Temporary Hiatus

We’ve unpublished the twitter account and facebook page whilst this obvious storm surrounding the ‘Missing Poster’ incident calms down. When things return to a normal level of sanity, we’ll return.

In short, we’re not here to incite any racial hatred at all but we do stand up against extremism in a way which may be seen as ‘counterproductive’ by some but in our case we believe that the message the Daily Bale is sending out will be effective.

We’re not a racist organisation, we don’t prejudice against people because of the color of their skin, religion or background but we do make it very clear that we’re against Left-Wing extremism which is something that affects people of many different ethnic origins.

Left-Wing extremism is a bad thing, the Daily bale has only ever stood up to it launched an array of iron attacks directly at the leftist enemies in society.

If in doubt or need to speak to us then you can make contact using the email address below

Dailybale@outlook.com for all inquiries



Croydon Advertiser – Rachel Millard

The Croydon Advertiser, a Left-wing publication which seemingly belongs to the Guardian and has connections to both Hope not Hate and the Daily Mirror launched a savage and brutal attack against the Daily Bale today, accusing us of being a ‘Race-Hate’ group.

Rather typically of the Left-Wing, this is no great surprise because when they become worried and have no other options they start to accuse people of ‘racism’. In it’s 3 month history, the Daily Bale has not once been racist; we do not target ethnic groups but we do target left-wing extremists who are destroying our society from the inside out. 


A closer look at the Croydon Advertiser, more particularly the journalist who made up the story about the Daily Bale reveals a much darker and dangerous truth to the whole thing. 

Rachel Millard of the Croydon advertiser, a left-wing activist and UAF degenerate was solely responsible for creating this false article about us, this is a woman who is steeped in so much hate and left-wing worship that her whole life she has dedicated to the cause. 

So who exactly is Rachel Millard? 

  • A member of the Communist part of Great Britain
  • A feminist 
  • A member of Hope not Hate
  • An Anarchist 
  • A terrorist 
  • A Satanist 
  • A Sadist 
  • A middle-class lefty

So why should a woman who holds all of the above views be allowed to have a career in journalism? Is it not just slightly possible that she might lie about the Daily Bale, a right wing group in her article? 




Woman who stamped on baby named

This was the shocking moment a woman accused of stealing a mobile phone in London threw her baby on the ground and stamped on it. 

The hideous incident came after a high school student had challenged the woman and a female friend, both holding babies, after being told by witnesses that they had stolen her phone.


The confrontation turned physical and the police were called in to London’s Soho district.

The woman who was arrested and later named as 33 year old mother from Norwich, Charli Rees claimed that she had secretly ‘hated the child’ and lost any sense of motherhood at birth when it was born.

The baby who’s name has been protected for legal reasons received hospital treatment for two broken ribs and a fractured cranium. Charli Rees who is a known UAF and Hope not Hate associate was later arrested and granted Bail to a hostel in norwich.

Charli Rees Husband, Gary Crowe had this to say:

“I could never have imagined my wife doing this to our child but it seems in recent weeks she has come under a lot of pressure from several failed charity events that consumed her life”.

“Charli is not a bad woman, she just suffers with issues that possibly drove her to do this to our child but I can not and will not forgive her”

Ms Rees will be standing trail at Norwich crown court on the 22nd of November as she currently pleaded not guilty under the mental health act.

One local solicitor described the case as “Simply astonishing”.


Steven Sodholmy, Reporter



Social Services purposely take EDL children

The Daily Bale has learnt that social services have been recently asked to start taking away the children of suspected English Defence League activists and blaming the parents of mistreating the children or putting them in harms way. 

It’s been widely known for some time that Social Services is a corrupt left-wing organisation that only seeks to steal children from the arms of parents to no ends. After a recent scandal where Social Services in wales was found guilty of wrongly taking away a foster child from a couple because they supported UKIP, the Daily Bale has learned that now Social Services are trying to do the same but to English Defence League Parents.

Record Woman - Still Birth-1559479

Mick & Shelly Rockford form leeds have been English Defence League supporters since the lobby group was created but got in touch with the Daily Bale to tell us that Social Services had recently taken their 2 year old daughter into care because of their connections to the EDL. Mr. Rockford had this to say:

“Our 2 year old daughter Patricia was stolen from us by Leeds Social Services, it was a dark tuesday morning when a social worker with 2 police officers knocked on our door with a warrant to seize our child due to neglect and mistreatment”.

“The social worker who took our Patricia also said that they had been told to take the child because English Defence League members were unfit to be parents and didn’t deserve the right to look after a child”.

“Shocked and horrified as we were, we’re now appealing the case in a tribunal but we’ve been told not to expect a victory”.

