Blackburn Rovers could be forced to change name – because its racist

A petition has been raised In the European court of Human rights that alleges the football club, ‘Blackburn Rovers’ is a blackism and should change its name on the grounds of racism.


Historic football club Blackburn rovers

Left4Change, a Labour backed Quango is notorious for campaigning against British Institutions with the word ‘black’ In it but this time they’ve angered Blackburn Rovers fans with their latest politically correct campaign.

Left4Change stated on their website, ‘The term Blackburn Rovers is potentially racist to black people and we view this as a blackism. It’s important that we outlaw this kind of racism if we are to live peacefully in a multicultural society. We have created a petition with the European court of Human rights to force Blackburn Rovers football club to change its name’


Angry football fans hit back at the petition and attacked the groups twitter page @Left4Change branding it ‘ludicrous’ and ‘outrageous’. 

Is Blackburn Rovers a racist term?

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Joshua Bonehill-Paine. The Founder and Leader. Daily Bale

wpid-C1AF816C-78F5-434C-92ED-1CC0366292D6.jpg  The Leader and Founder himself – Joshua Bonehill-Paine.


Joshua Bonehill-Paine is now recognised as one of Britain’s most relentless and fearless names in the fight against left wing political correctness and left wing fascism, racism, intimidation, manipulation and left wing fascist bullying of the British people.

Joshua, is also known as ‘The Founder’ of the Daily Bale – Britons Against Left-wing Extremism.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine first exposed the left wing criminal lie that is called Political Correctness, in his famous essay featured below, titled “Politically Correct Criminality” or P.C.C.

Our Founder also first brought the public’s attention to the left wing perversion and the paedophile nature of left wing political correctness and evil of those spouting this vile foul racist and fascist perverted ideology.

More and more these days we are seeing in the headlines, the exposure of left wing perverts for supporting paedophile causes and agreeing with paedophilia and its practices, and also being exposed as sick weird politically correct left wing cranks and freaks.

The Founder himself was informing the public openly about this early last year, but it does seem now that quite a few of the more sensible newspapers are now taking the lead and exposing these vile perverts themselves.

The Daily Bale surges ahead now in public support, and we thank all those who have come on board to help us, sponsor us, and write for us.

Even those who condemned us, we thank in our own way, your free publicity saved us a packet in advertising !

But dont worry we wont forget you.  We promise !

The more intelligent can easily see where things are heading now, and Joshua Bonehill-Paine is rising fast in the public eye.

The Daily Bale is appealing to more and more people every day in their thousands, and the Daily Bale now stands at 4.8 million hits.

Everybody is talking about Joshua Bonehill-Paine or agreeing with his sentiments, and starting to follow him. – apart from left wing sickos and weirdos that is.

But that is why The Founder first appeared and founded the Daily Bale.

To rid this land of sick disgusting politically correct perversion forever.

God Bless and God Save our Founder, Joshua Bonehill-Paine.


Read on …..

Politically Correct Criminality – P.C.C.


The Daily Bale again brings your attention to the ‘massive left wing scam’ that the left wing use against the people to gain control of your thoughts and your freedom of speech, by pretending to use ‘morality’ as their claim to righteousness and authenticity.

By using the perception of morality, and then terming it as ‘Political Correctness’ they then use that to shame, bully, intimidate and manipulate and force their own way, and their own left wing political agenda, by silencing any opposition or questioning of their point of view, by calling you a ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist’ if you so much as question these evil people.

They get away with it by keeping you continuously on the defensive. Think about it – if you are being labelled as a racist or a fascist, then your first reaction is to defend yourself, because the majority of people are appalled by those terms, and the social stigma attached to those labels.   Are you beginning to get the picture now ?

But let us look more closely at the people throwing those disgusting terms and labels at everybody else, why they are doing it, and what does it really says about the people doing it.

The people doing it are almost always left wing and self righteous in attitude. They are doing it to shame, bully, intimidate and manipulate the other person or person’s into following the same twisted thought process, and they try to make the individual feel false shame and guilt so that the individual falls in quickly to the left wing politically correct agenda, whilst the politically correct weirdos themselves project a perceived ‘moral’ high ground and thus deceptively ‘prove’ themselves to be morally right.

The overall percentage of politically correct left wing weirdos have been shamed and brainwashed themselves by the same sick and evil ideology that they are now pushing themselves – they just dont realise that this is why they are doing it.

But, this is where the whole rotten disgusting false morality of Political Correctness falls flat on its face, and the ‘real’ racists and ‘fascists’ are exposed for the shameful and immoral evil people they really are.

