The Sun fights back against politically correct sickos

The Sun makes a stand against politically correct cranks and weirdos, by recruiting snow white with red lipstick. The politically correct BBC says that wearing red lipstick encourages sexism and gives the wrong impression.

The Daily Bale stands fully behind the sun. We say that to dictate to women how they should look and what they should wear – is discrimination.

Just as the left wing anti fascists like ‘Hope Not Hate’ recognise differences in people’s race and then use the ‘differences that they see’ to then go round calling other decent non racist people ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’ – the hypocricy is so far beyond belief that it boggles the mind that the British public let them get away with it for so long. We have been allowing blatently ‘racist’ people – to tell us that we are racist and fascists !

The British public is now starting to wise up very quickly to the hypocritical, sexist and racist nature of the left wing and their so called ‘anti fascist’ politically correct organisations, that are in reality just a cover for their own warped and twisted political left wing adgenda.

Dave Rogers. Daily Bale Reporter.

Political Correctness Brainwashing in schools ruining children’s education


Political Correctness enforced by left wing Marxist militants is ruining our children’s education with crackpot mentality and loony tune left wing mentality that has nothing to do with the real world – but everything to do with left wing politically correct lunacy and Marxist madness.

The simple fact of the matter is – no matter how much government bodies discuss different ways to teach children, or how we can teach them better, or where we are going wrong teaching them – none of this is the actual issue.

The one simple problem we have in schools today is – ‘Political Correctness’

If children are not given proper boundaries with discipline and consequences for actions and punishment for bad behaviour instead of rewarding good behaviour – then children will not learn.

Children have caught on that the teachers cannot do a damn thing to stop them doing whatever they want to do. Schools have become one big play time and adults are objects of ridicule whilst children rule the day.

Any child that wants to learn cannot do so because of the disruption and noise, and schools have become a very unsafe environment for children to be in, as children pick up on the fact that the adults do not have control, but the other children do. And that includes bullies and violent children who are subsequently rewarded when they are not violent or disruptive.

If our children are to ever learn anything or be safe in schools so that they can actually learn, then we have to get rid of the politically correct weirdos, fruitcakes, sickos and left wing cranks, loonies and nutters that are currently dictating how schools should be run.


Girl, 11 banned from wearing help for heroes wristband at school

11 year old Ellie Sandywell has been banned from wearing a help for heroes wristband in school – because it doesn’t tie in with school ethics.

Ellie, pupil of the university primary academy in kidsgrove only wanted to wear her wristband in support of her cousin and brother, both of whom are currently active serving personell with the Royal Marines.

Teachers of the school in kidsgrove provoked local outrage as they confiscated the 11 year olds wristband and deemed it, ‘unethical and inflammatory’ of school uniform proceedures.


It’s by no concidence that the teachers of the academy school all belong to the politically correct promoting movement, NUT (National Union of Teachers).

The move comes after the daily bale recently reported that Morrison’s worker, Adam Austin had been sacked from his job for refusing to take off his help for heroes wristband.

Senior Reporter,
Steven Sodholmy

Daily Bale most popular Political Blog in British Politics

Joshua Bonehill

There certainly is no doubt now that the Daily Bale is rising up the ladder fast in the British Political climate of thought and belief.
Love it or hate it, but the fact remains that The Daily Bale is now reaching tens of thousands of people every single day – and the numbers are rising.
We sail into port today with 2,000,000 hits, and we are averaging above 6,000 and up to 22,000 hits per day. We must be saying something that rings very true in the British Public’s hearts and minds.

We have been villified by the left wing and called all sorts of names, ranging from ‘fascists’ to ‘racists’ ‘extreme right wing’ ‘thugs’ and ‘criminals’.

Of course we expect that from them, but there again, ‘Kettle/Pot’ comes to mind when dealing with the politically correct left wing, but also a range of other discriptions that ring very true in the British Public’s perception of the left wing these days, like – hypocrites, traitors, liars, race hate stirers, anti British, marxists, communists, militants, e.c.t. e.c.t and on and on it goes.

