Benefits for Terrorists: Meet the ISIS terrorist who you pay for

Aazim Quangir Khan from Birmingham left to fight for ISIS earlier this year but returned to the UK in August due to an injury sustained whilst fighting in Syria against the western coalition.

Aazim Khan giving you the British public the middle finger

Aazim Khan giving you the British public the middle finger

Khan who is 22, unemployed and classified as an extremist lives quite comfortably in his apartment to which he claims housing benefit, Disability Living Allowance (for the injuries he sustained whilst fighting in syria) and carers allowance for his older brother Mohammed who lives with him.

The UK government has evidence that Aazim fought for ISIS in syria, yet he was allowed to return to the UK and more worryingly, allowed to claim benefits at the expense of the UK taxpayer of whom he declared an enemy of the Islamic State whilst fighting in syria.

Khan is not the only one, the Daily Bale understands that over 200 other individuals living in the UK have returned from terrorist duty in syria to claim benefits in the UK and live comfortably without any repercussions for their extremist behavior – all at the expense of us the British taxpayer.

So there we have it, not only are we allowing terrorists to live in this country but yes we are now also paying for them to enjoy a comfortable existence and all the luxuries that come with that in Britain.

Steven Sodholmy, Reporter

U.K Anti Fascist Member is a Lithuanian Killer .


Aurimas Medvedevas, a Lithuanian man, allegedly a member of a Far Left Politically Correct Anti Fascist Group in the U.K.

It is rumoured that it was either Hope Not Hate of the U.A.F but this cannot be verified by either of which the man was a member of.

Other sources on Social Media claim him to have been working with a far left wing group calling itself by the name of Slatfascists, who can be found on Twitter under an Anonymous profile.

Evil beyond words.

A young father who killed his baby daughter by repeatedly biting, punching and violently shaking her faces life behind bars when he is sentenced later.

Lithuanian Aurimas Medvedevas, 23, inflicted terrible injuries on two-month-old Aukse on September 5 last year, the day her mother went back to work for the first time since giving birth.

His partner, agency worker Dzesika Urbikaite, 22, returned to their Peterborough home that night to find her daughter dead in a cot.

Medvedevas, of Clifton Avenue, Peterborough, had denied murder but on the third day of his Old Bailey trial he dramatically changed his plea to guilty.

He will be sentenced by judge Timothy Pontius.

Ms Urbikaite wept as prosecutor Karim Khalil QC told the court how her baby died.

He said Aukse suffered a fatal head injury and there were “signs of numerous other inflicted injuries too”.

A post-mortem examination uncovered a catalogue of bruises and abrasions on Aukse’s body as well as two bite marks on her head.

She had significant internal injuries including a deep cut to the liver, five rib fractures, and bleeding on the brain and eyes indicating that she had been shaken.

An examination of one of the bite marks showed it matched the defendant’s teeth imprint, the court heard.

Mr Khalil told jurors: “For reasons known only to him but which may well be rooted in the pressures of home life and his own inability to cope with the change in his circumstances, he took hold of his own baby, he bit her on the head, he struck her repeatedly and he shook her hard. As a result of all that she died, not immediately, but a few hours later.

“As he committed those acts of violence against baby Aukse he must have intended to kill her or cause her really serious harm. That is murder.”

Medvedevas initially denied murder but repeatedly changed his story in an attempt to avoid responsibility for her death.

After he was arrested, he admitted he had been in sole care of the baby but denied hurting her.

Before his trial, he produced an account claiming the baby must have fallen out of bed and hit her head on the side of the cot while he was beside her in a deep sleep.

And on the day his original trial was due to start in May, he produced a radically different account, accepting for the first time that he caused the injuries.

He admitted murder on Friday last week after listening to the prosecution case against him for two days.

Manhunt underway for EU murderer immigrant Arnis Zalkalns after police discover Alice Gross remains

A manhunt is underway after police at Scotland Yard discovered the body of missing teenager Alice Gross in the River Brent, West London.

Evil, Sick monster and politically correct pervert Arnis Zalkalns

Evil, Sick monster and politically correct pervert Arnis Zalkalns

This morning the tragic news broke that the decomposing remains of Alice Gross had been found “deliberately concealed” in the River Brent. The news comes a month after teenager Alice Gross disappeared without a trace with suspicions beings directed towards convicted killer, pervert and sicko Arnis Zalkalns an immigrant from Latvia who proudly butchered his wife in 1998.

Mr. Zalkalns appears to have disappeared but Scotland Yard believe he may have returned to Latvia where he is presently in hiding after the sick and barbaric murder of 14 year old Alice Gross.

Zalkalns is white, 1.77 metres (5ft 10in) tall and stocky, with dark brown hair that he normally wears tied in a ponytail. Police say he may be dangerous and should not be approached if spotted.

The Daily Bale understands that the Police investigating this sickening crime are yet to discover an Iphone and several items belonging to Alice Gross but at this time they are still searching the river bed where the teenagers body was discovered this morning.