Logic tells you very plainly, that you have to recognise ‘differences’ in people in the first place to then go on and accuse others of doing the very thing that you yourself ‘recognise’ which is ‘differences’ of race.

The majority of us do not see ‘differences’ and we just see other ‘people’ or other human beings just the same as every other human being on this planet. But the Politically Correct left wing racists actually pick up on ‘differences’ and then go on to accuse other people of what they themselves see, which is ‘differences’ in other people.


The politically correct racists and fascists then  use the ‘differences’ that they see to then go on and falsely accuse others of racism, and thus shaming people into submission and keeping them quiet and preventing any questioning whatsoever as to the moral foundation of what they are doing or what they actually stand for – which in this case is the squashing of freedom of speech and politically correct fascist left wing domination of all areas of society by P.C bullying.

It thus becomes a dictatorial order of either (conform to our way of seeing things, or be branded a racist or a fascist)  -  THIS IS FASCISM !

The Daily Bale was first founded by our founder Joshua Bonehill-Paine, who himself became a victim of these P.C left wing racists and fascists when he dared to speak out against the immorality of them and their evil politically correct intimidation, manipulation and bullying.

Thankfully, Joshua went on to found The Daily Bale, and the word BALE representing our cause – Britons Against Left-wing Extremism. B.A.L.E

Joshua was also the original founder of ‘Stand Strong’ the movement set up to bring all people together in peace and understanding, after the tragic death of drummer Lee Rigby.

The left wing politically correct anti British racist and fascist activist militants also attacked this peaceful movement.

Joshua did not just lay down and take the bullying of the left wing fascist racist activists, he made a stand and never backed down.

Thankfully to Joshua and his bravery in the face of these evil people and their continuous attacks on decent hard working people from all communities, today we have a rapidly growing number of the British Public who are also making a stand against the criminality of left wing political correctness and left wing intimidation, bullying and manipulation.

The Daily Bale today stands at 4.6 million hits, and averaging as from 24/02/14  67,000 per day and growing fast !

We have a continuous stream of support in messages sent in on the ‘contact us’  tag, and we are taking into our admin team another 5 people this month.  We already have a team  ‘on the ground reporters’ and we now even have two completely anonymous reporters who work undercover and root out the news that you the public should know and need to know.

We welcome all people from all communities all faiths and all beliefs.

We welcome all ethnicities and all peoples who are also sick and tired of left wing political correctness bringing attention to their communities and race, and just want to live in peace with their own community and also as one with all communities as British Citizens.

Spread the word and join us today.  BALE – now recognised as the voice of true morality and anti P.C.

We welcome all info that you think we may be interested in. Please send in by the private message ‘contact us’ tag – and we do absolutely guarantee confidentiality.

Daily Bale team.

Bonehill court update: Court disrupted by Leftist agitator

The Founder of the Daily Bale, Joshua Bonehill appeared at South Somerset magistrates court today, charged with Malicious communications.


Brave Bonehill: Chased off the leftist Agitator who attacked women in the court

The case was adjourned until the 13th of March because the proceedings today were disrupted by a Left-Wing agitator sent from Slatfascists/SLATUKIP/Hope not hate.

The man known as Richard approached Joshua Bonehill and the two women who were accompanying him whilst he was seated in the court waiting room. Richard made disgusting and inappropriate comments to the women who were with Bonehill and they were removed for their safety whilst Bonehill consulted with his solicitor.

It was agreed in light of the disruption that the case should be adjourned until March 13th.

The man who turned up is believed to be behind many online attacks made on Patriots in recent months, operating from the SLATfascists and SLATUKIP twitter accounts.

After the court, Bonehill followed Richard and confronted him directly about his attacks on Patriots and he admitted responsibility for operating the twitter accounts above. A series of photographs were taken and In one of them, Richard can clearly be seen on his phone posting on an anti-patriot Facebook account.

Leftist Agitator who disrupted the court proceedings:




Richard then fled the scene.

Daily Bale News Corp

Daily Bale Founder Attends Court. Champion Against Political Correctness

Joshua Bonehill

The brave and glorious founder himself.

The Founder of the Daily Bale, and the Founder of the peaceful charitable movement ‘Stand Strong’ today attends legal proceedings, to bring to an end months of left wing bullying, manipulation and intimidation by left wing marxist militant thugs.

Joshua intends to plead guilty to two charges of malicious communications, both charges arising from months of online repeated attacks towards the National peaceful charitable movement – Stand Strong and The Daily Bale.

crowds in taunton (1280x956)

Support has been overwhelming.

Stand Strong was founded by Joshua, after the tragic death of drummer Lee Rigby.  The movement was set up to bring all communities together in peace and understanding, and peaceful protest against all forms of extremism and violence.