But we at the Daily Bale also fully admit that our founding and birth did not get off on the right foot. We made mistakes, some of them whoppers, and some of them we really do deeply regret.

Our original founding member, Joshua Bonehill-Paine, was also the founder of ‘Stand Strong’ a movement set up in the wake of the tragic death of Drummer Lee Rigby.
This movements aim was to bring the nation together in peace and harmony, and to hold a series of peaceful marches up and down the U.k to show solidarity, unity, determination and protest against extremism within the United Kingdom, and to bring all communities and all identities together in understanding and peace.

This movement was aggressively attacked, slandered and branded as fascist by the left wing politically correct marxist militants, and all its peaceful marches were disrupted by left wing activists and extremist left wing militants.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine was villified as some kind of right wing extremist leader and a common criminal.
Still to this day, the left wing post ‘hate’ articles about Joshua, and they still have an obsession with Joshua so profound that it boggles the brain.

To the vast majority of people, Joshua was, and still is, a National Hero.

We at the Daily Bale, do not condone or agree with some of the ways that Joshua went about striking back at the left wing bullying intimidation and vile slander that they used in trying to destroy a completely peaceful, benevolent and moral movement like ‘Stand Strong’ – but we do know that Joshua stands today facing justice for his part in this unfortunate and unpleasant scenario that played out over the coming months after the Stand Strong marches, and Joshua never once denied his wrong doing in fighting back at what he believed to be a great injustice in itself against a moral and peaceful cause.

And so the question remains, what came of all this and where do we stand today ?

Joshua went on to found The Daily Bale, directly in opposition to left wing political correctness and leftist marxist militant politically correct bullying, intimidation and manipulation.

The birth of the Daily Bale got off to a bad start, with the left wing attacks and persistant posting all around the internet of lies and nonesense about what the Daily Bale stands for.
Joshua, as we now know fought back, but alot of people got caught in the crossfire.
And the left wing also made up and messaged anybody with vile lies about The Daily Bale who they saw coming on board with the Daily Bale and supporting us.
To the left wing politically correct marxists militants, The Daily Bale was their worst nightmare.

Today The Daily Bale surges forward, exposing left wing lies, bullying, intimidation and the manipulating tactics of the hated culture of political correctness.

Joshua is still around, but does not post these days as often, but he does still have a massive following, as we the Daily Bale team, and our Guest writers see every day with the many hundreds of personal messages of best wishes sent in to Joshua here at the Bale site.

We are moving to a new domain later this year, as our backers have offered us our own domain with our own privately owned site. But dont worry, it will all still be business as usual.
Thats what we do here and what Bale stands for – Britons Against Left-wing Extremism.

To all our supporters and followers, we love you all, and our warmest regards.

Daily Bale Team.

Justin Bieber charged with assault Daily Bale Exclusive

The Daily Bale stands for all young people and the rights of youngsters to grow up in an enviroment that is safe and secure, with boundries untainted by political correctness and left wing brainwashing.

We have seen in the news of late, that Justin Bieber has again been arrested and now charged with assault. Some would say that he should know better. But some would also say that all youngsters should know better, and so should their parents who bring them up.

But in today’s toxic enviroment of twisted left wing political correctness, what chance does any child have, or for that matter, their parents either ?

Today’s children are taught that they have the right to do whatever they like, and if an adult tells them off for doing wrong, then the adult is wrong for doing that, and the child should ring Childline and report them for it.

So instead parents try to be the childs ‘friend’ instead of an adult who knows better than the child and who should set boundries and consequences.

Teachers cannot teach because they have no power to discipline the classroom, so children are mainly running riot in schools and learning nothing whilst they are there, only to leave school without qualifications, and no prospects or future.

Children are becoming violent and committing crimes alot younger, and most adults stay well clear of children, and children from adults because the adult doesnt want to be accused of some vile act, or the child see’s the adult as a potential abuser in some way, shape or form.