So it seems that Social Services and the police are working together in order to ‘seize’ English Defence League children in the early hours of the morning with the element of surprise at their disposal with what has been described as ‘Gestapo tactics’.


Picture, (Mick and Shelly Rockford)

Kathryn Jennings, Reporter

Medical research proves left-wing have smaller brains

Recent medical research conducted at the University of Oxford proved that there is actually a difference in size between the brain of a left-wing and right-wing activist. Not surprisingly, the Left-wing specimen had the smaller brain.


A recent study which set out to prove a difference in the size of brains between the left-wing and the right has recently delivered its results. Not surprisingly, the Left-Wing specimen proved to have a smaller brain with a thicker cranium whilst the right-wing specimen had a larger brain and more attractive outer casing. 



Picture: ( A is cranium of a left-wing activist and B, right wing activist, the difference in size is clearly noticeable).

The research which was conducted under the laboratory of Professor Fritz Schechtmann took approximately 7 weeks to complete and is being heralded as a major scientifical discovery in British politics



Steven Sodholmy, reporter

Could Billy Bragg be a Pedophile?

The Daily Bale has always kept a close eye on notorious Left-Wing criminal Billy Bragg who we managed to link to the funding of terrorism and ultimately the 9/11 attacks thus proving a link between the British Left-Wing and terrorism our soldiers are fighting out in Afghanistan but a closer look at Bragg revealed a lot more.


Billy Bragg who is known as the ‘Champagne Socialist’ for his rich and lavish lifestyle above real working class people likes to think of himself a champion of the leftist unions and working class.


Bragg is well known for his obsession with children, since 1977 Bragg has collected indecent images of children doing ballet and is often known to be found outside schools giving out leaflets for communist marches and influencing children to take up socialist activities with him and the ‘gang’.

Living the lifestyle that he did, it’s entirely possible that Billy Bragg also took advantage of those underage fans during the 1980s when they came into his room after the shows he performed exclusively for children. The other thing that needs to be called to question is Bragg’s association with convicted Pedophile and disgraced human being, Jimmy Saville.

Saville and Bragg were well known to share a ‘special relationship’ during the 1990s and Bragg had connections to Gary Glitter through his agent.  Is it at all possible that Bragg was a central part of the alleged BBC Pedophile gang that operated for several decades within the BBC?

The Daily Bale will be making a recommendation to Operation Yewtree to investigate Billy Bragg but meanwhile we will be holding our own investigation into his past and the people he associated himself with.

If Billy Bragg ever touched you as a child or encouraged you to do things against your will then the Daily Bale would like to hear from you. If you have ever been in the company of Bragg whilst he has taken drugs or done something illegal then we would like to hear from you.

The message we would like to send Bragg is that if you are guilty we will prosecute you publicly and hold you accountable for every wrong doing you have done over the past few centuries. We are classifying you as a ‘Suspected Pedophile’. Furthermore, the editor of the Daily Bale challenges you to a fight, should you accept then make it known publicly and we will arrange it. 


Reporter, Steven Sodholmy

Single Mother evicted for flying Union Jack

22 year old Single mother Julia Pain from Bolton was evicted by her Asian Landlord for displaying a Union Jack outside her house last Wednesday the Daily Bale understands.

Julia who rented a studio flat on the firwood lane in Bolton had recently given birth to her daughter Tiffany and was set on starting a new life with the new apartment having just ended a domestically challenged relationship with her partner.


Julia who is a proud British Patriot displayed the flag outside the lower window of the flat for approximately one week before being contacted by her landlord Mr. Saif Al Muhammed who she claims was furious about her displaying it on the property.

Mr. Al Muhammed then terminated the tenancy agreement between Ms Pain and himself before forcing her out onto the streets with her newborn baby.

The Daily Bale asked Mr. Al Muhammed for a statement and he said:

“The Union Jack is a symbol of racism and is not welcome on any of my properties, we make it clear in the tenancy guidelines that no British or racist material will be allowed on properties otherwise this will result in instant eviction”.

Ms Pain we understand is now living with her parents but her confidence in first time home renting has been completely shattered by this incident of which she claims discriminated her because of her British nationality.

OAP war veteran throttled in his hospital bed by illegal immigrant just 20 hours before he died

A pensioner recovering from cancer surgery was throttled in his hospital bed by an illegal immigrant just 20 hours before he died, an inquest heard yesterday.

Anthony Wilson, 78, was resting after major bowel surgery when the Iranian man lunged and grabbed him round  his throat.

Despite being handcuffed to a UK Border Agency guard, Saeed Nejat managed to dive at Mr Wilson in the general surgical ward where they were both being treated.