14 year old Alice Gross, potentially murdered by the EU

14 year old Alice Gross, potentially murdered by the EU

After butchering his wife with a Steel pole and an eight-inch knife in 1998, Zalkalns is understood to have casually continued with his life without expressing remorse or sadness after this tragic incident. It is understood that Arnis Zalkalns could be suffering from serious mental health problems and should not be approached if spotted. Whilst it is highly likely that Zalkalns has returned to Latvia, it is just as likely that he is still in the UK hiding.

The Daily Bale urges residents of the West London area to check their sheds, garages and gardens for this brutal serial killer and be sure to contact the police immediately if you should find this evil, barbaric monster hiding within your property.

The moment police found the body of missing teenager Alice Gross

The moment police found the body of missing teenager Alice Gross

This evil and sickening crime highlights the problem with the immigration system in the sense that currently there may be 20,000 serial killers, rapists and murderers who have entered the UK via the EU since 2011. If these people are freely allowed to enter our country then surely this will put the safety of our citizens at risk just as 14 year old Alice Gross was.

Steven Sodholmy, Daily Bale News

Political Correctness – The Virus is Vaccinated. The British Nation Recovers.


Political Correctness is an evil within our Society that has been allowed to take hold by a Nation of People who are by far Decent, intelligent, Democratic, Moral and Just.

But the word “Moral” is where Political Correctness falls far short of the meaning of real Morality, and just uses the term to suit its own evil twisted corrupt ends.

Fairness in any decent and just Society is upheld by Universal condemnation of “any and all” inequality or acts of oppression, violence or acts against a Person or Persons, because of their Race, Beliefs or Identity.

Political Correctness “does not” represent those qualities or Moral standing in any sense or form of the meaning of equality or fairness.


Political Correctness is used by the Left Wing to Shame, Bully, Intimidate and Manipulate anybody who does not agree with its ideology or point of view.

Not convinced ??

Then try going onto a Left Wing website or forum and speak openly about anything that troubles you that involves anything other than White British People.

Immediately you will be labeled as racist and fascist.

Take a look at Twitter and Facebook, and see if you can see how many of the so called “Moral” left wing Anti Fascist pages and accounts are actually run by People who are out in the open as themselves and not Anonymously run by a Person or Persons unknown.

The answer ?

none of them.

These are the people who are barking out the orders on Morality, spreading hate and lies, and using Race and Political Correctness to enforce their will over you, and if you so much as disagree with them on any issue or point, then as far as they are concerned you must be a Racist and a Fascist and they will use these vile “Race Hate” names to shame you into silence and condemn you into the fires of hell.

But who are the real Racists and Fascists here ??

Just who are these People ? Why do they not come out into the open as who they really are and call us the same disgusting race hate names that they do now from these Anonymous profiles or from behind closed boardroom doors and back offices in other areas of our Society where they influence and destroy innocent people’s lives – just because they don’t agree with left wing political correctness and it’s sick twisted unfair and immoral ideology ?


The truth is, these people are evil vile bullies and closet racists and fascists themselves.

They use race to enforce their evil ideology of political correctness by squashing freedom of speech and shaming anybody who does not conform to their evil one sided fascist and racist mentality.

Anybody who uses Race to force a Political viewpoint or ideology – “is a fascist and a racist”

And the Left Wing so called “Anti Fascists” are more guilty of this than any other normal decent person that lives by real morality and real decency and fairness and actually says it how it is.


The concept of multiculturalism of course, could never have even got off the ground if it were not for the all-pervading miasma of political correctness, which has stifled independent thought, reasoning, logic and critical analysis – not only in the UK but in most, if not all other Western democracies for the last forty or fifty years. Political correctness has often been spoken of in disparaging terms – but most people have accepted the concept as a necessary prerequisite for remaining within the boundaries of polite society when faced with the possibility of falling out with their friends, families and / or work colleagues. In some cases people have even been threatened with the loss of their livelihood, particularly in employment sectors dominated by the political left, such as health, education or local government, if they have been found to hold politically incorrect views.

It is not widely known, and in fact the political left have tried to keep it a closely guarded secret, but the twin evils of political correctness and multiculturalism derive from a Marxist concept – Cultural Marxism – developed by the Frankfurt School in the 1920′s. Cultural Marxism seeks to:


… destroy everything good about a society, what holds it together, what helps it to advance, what promotes intelligence and beauty. It seeks to degenerate society and take it to a lower form where people are less intelligent and more animal. It’s based on the Marxist lie that everything good about society is all a form of oppression. Every time anyone promotes Cultural Marxism, they use the same line claiming it is about freeing people from oppression. These common Cultural Marxist themes all are promoted by the same lie that they are done in the name of freedom:

liberalism, sexual perversion, degenerate art, degenerate music, mass immigration, anti-intelligence and promotion of people acting like animals, multiculturalism, oppressing people of European ancestry, and destroying nationalism.