So where does that leave the child ? Stuck in a world without boundries, without security, without discipline, unable to learn anything, and mistrustful and suspect of all adults as potential abusers and monsters.

This is the politically correct world that we introduce our children to, because a small bunch of left wing politically correct marxists tell us its wrong to bring them up any other way.

And then we ask why our children are going off the rails earlier and dont have any respect for others or themselves ? and even more so, why children from other countries who still bring their children up as nature meant them to be brought up with boundries, discipline, and the security of authoritarian loving parents – do alot better than our kids ?

The answer is – the countries that do better with their childrens upbringing – dont subject them to political correctness and crackpot left wing mentality.

Their children learn more, achieve more, and have self control and self respect, and a work ethic that far outways our own.

Justin Bieber, even with all his wealth and people around him, just needs alittle guidence and a dose of reality, which right now he might just get in a court of law.

But what about our own kids growing up, that dont even have all that wealth ?

Isnt it better that we give them so much more with a childhood where they can grow up in true reality, with real boundries and parents who are parents, and not ‘politically correct friends’ ?

Lets get rid of the P.C nonsense once and for all, and throw out the left wing marxist garbage.

Lets get back to proper decent ‘real’ parenting, and lets give our kids a safe and secure enviroment to grow up in, with boundries and consequences.

Lets ditch political correctness and get back to reality – before its too late !

William Preston. Guest writer for the Daily Bale.

Ukip and Conservative Party more popular than ever. Daily Bale.

Ukip and the Conservative party are now more popular than ever before, and the feel good factor is spreading across the U.K.

But a Daily Bale poll suggests that a large percentage of people want a Ukip-Conservative (UKCon) coalition in 2015, and people want the security that comes with a Ukip strong control on immigration, and a Conservative tight grip on public funds and the economy.

Also, there is a strong public feeling that the ridiculous and unjust ideology of political correctness has to go, if the U.K is ever going to restore sanity, law and order, and true morality.

There is a large sector calling for the banning of the marxist militant left wing race hate movements such as “Hope Not Hate” who peddle race hate and disorder by continuously bringing up race and accusing people of racism and fascism, when in actual fact, these so called “anti fascist” movements are racists themselves by bringing attention to people’s race, and recognising “difference” in race in the first place, and then accusing other people of racism, where none is.

The general mood in the U.K at this point is that the public want to restore sanity and true morality by ridding society of the left wing stalinist and evil ideology of political correctness. The public want to bring communities back together in harmony, without the continuous targeting and the drawing to attention of people’s race from these anti fascist racist left wing thug groups that tear communities apart and spread race hate and disorder in persuit of their own left wing political adgenda.

There is also a massively growing support for us – The Daily Bale. We do admit that we had some “issues and problems” at the beginning, but we have publicly apologised for that, of which we are still truely sorry, and will never deny that we made mistakes.

But our cause and message remains the same – the scourge of political correctness and left wing intimidation and bullying must go.

We at the Daily Bale will continue to support and represent the large growing following that also supports and agrees with us, and we shall continue to champion the cause and push for the restoration of sanity and order within the U.k, and the reuniting of all communities working together side by side in peace and harmony.

The Daily Bale reporting team

Labour. Hope Not Hate. Political Correctness Victims Legal Landmark

balance2[1] The Daily Bale legal team has been digging deep into human rights laws and seeking consultation with our supporters in the legal profession.

It turns out that many thousands of people who were ‘victims’ of Political Correctness in the past, in the workplace, public services, schools, hospitals, institutions, and all areas of public life – may be eligable to open a case for compensation.

We now know that political correctness was and is a ‘tool’ used by the left wing to ‘silence’ people and to publicly shame people into submitting to left wing policies and left wing ideology.
It is used by left wing militant marxist groups to silence any opposition or the questioning of left wing policies, by immediately calling and labeling people ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ if they dare to speak out about the obvious immoral, undemocratic, unjust and unfair nature of left wing ideology and policies.

