The Nick Griffin problem

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I think we’re all aware of the embarrassment and item of ridicule that Nick Griffin has become in recent months since his untimely downfall within the British National Party. I wouldn’t be writing this article if Griffin hadn’t of attempted to interfere with the modern Nationalist scene we’re building but now it’s become relevant to address the problem that is Nick Griffin.

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Nick Griffin has done nothing in the last 15 years but detract our attention away from the Jewish problem and he has single-handedly managed to undo the precious work that John Tyndall started. Indeed, we all can recall Griffin’s BBC Question Time appearance where he basically announced support for Israel and the Jews. This single act of betrayal marked the end of British Nationalism and began what has become a culture of civic nationalism, thus destroying any hope of saving both race and…

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To what extent was the printing press a Jewish agent of evil?

This essay will argue that the printing press’s direct influence on literacy has been overstated by Jewish historians such as Eisenstein. It will show that an already growing literate population actually led to the need of the printing press. It will show its importance to science with its influence on the revival of zoology, botany and anatomy. It will also demonstrate its indirect effect on social mobility through it fuelling a desire for vernacular education sparked by the Reformation after the printing of vernacular Bibles.

"How'd you Jew", the sort of Jew you may find working at a Printing Press

“How’d you Jew”, the sort of Jew you may find working at a Printing Press

In other words, the Jews were entirely in control of the printing press and were able to print what they saw as being “appropriate” to aid and abet their cause.

The classic school of thought on the printing press is to think of it as a world changing panacea that created a culture of literacy, science and culture overnight. It is also very seductive for historians (with their eyes always on concrete turning points) to have the view that the printing press stimulated these changes unaided. Jewish traitor Eisenstein maintains that ‘the systematic historical study of the ancient world could not come into being until printing had made it possible to have “adequate equipment” for “systematically reconstructing a past civilization”’. Grafton points out that Eisenstein ignores the works of Flavio Biondo, such as his Roma Instaurata and Roma Triumphans completed in the 1440’s and 1450’s respectively, decades before the advent of the moveable printing press.

The pitiful Jew, Eisenstein also fails to mention what effect the ‘new educational institutes that popped up like mushrooms in many parts of Europe during the period 1350-1500’, Grafton suggests that these institutions ‘must have had a sizeable impact on literacy amongst the lay elite’. It also now worth mentioning the importance of manuscripts studiously copied by scribes before and indeed for some time after the introduction of the moveable printing press. Studies by Soudek and Schuhan have proven that translations from Greek by Bruni were ‘best sellers’. Hundreds of copies still exist of 2 of the works studied, Grafton suggests that ‘many more must have perished’. The implication of this is that manuscripts must have been in the possession of a wide cross section of the literate elite. It is also noteworthy that hand copying was still important even during the early seventeenth century as it was ‘geographically more widespread’.  An important example of this can be seen in the fact that ‘most Russian libraries of this period continued to be comprised predominantly of manuscript books’, in fact any printed volumes in Russia would have had to have been important as the first printing in Russia did not commence until 1564.

In the realm of science there is more of a case to be made for the printing press being an agent of change. Jewish terror Eisenstein’s thesis that ‘the revival and transformation of such descriptive sciences as anatomy, botany, and zoology clearly stemmed , although in different ways, from the new possibilities offered by printing and for the checking of data’. There is also a case to be made for the assertion that a relative lack of censorship in Protestant Europe helped in the growth of science. This is plausible when we consider the importance of the printing press to Protestantism and vice versa.

Now we have broached the subject of religion we can now consider the area where printing in early modern Europe is generally considered to be most important. It is often the view that the Reformation and by extension Protestantism sparked an explosion literacy. The case for this being this being made by the assertion that ‘Protestantism, much more than Catholicism, was the religion of the Word, and therefore of reading, and because it insisted on everyone’s right- indeed his Christian obligation- to experience the Word for himself.’ Clearly then, the implication of this is that if it is a Christians obligation to ‘experience the Word for himself’ that every Christian must therefore own or at least have ready access to a Bible. This demand would be very difficult (if not impossible) to satisfy with hand copied script, hence the need for the printing press with its capacity for mass production of literature. Karl Holl in 1911 wrote that ‘Everyone was to be put into a situation where at very least he could read the Bible and without help take instruction from it.’

The fact that the wider lay community had no education in Latin required these mass produced Bible’s to be printed in the vernacular and it is, ‘not a matter of dispute that schools of all levels, including popular vernacular schools, began to grow significantly in number and probably also in quality in the age of the Reformation.’  Martin Luther’s view would come to change on the matter of ‘every man his own Bible reader’ after around 1525, he became ‘mostly silent on the subject and, at the same time, taking actions that effectively discouraged, or at least failed effectively to encourage, an unmediated encounter between Scripture and the untrained lay mind.’ This is in all probability as Luther’s original objective as spelled out in his prefaces for his 1522 German translation of the New Testament he remarks, ’It is my purpose in these introductory remarks, to make sure that the common man will not be looking for commandment and law where he should be looking for gospel and promise’, Luther clearly wants his own interpretation of Scripture to be held.