Although originally developed by the Frankfurt School, the Cultural Marxism model was further developed in later years by another group of intellectuals at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in Birmingham, England. The fields of Cultural Studies and Critical Theory are rooted in and influenced by Cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism has been formulated in such a way as to subvert Western nations and civilization using methods other than direct political action. using political correctness, multiculturalism and Critical Theory. It seeks to control society by manipulating language, media, and academia. In addition, demographic genocide is a major focus of Cultural Marxism.

With great thanks to others involved in the formulation of the above and the wisdom and morality of the true decent people still left in the Country today that are now making a true stand against the evil ideology and the lie that calls itself “Political Correctness”

James Fitzgerald-Kensington.

Windsor. Sep 14


Return of the Daily Bale

It is with absolute delight that we announce the return of the Daily Bale. After an absence of some 6 months, the Daily Bale will go back into regular circulation from today October 1st, bringing the British public all the latest news and information that mainstream newspapers often ignore or refuse to publish.

The Daily Bale however will now only report on fact, before under the former administration there were mistakes made which led to people getting hurt or businesses being destroyed to which we are clearly sorrowful for however these mistakes should not mar the popularity or demand of the Great British Bale.

Along with our main publication, Daily Bale News we will now also be publishing on sunday with our sister publication The Bale on Sunday. We are also pleased to announce that legendary journalist and expressionist, Joshua Bonehill will remain the editor of our newspaper, working alongside Steven Sodholmy and the team. As mentioned, Steven Sodholmy will return and his role will be assistant editor.

Previously under this publication we ignored the law which landed ourselves in trouble legally, now we will be working within the law and using the law as our key weapon to bringing various Anti-Social assailants to justice using our fully operational media network.

The Daily Bale is almost certainly loved and adored by many, we can not deny the popularity and cult status that has built up around this publication so now is the time to give the public what they demand – BALE!

Daily Bale News Team


Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe to join Labour Party

The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe is set to join the Labour Party after he declared his support for Ed Miliband after the Labour conference in Manchester last week.

Sutcliffe who is imprisoned at Broadmoor hospital prison for committing a string of horrific murders during the 1970s and early 1980s has been described as feeling “optimistic” about the speech given by Ed Miliband at the Labour conference and has openly displayed his interest in joining the Party.

Normal inmates based at regular prisons across the country are unable to join political parties or vote in elections but because Broadmoor Prison is technically not classified as an operational prison, there is a loophole which will mean Mr. Sutcliffe will be able to join the party.

Labour spokesman Jim Bean told the Daily Bale “Whilst we do not condone the actions of Mr. Sutcliffe, we do however recognise like any normal human being that he has political views and these will most certainly be welcomed by our party – we will not discriminate on any grounds when it comes to party membership”

Members of the Labour Party are split over the possibility of entertaining a serial killer within the ranks of their party as it emerged yesterday that this could potentially encourage other inmates based at Broadmoor to join their party.

Anti Fascist left wing politically correct sicko in evil hammer attack on family

A left wing weirdo and sick anti fascist Peter Redfern has admitted killing his wife and daughter.


Left wing Hope Not Hate anti fascist hammer killer.

Peter Redfern, 70,  a long term member of the anti fascist anti British organisation  “Hope Not Hate”  admitted the murder of Sarah Redfern and confessed to the manslaughter of his wife, Jean, on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Redfern strangled his wife at their home in Wath-upon-Dearne in November 2013 before attacking his daughter with a hammer when she returned from work.

He admitted the killings on the first day of trial at Sheffield Crown Court. He will be sentenced on Thursday.

The bodies of the two women were discovered after Redfern rang 999 to confess and screaming anti fascist slogans.

Jean and Sarah Redfern
The bodies of Jean (left) and Sarah Redfern were discovered at a house in Wath-upon-Dearne

The court heard he had incurable bone cancer and was on drugs. He was also suffering from depression.



A Hope Not Hate undercover spokesman told the Daily Bale through a representative -

“Could you leave our name out of this please. We have not had any contact with Peter Redfern for some time now, and his membership Ran out last year. We do not warn people twice about membership money, if you do not pay up, then your out.             Peter was expelled from “Hope Not Hate” for not paying his dues. So do not connect this man to us ok ?  We got enough crap to deal with at the moment with all the sexual scandals our members are involved in, without this crap too”

Left wing Peter Redfern pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife Jean Redfern, 67, but guilty to manslaughter.

He pleaded guilty to murdering his 33-year-old daughter, Sarah.

Det Chf Insp Chris Singleton, of South Yorkshire Police, said the double killing was “shocking and impossible to understand”.

He said: “Only he knows why he committed such a violent act.

“Jean and Sarah were a mother and daughter who were as close as a mother and daughter could be.”

Daily Bale reporter on left wing crime – Gary Raikcroft