The movement raised thousands of pounds for charities and led to Nationwide peaceful gatherings of all communities in peace, solidarity and understanding.

Unfortunately, the movement was aggressively attacked by left wing anti British marxist militant politically correct racist and fascist thugs, who slandered the movement as ‘far right wing’ and offensive to minorities.

The movement itself was incidently co-chaired and run by an asian gentleman along with Joshua himself.

Joshua went on to found ‘The Daily Bale’ an online news outlet exposing left wing fascism and racism, and left wing politically correct bullying, manipulation and intimidation. The name B.A.L.E standing for – ‘Britons Against Left-wing Extremism.

A very long and dirty online ‘war’ over many months materialised, and the left wing marxist thugs attacked aggressively and ferociously, attacking and slandering Joshua and The Daily Bale wherever they could, and in all ways that were damaging to Joshua’s character and his reputation. The left wing thugs feared that they would be exposed and desperately wanted The Daily Bale shut down and Joshua vilified.

Joshua fought back and courageously held his ground in the face of repeated and disgusting online bullying and slander from left wing anti British marxist racist and fascist thugs.

Joshua made mistakes in defending his moral beliefs, and sometimes people got caught in the crossfire. Joshua admits his wrong doing and that he could of dealt with the attacks towards him in a better way. But, –  do the left wing marxist thugs admit their wrong doings ?  The answer to that is most certainly no, they do not.

Joshua stands today facing justice.  Justice for a cause he so dearly believes in, and also justice for all British people of all communities and all identities who are also making a stand against the unjust left wing politically correct bullying, manipulation and intimidation, and the vile racist and fascist slander being directed towards decent moral hard working people – just because they do not agree with left wing policies or left wing marxist politically correct nonsense and garbage.


We the general decent British public stand fully behind Joshua, and we believe all communities do too who believe in common sense, true morality and living in the real world without left wing politically correct criminality and bullying, or the vile racist and fascist mentality of the extreme left wing activist thugs.

The left wing politically correct marxists and vile racists, divide communities by continuously bringing attention to people’s race by vile race hate slander and bringing race to people’s attention, where before it just was not an issue. The majority of decent people do not recognise ‘differences’ in other human beings, and race is not an issue or a recognition.

The so called left wing ‘anti fascist’ thug organisations do recognise ‘differences’ in people, by continuously bringing attention to race, and using vile racist name calling and slander towards non racist people who just do not happen to agree with left wing policies or the extremism of left wing politically correct unjust and immoral ideology.

Who are the real fascists and racists in Britain today we ask ??

We call upon the Government to ban outright all criminal left wing activist militant thug organisations, and to protect the British public from any further left wing politically motivated fascism and racism, and the politically correct marxist bullying and intimidation by so called ‘anti fascist’ criminal groups.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a true Martyr and a true national hero to all decent moral upstanding hard working people everywhere who want to see an end to the unjust and immoral ideology of left wing political correctness, and left wing  politically correct fascist bullying, intimidation and manipulation of the British public.

Alan Richards.  Reporter on left wing crimes and P.C.C – politically correct criminality.

British man murdered with hammer in Racially motivated attack

An Asian man has been jailed for life for murdering a British father-of-two who worked at a betting shop in south London.


Sick left wing hammer murderer

Andrew England, 55, was repeatedly hit with a hammer at a branch of Ladbrokes in Aberconway Road, Morden, on 25 May.

Shafique Ahmad Aarij, 21, of no fixed address, was jailed for a minimum of 26 years. He denied murder claiming diminished responsibility.

The victim was knocked down after the first blow but Aarij went on to hit him another eight times, police said.

The Met Police said Mr England, who had worked for Ladbrokes for 25 years, was alone in the shop in the morning when he was hit on the head with the hammer.

After the attack Aarij stole more than £296 from the shop and wired most of that amount to Pakistan within 90 minutes of the fatal attack, police said.

Southwark Crown Court was shown CCTV footage from the shop that captured the killer looking for money as the victim lay on the floor.

Det Sgt Eric Sword said: “This was an incredibly violent and unprovoked attack on a hard-working father-of-two.

“The level of violence was completely disproportionate to what the suspect sought to achieve which was robbing the shop.

Aarij was jailed for a minimum of 26 years

“An initial hammer blow knocked the victim to the floor but Aarij continued to swing the weapon another eight times. He then calmly stepped over his victim in the hunt for cash.”

In a victim impact statement Mr England’s wife Anita said her husband was her main carer since she became disabled following an illness seven years ago and he used to look after their two children, boys aged 10 and 14.

