The thirteen men, all from Bristol, were convicted of charges including rape, sexual activity with a child, facilitating child prostitution, trafficking and paying for the sexual services of a child.

Six were jailed following a trial during the summer. The remaining seven were convicted on Wednesday.

Details of the two cases – which found grooming and abuse dating back to 2011 – can only now be revealed after reporting restrictions were lifted.

The first trial centred on a group of drug dealers from the Easton area and their exploitation of primarily one teenage girl.

She had been moved into a flat on her own in the city and left almost unsupervised by social workers from outside the area.

The second trial focused on another group of young men and their grooming and subsequent sexual abuse of young girls.

Premier Inn CCTV Some of the abuse took place at a city centre Premier Inn hotel

Tried in July and sentenced for up to 13 years in jail:

Mustapha Farah, 21, Liban Abdi, 22, and Arafat Osman, 20, were each jailed for 13 years for paying for the sexual services of a child and supplying Class A drugs

Abdulahi Aden, 20, was jailed for 13 years for rape and supplying Class A drugs

Mustafa Deria, 22, was found guilty of rape and was jailed for seven-and-a-half years

Idleh Osman, 22, was jailed for 10 years for facilitating child prostitution and supplying Class A drugs

Tried in November and due to be sentenced on Friday:

Sakariah Sheik, 21,
Abdirashid Abdulahi, 21,
Jusuf Abdirizak, 20, were found guilty of rape

Mohamed Dahir, 22, was found guilty of causing child prostitution

Omar Jumale, 20, was found guilty of having sex with a child

Said Zakaria, 22 was found guilty of rape and having sex with a child

Mohamed Jumale, age 24, was found guilty of sex with a child

Crying under a sink
Speaking in July, Judge Michael Roach said the gang took “considerable advantage” of the 16-year-old sister who had been moved to Bristol by a council, which cannot be named in order to protect her identity.

“I hope there will be an opportunity for the authorities to reconsider their thinking behind such a placement because it has, on any retrospective view, added considerably to the damage of that young person,” he said.

The teenager had been ordered by a court to live outside her home area and was placed in “supported living accommodation”.

Social workers had “very real concerns” about her and tried to persuade her to leave but “she refused to”.

The abused girl’s five-month ordeal ended when police went to her flat looking for her sister who had been reported missing.

The 14-year-old sibling was found crying in a cupboard under the kitchen sink in just her underwear.

“One of the women police officers went to speak to her and she said that one of the men had forced himself on her, he had raped her,” prosecutor Anna Vigars said in court.

Her 16-year-old sister told investigating officers that she once had sex with a man who later refused to pay.

She told officers she did not want to argue and that “half the time I didn’t really want it for the money” and that “sometimes it’s just nice to be close to someone”.

An independent serious case review into her care is now being carried out.

Racist Anti Fascist Left Wing ‘Fascist’ Gunman in Attempted Murder Case.


The Daily Bale Believes that a “racist” Anti Fascist gunman who tried to shoot a black man in the back of the head with a shotgun has been jailed indefinitely.

Alleged Anti Fascist and Twitter troll Jamie Bunter, 20, from Brixton, south London, robbed Nicholas Dwebeng of his phone, racially abused him and tried to shoot at him in June last year.

Jamie Bunter

Mr Dwebeng, 30, only survived the attack in Mitcham, south London, when the shotgun cartridge did not explode.

Bunter was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in custody for attempted murder, robbery and firearms offences.

The incident began when Bunter and two accomplices, who are yet to be found, took to the streets with “serious violence in mind”, the Old Bailey heard.

Between them the gang carried a double barrelled sawn-off shotgun, a revolver and a knife.
Bunter robbed Mr Dwebeng, who had been sitting on a wall with his girlfriend, and aimed the shotgun at his head.

He pulled the trigger but the firing pin failed to set off the shotgun cartridge’s charge.

Mr Dwebeng then grabbed the gun and smashed it over Bunter’s head, leaving injuries clearly visible in his police mug-shot.

At that point one of Bunter’s accomplices shot Mr Dwebeng in the stomach with the revolver.
Judge Peter Thornton said: “This was gratuitous, racist, bullying violence of an extreme nature.

“I cannot think of a worse case of random violence short of murder.”

After being shot, the wounded Mr Dwebeng fired at the three attackers with the dropped shotgun and they ran from the scene. Bunter was hit in the leg.

Mr Dwebeng was taken to hospital where part of his bowel was removed and a fractured pelvis treated. One bullet remains in his body.

Two hours later Bunter arrived at St Thomas’s Hospital in Camberwell, south London, with a wound to his leg.

He was linked to the incident by gunshot residue on his clothes and identified by Mr Dwebeng’s girlfriend at an ID parade.

Det Sgt Paul Davis of the Metropolitan Police said: “Had Nicholas Dwebeng not intervened he may well have lost his life.

“I applaud the bravery of this man who sought to protect himself and his girlfriend from further serious attack.”

Judge Thornton said the sentence was aggravated by “the brutal, unprovoked violence of firing at Dwebeng for no reason other than he was black”.