Mr Wilson, a retired engineer who completed his National Service in the 1950s, died 20 hours after the attack due to complications from the surgery that involved removing part of his colon. article-2350794-0E92695C00000578-218_306x423

Fellow patient Mohamed Aden told West London Coroner’s Court in a statement yesterday: ‘Mr Wilson appeared to be sleeping, suddenly the male went mad, he had one hand on the pillow and grabbed the patient’s throat in a throat hold.

‘The guard then pulled him off. It was all very chaotic. The patient hadn’t looked frightened and didn’t say anything. It only lasted a few seconds.’

Another patient told police Mr Wilson was ‘strangled with such force it caused him to go red in the face’.

Mr Wilson, from Uxbridge, West London, told police shortly after the attack in October 2011 he did not suffer any injury and did not want to press charges for assault.

The court heard he told officers he ‘woke to see Mr Nejat standing against the window. The next thing he knew Mr Nejat was next to his bed with an arm around his neck’.

Nejat, 43, has since been deported. He had been detained at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre but was admitted to Hillingdon Hospital, West London, with three UKBA guards, complaining of gallstones. Handcuffed detainee patients are usually put in their own side room but there were none available.

Instead, Nejat was put in a general surgical recovery ward with three male patients, including Mr Wilson.

Amardeep Sidhu, the officer handcuffed to Nejat, said he had made no warning before lunging at Mr Wilson.

He told the inquest: ‘He began holding his stomach, he said he wanted to walk around a bit. We walked around a little bit in the area between the beds. He turned quite suddenly and attempted to put his arm behind Mr Wilson. Mr Nejat has put his left arm behind Mr Wilson’s head.

‘He may have been attempting to bring it around his neck but before he could do that we had control of his arms.’

Mr Wilson was said by doctors to have looked well and his family believed he was ‘on the mend’ six days after his surgery on October 17. He had previously been warned by consultants about the seriousness of the surgery and that his chances of survival were only 50-50.

After the attack at 8.15am, his condition deteriorated and shortly after midnight he ‘turned pale and clammy’. He suffered a heart attack that night and died at 4.20am.

A post-mortem examination revealed he suffered from septicaemia after the lining of his bowel broke and he died of multiple organ failure – a common complication of colon surgery.

Recording a verdict that he died of natural causes, assistant coroner Lorna Tagliavini found that Mr Wilson was ‘unhurt’ by the attack and that it ‘did not play any contributory role’ in his death.

A statement by his nephew Simon Wilson, read to the inquest, said relatives were ‘shocked’ by his sudden deterioration.


Return of the Daily Bale

It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of the Daily Bale. As of today we will continue will full operations, our facebook page, twitter and blog will be reinstated and news resources driven up to full capacity. 

Some of our readers may have noticed that we also opened up a sister newspaper called the Daily Tole (Taking on Left-wing Extremism), this was unfortunately short lived but served a very important duty.


The Daily Bale (Britons against Left-wing Extremism) Is a right wing news publication that exposes the extreme Left-Wing through Journalistic output. Together with our sister Newspaper, the Daily Tole we will be working constantly around the clock to bring British people the latest news and information to help them lead a better life as a proud patriot in this county.

We are not aligned to any one political party and remain completely neutral during political elections in this country, we do however support the Conservative Party, UK Independence Party, British National Party, National Front and New British Union along with any other serious right-wing political forces.

So join us on what will promise to be another exciting leg of the journey on an adventure of truth discovery.

The Daily Bale is Back!

Steven Sodholmy,



A case for return?

The Daily Bale is embedded in many hearts as the newspaper that stands up firmly to the Left, Is there now a case to return back into the mainstream and continue as before?



The Daily Bale has been on hiatus now for some months, after the incident with the Globe Pub, Nikki Pilkington and several other highlights we decided to throw in the towel and give it some time before we made our return.

See, we were set up to serve the right-wing community but because of people like Maggie Chapman (Long term enemy of the Daily Bale, Left-wing spy) who has been going between the left and the right, turning them against the Bale it’s made it almost impossible for us to operate exclusively for the right-wing community.

Then We have, Sara Roocroft of the British Patriot Society (a UKIP Front) who seems to have teamed up with Left-Wing Spy Maggie Chapman and is putting out Anti-Daily Bale material on her facebook page which is misinforming real patriots.

This is the very thing with Facebook though, there are many right-wing pages like the British Patriots Society, the UKIP Gateshead and Brighton & hove pages which claim to be on our side when in fact they are being run by double agents and traitors. People place too much trust in Facebook and are quick to share things without thinking of the damage the content may actually do.

The Daily Bale has always been right-wing, nothing can possibly change that and maybe a little too right-wing for some but that is the nature of our business.

We will return eventually but we’re just giving it some time, everything is ready to go back up again including our facebook and twitter feeds so nothing is lost.

rest assured, we will be here to defend British people in the coming dreadful year of 2014.

Steven Sodholmy