The couple’s 14-year-old son is autistic and his world has been turned “completely upside down” and the murder has left him frightened of leaving their flat.

The younger child “has somehow become the older brother and the carrier of all responsibilities of the family,” Mrs England said.

She added: “Every step is so difficult and what happened to Andrew is never far from my thoughts.

“I worry about this man getting out and that he might find my family, I know it’s irrational but I can’t help it.”

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Boy with learning difficulties raped by Left-Wing paedophile

A 15-year-old boy with learning difficulties was raped by a Left-Wing man while walking in Crawley.

The boy told police he began talking to a man in the High Street before he was attacked at a row of garages.

The victim did not immediately report the attack to police but instead told a member of staff at his school.


Sussex Police said he was unsure of the date of the attack, but said it happened on a Saturday in November or December, last year.

An e-fit of the attacker, who is described as white, about 25 and muscular, has been released.

He was tanned, had short gelled golden brown hair, and was wearing a white string vest and dark blue jeans. It is believed he was wearing a Labour Party badge

Det Con Oliver Summers said the attack took place between 10pm and midnight.

He said: “I would urge anyone who was in the area around Cross Keys, High Street and The Broadway on a Saturday night in that period to contact us if they saw a man that resembles the e-fit.

“It has been several weeks since the incident but there could be something that sticks in your mind that could help with the investigation.

“There is nothing to suggest this is linked to any other incidents but we are working hard to identify the man involved.”

Daily Bale News Corp

Asian Grooming gang held girl captive and repeatedly raped her

An Asian Grooming Gang in London held a girl captive and simultaneously raped her

Jama Abdullahi and Badrdyen Saeed carried out the attack with a teenage boy, who cannot be identified


Evil rapists rumbled

Two men have been jailed for holding a 16-year-old girl in captivity before raping her.

The victim was attacked at a property in Foxhall Road, Ipswich, last June.

Jama Abdullahi, 23, and Badrdyen Saeed, 20, both of London, were found guilty of rape and false imprisonment in January.

Both men have been jailed for eight years. A 17-year-old boy, found guilty of false imprisonment, was put on an 18-month rehabilitation order.

Ipswich Crown Court was told how the girl visited a flat in Foxhall Road on a Sunday afternoon to meet the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and two men after exchanging text messages with them.

The girl was attacked by two men after she was locked inside a room at the flat, Ipswich Crown Court was told

She was shown to a room by the 17 year old, who told her one or more of his friends wanted to have sex with her.

She said no but the boy left the room and locked the door behind him.

Saeed, of Camel Road in London, then entered the room and “orally raped” the girl. When he left he locked the door behind him.

Abdullahi, also of Camel Road, went into the room a short while later and also forced her to perform oral sex against her will before allowing her to leave the flat.

Det Con Annabel Hicks said: “Abdullahi, Saeed and the 17 year old had come to Ipswich from London and set up a drug den at the address in Foxhall Road.

“They preyed on their victim, luring her to the flat by sending her text messages.

“On the day in question she came to the flat and made it clear that she had no intention of having sex with anyone, but was held against her will and orally raped by the two men.

“The girl was incredibly brave to contact the police the same day and was able to identify the flat so we were able to make the arrests that evening.”

Daily Bale News Corp

Jay Rayner defends paedophilia on BBC Question Time

Serious questions have emerged about Jay Rayner, tv food critic and Left-Wing Guardian writer’s credibility after he appeared on BBC Question time tonight defending paedophile Harriet Harman.


Jay rayner with communist dictator nelson mandela

Rayner who is a known liar and Leftist agitator appeared to have sympathies towards paedophiles when he defended the actions of Harriet Harman during the 1970s when she publicly supported PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) which begs the question, why would somebody defend Paedophilia? 

More links are emerging linking paedophiles with the Labour Party after Labour Backed Quango, Left4Change recently announced on Twitter that it was holding a Paedophile rights meeting next month to be chaired by Ivan Monckton.

Jay Rayner has now formally secured himself as a paedophile apologetic and has lost all credibility as a professional in the eye of the public. Could it also be that Rayner himself is in fact a  paedophile?

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Anti Fascist Political Correctness and Left Wing Apologists


Warning – disturbing footage

A man who had learning difficulties was killed by a single punch, just for asking a man not to ride his bike on the pavement.

The man who killed him in an unprovoked attack got just four and a half years in prison.

But the public have been in uproar at the short prison term and the politically correct motivation behind the short sentence.

The crown prosecution service are now looking into lengthening the sentence after public anger at the leniency.

The left wing anti fascist politically correct sickos and weirdos on social networking have been saying that the attacker should not have gone to prison at all, and that it was racist to give out such a long sentence of four and a half years for a “silly mistake” !