The Daily Bale has been advised that ‘to use race, sexism, or any other kind of identity to push a certain political ideology – is racist and fascist itself in doing so”

Also, anybody who has been a victim of left wing politically correct bullying, intimidation, manipulation or vile name calling and slander in the work place or in the general public itself, then they have basically had their human rights abused and been a ‘victim’ of politically motivated left wing political correctness.

Thousands of people up and down the U.K in the past, have been victims of left wing political correctness. They have lost their jobs, their homes, and been branded a racist or a fascist by politically correct left wing extremists and marxist militant activists.

Under the convention of human rights, this has to breach several laws against the individual and their rights against persecution and victimisation by other people representing a certain political ideology, or reasons being of and for that ideology when persecution and victimisation was committed against the person or individuals.

There has been a big injustice committed against many people by a minority element within society under the false pretense of morality and calling it ‘Political Correctness’ and then using it to bully, shame, manipulate and publicly condemn decent moral hard working members of the British public.

The ‘victims’ of political correctness may have strong cases for big compensation claims in civil courts.

by James Richards. Daily Bale reporter.

Conservative Ukip Coalition in 2015 – Never again a Labour Goverment

new-coalition[1] The Daily Bale suggests strongly that a Conservative Ukip Coalition in the 2015 General Elections would be a very appropiate outcome to the continuing growth and stability of the United Kingdom.
Already there is a sense of great change in the U.K, and the public mood is changing fast.
Economically we are starting to rise quickly now, and we are getting on top of the totaly disasterous mess that the previous Labour Goverment left us in.
But also the public are no longer tolerating the politically correct brainwashing and bullying that they were subjected too for so long also under the previous Labour Goverment.
The public are finding their true voice once again, and speaking out about how and what they really feel, and the scourge of political correctness is being seen very clearly now for what it really is and always was – a twisted warped policy to crush freedom of speech by calling people vile names like ‘racist’ if anybody so much as questioned the leftist politically correct policies.
It has almost become socially inapropiate and socially unacceptable now to be seen or heard spouting politically correct garbage in public – because nobody wants to hear it, agrees with it, or wants it.
But we must also ensure that freedom of speech and the right to question policies like the immoral, unfair and lunatic politically correct policies under the previous Labour Goverment, are never taken from us again.
We must also never allow a small fringe of left wing marxists to dictate to us how we should think, talk and present ourselves politically ever again either.
Just before the fall of the previous Labour Goverment, the political climate in the U.K was nothing short of stalinist soviet russia.
The public were scared to say anything, express anything, or question anything incase they were labeled racist, homophobic, sexist, or politically incorrect in any numerous number of ways.
This was paramount to political bullying and intimidation on a level never before seen in the U.K, or any other democratic country not under a dictatorship or a communism regime.
We need strongly now to restore the old ways of commonsense and logic, respect and discipline, law and order, and a strong community spirit and belonging with a strong national pride.
We must continue to dismantel the ridiculous marxist ideology of political correctness, and continue to replace it with strong moral ‘real’ values, and personal individual responsibility and consequences for actions.
The next logical step in the restoration of sanity within the U.K would be a Conservative Ukip Coalition at the next Genaral election in 2015.
We must never again allow the madness to creep back in to British politics, and we must never again allow ourselves to become ‘victims’ of Political Correctness and the P.C brainwashing and intimidation that we allowed ourselves to be subjected to before the British public finally woke up.
by Pete lake. Daily Bale Reporter

Labour Party and Hope Not Hate members desert to join the Daily Bale

labour party The Daily Bale Publication has had a flood of disallusioned Labour Party members and members of the hated ‘Hope Not Hate’ anti fascist race hate movement rush to join up with our team to provide information on their crumbling movements.
The Daily Bale has always made it very clear, we are a publication totaly committed to bringing the truth to the British people and exposing the left wing lie that is disguised under the moralistic sounding name of – Political Correctness.
Political Correctness is an immoral form of left wing brainwashing, in order to make the individual feel guilty and hence conform under P.C manipulation to left wing marxist thinking and social control.
The British people are beginning to wake up, and are fast realising that they have been manipulated and brainwashed into thinking that to say something or to even think in a certain way is wrong and/or evil.
The only thing that is truely politically evil in British society today, is the twisted and politically motivated race hate stiring ideology that is called – Political Correctness.
Who has the god given right to call themselves Politically Correct and morally absolute ?
And who has the god given right to go round putting up signs, giving out orders, and condemning people and calling them racist, if they dont fit the left wing picture of Politically Correct fantasy land where everybody is totaly without personal view, apart from that of the left wing idea of how you should think, behave, believe and act ? The answer. – Nobody.
The Daily Bale supports free speech, with respect for all people, regardless of race or religion as human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own, and the right to personal views, without being condemned as fascist, racist or any form of vile slander if they dont conform to the left wing twisted mentality.
Therefore, we do not condemn those either that flood to the Daily Bale from the left wing organisations as they are doing of late to give us their view points on what is going wrong within their particular pheres of political thought.
The overall message we are getting is that the left wing is no longer thinking or cooperating with the real world, and that the lie that is called Political Correctness and the marxist bullying has to stop, its immoral and very very wrong.
We hear that loud and clear. And on that we do agree.
But the Daily Bale makes it very clear publicly as we have told you already in personal messages – its up to you to make change. Kick out the extremists and marxists, drop the politically Correct manipulation and bullying, and join the rest of the U.K in getting back on our feet.
One thing is certain, if you do not clean house, then you will become outcasts and one day you will be held accountable for what you have done.

Reported by Jake Watson. Daily Bale Reporter.

Hope Not Hate Left Wing Anti Fascist Group Race Hate Shame

hope not hate The Daily Bale brings you exclusively a report given to us by an Ex member of the race hate stiring left wing anti fascist thug organisation – Hope Not Hate.

Steven Westcliffe (name changed to protect identity) was with the hated left wing race hate stiring anti fascist group ‘Hope Not Hate’ for 7 months, before deserting them in disgust at their vile policies and bullying tactics against anybody who disagreed with them or anybody who would not follow their so called politically correct agenda.

Steven told the Daily Bale “i joined Hope Not Hate because i was friends with a guy already in the organisation, and i just thought they were against hate and fascism like they make out they are on facebook and in their discription. But they are anything but against hate or fascism. They are extreme left wing, and are mainly about communism and the breakdown of the united kingdom as an identity and as a people. They say they are anti fascist and anti racist, but i was told by our action squad leader that the anti fascist thing was a sham just to make them seem morally acceptable to the general public. They force politically correct marxist communist brainwashing upon everybody by pretending to be anti racist and morally just. They then accuse everybody else of being racist, and by doing that very thing, they actually point out the differences in peoples race themselves.
So that makes them racist by the very fact of bringing attention to race all the time, and even more so than anybody else who would never even of thought about differences in race until the left wing brought it up themselves. I pointed this out to my action squad leaders several times, and told them that this was hypocritical and actually racist of them for bringing attention to race by race hate slander and calling everybody racist. But i was threatened on several occassions and warned that if i didnt conform i would face severe punishment.
I realised then that i had to get out of Hope Not Hate, and that this so called ‘moral group’ was in actual fact evil. I would like to point out that i was also aware of a hate campaign against certain people who spoke out against them publicly. They also have ‘infiltration cells’ on facebook, and pretend to be friendly and part of other groups. But they are just there to collect information and cause as much chaos and disruption as possible. Also i know that the anti fascists have it in for the Daily Bale, because they fear what the Daily Bale reports and exposes about them. They have been directly targeting the Daily Bale for some time now with slander and lies, and they even message hundreds of people trying to turn people against the Daily Bale with lies and false rumour. I know this because i regret to say now, i was one of them. But take it from me as an Ex member of Hope Not Hate myself, its not the Daily Bale who is immoral or wrong in their views on the left wing. They are very very right !
I just want to add, i have recieved no payment for this article, and i contacted the Daily Bale of my own free will, because i believe the public should know the truth”