The local black community were outraged and shocked at the disgusting nature of the attack and condemned any sort of violence in their community whatsoever, no matter what race carries it out.

But the anti fascist left wing politically correct anti British race hate stirrers have been making it known that they do not agree with the sentence and feel it was too long and that it was politically incorrect to send a man to prison for a silly mistake.

The left wing weirdos and sickos on facebook belong to a facebook group called “still laughing at the united kingdom independence party” – a Ukip protest group, and are reported to be closely tied with “Hope Not Hate” the left wing anti fascist race hate stirring politically correct vile communists.

A  spokesman told the Daily Bale -

“we do not agree with putting a man in prison just because he hit somebody and we feel that its racist to do that”

When the Daily Bale put it to them that it was the Anti Fascists like them that are the real racists for bringing attention to race all the time, he then told our reporter that -

“we have our own people in the “British Patriot Society II” who actually work with the admin on there, and its us who monitor the posts to make sure that they are not seen as racist – so how can you call us racist” ?

The Daily Bale has been warning for some time now about the British Patriots Society II being a left wing front.

Now we know for certain the info we had was right.

Daily Bale Community reporter,       William Richards.


British Patriots Society II treachery and betrayal left wing anti fascist scam

The Daily Bale again makes very clear our position concerning the British Patriots Society II and its so called  leader Sara Roocroft.

We now repost our original article after further information is surfacing by people messaging the Daily Bale through our ‘contact us’ tag, and private messaging facility at the top of our site.

Kevin Watson (name changed to protect identity) told the Daily Bale -

“i knew that the British Patriots Society was a big con before you lot ever did. I knew Sara Roocroft when she was doing the articles for the Unite Against Fascism groups. She jumped at the chance to work undercover for them, but they just needed the right time to set something like this up. The majority of the money that is raised from the British Patriots Society now goes directly to Hope Not Hate and Sara takes a cut from it through the Merchandise sales.  Maggie Chapman does work with Sara, but Maggie does the facebook stuff, as in pulling in the punters e.c.t and discrediting anybody who questions the B.P.S Maggie has been working undercover for Hope Not Hate For ages now, but i thought that was common knowledge.  I believe they are now acting under the name of ( British Patriots Society II ) they got the first page shut down because of complaints to facebook by punters who reported them for trading through the page”

After persistent warnings given to the Falsely named British Patriot Society to disassociate from leftist Maggie Chapman and to stop posting misinformation on their Facebook wall, they’ve decided to ignore our requests which has in turn been taken as a direct act of war against the Daily Bale, and the Daily Bale Now demands that the B.P.S II is shut down and recognised as a fraudulent page.


Sara roocroft

The British Patriots Society which is run and owned by Sara Roocroft is a front for Patriot Wear UK, a clothing company. There is nothing patriotic about the BPS, it supports UKIP but doesn’t support the British people and is being used to slander the name of patriots and destroy upcoming nationalist movements in their infancy.

The people who post on the British Patriot Society are being used as pawns by Sara Roocroft, who she then commands, and they obey by attacking people on their own side. Roocroft is a feminist dictator and leftist apologetic, through her ties with Maggie Chapman a known left-wing agitator and her general neglect in running what is supposed to be a Patriotic page, but is in actual fact a left wing money making con trick.

The British Patriots Society is a risk to nationalism and set up to misinform people and use mass brainwashing for Sara’s own sick agenda. It has to be removed immediately.

The Daily Bale has tried to resolve the issue, we even sent over representatives to recover the British Patriots Society and restore its value to the nationalist community but these offers we’re met with death threats and personal attacks from Sara Roocroft and her lap dog, Steve Yido Armstrong.

It is Now the view of the Daily Bale and in the best interests of the British People that the British Patriots Society is removed from the Internet and all operations subsequently stopped. We will be working around the clock to dismantle the BPS II  and now it will be seen as a ‘Left-Wing’ front, it’s patriotic status has been removed.

We would advise that all other parties don’t get involved, this is a war between the Daily Bale and British Patriots Society but as a precaution we are taking down a list of names from the British Patriots Society of people who have betrayed the nationalist cause, these names will be added to our very own blacklist.

Whilst this distracts us from fighting the real Leftist vermin, the BPS II presents a very real threat to the nationalist cause and has to be eradicated permanently for the greater good.

Sara Roocroft can still make contact with the Daily Bale and discuss terms of her standing down and the page either closed, or handed over to the Daily Bale for legitimate administration.

This is non negotiable and final.

BALE (Briton’s Against Left-Wing Extremism)
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