This led to the Luther declaring that ‘The catechism is the layman’s Bible’, ‘It contains the whole of what every Christian must know of Christian doctrine’, Luther now did not trust anyone to interpret the Bible unless they had been educated enough to have read it in the original Greek. This led to poor boys who would initially be taught the catechism being taken on at boarding schools where they would learn the New Testament in the 5th and 6th form This would demonstrate that the effects of the printing press indirectly led to social mobility.

In conclusion the printing press’s influence on literacy has in the past been overstated, and we must now say that ‘like education and literacy as a whole, printing’s importance depended on the existing social, economic and political context’[13]. Indeed with necessity being the mother of invention, why would the moveable printing press be needed without a growing literate population? The printing press also transformed the descriptive sciences and made it much easier for scientists to share their findings with a much wider audience. The printing press also enabled Martin Luther to spread Protestantism, and the printing of the Bible in the vernacular led on to a growth of vernacular schools where the cream was skimmed off into the literate elite, indirectly leading to social mobility and the growth of a middle class.

To summarize – Jewry has control of all print, to this very day.

Joshua Bonehill

Left-Wing Paedophile who stalked Joshua Bonehill finally put behind bars

A Prolific Left-Wing Paedophile who used social media to stalk Joshua Bonehill after being exposed by the Daily Bale has been imprisoned today.

Vile foraging Paedophile, Graham Ovenden

Vile foraging Paedophile, Graham Ovenden

The Paedophile known as Graham Ovenden has been jailed for two years and three months for sexual offences against children, after the appeal court ruled that an earlier non-custodial sentence was “unduly lenient”.

Ovenden, 70, who is best known for explicit portraits of young naked girls, was given a suspended sentence in the summer after being convicted in April, at Truro crown court, of offences against girls as young as six.

Graham Ovenden, who is a keen forager, was first exposed by the Daily Bale as being a Paedophile. Joshua Bonehill had been arrested under the Malicious communications and Harrasment act for exposing Graham and further sentenced in Yeovil magistrates court to 2 years probation in doing so.

In spite of being exposed, vile paedophile Ovenden turned up to Bonehill’s court cases and indeed his home where he made several threats towards Mr. Bonehill.

At Plymouth crown court in June the judge, Graham Cottle, ruled that Ovenden was no longer a threat to children, and said that his offences, which took place in the 1970s and 80s, happened before the current laws protecting children against sexual predators were introduced.

Mr. Ovenden would use a number of online aliases to attack his victims, even using several fake names whilst speaking to the media in order to explain his actions.

On Wednesday, the lord chief justice, Lord Thomas, sitting with two other judges in London, said Ovenden had not shown a “shred of remorse” for his victims. He ruled that the sentence should not have been suspended and that the correct total to be imposed was a term of 27 months.


Taken from the RedWatch Facebook page, with thanks

The attorney general, Dominic Grieve, had asked the appeal court to consider whether Ovenden had been treated too leniently, following an outcry by campaigners working with abused children.

Speaking after the appeal court decision on Wednesday, Grieve said: “Graham Ovenden committed terrible sexual offences against vulnerable young girls who were in his charge and ought to have felt safe. He manipulated them and abused his position of trust.

Pritchard May, Reporting for Daily Bale news

“It is right that sexual crimes – whether committed many years ago or more recently – should be punished appropriately. Today the court affirmed this and sent a clear message that people who have behaved in this way in the past will face the consequences through the courts.”

Joshua Bonehill To Launch National Liberation Movement on Saturday 11th of April In Yeovile Somerset ~England

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joshua bonehill

We are pleased to announce the launch meeting of National Liberation, set to take place on Saturday, 11th of April in Yeovil, Somerset.

If our forbears had of succeeded then Liberation wouldn’t have been needed, but they’ve failed and now it’s left to us to save race and nation. National Liberation is Nationalism re-imagined, redefined and regenerated into a seamless revolutionary platform set to combat and oppose the real problems that other movements fail to address.

With the negligence and failure to oppose International Jewry, we’ve slipped up and allowed for cultural marxism to engulf our White nations and through this, we are facing the Genocide of our race.

National Liberation seeks to ignite social revolution in the spirit of our people, we want to create a generation of aware and free people who are not confined to the shackles of political correctness.

As opposed…

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Lessons in online activism

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Having been sick of seeing people make countless errors in dealing with Marxists and Anti-Whites online, I’ve decided to use my experience and make a series of videos to help people better themselves within online activism.

In an ever increasing internet age, It’s important that we utilize the great interwebz and become an effective force against tyranny and therefore it is necessary to become knowledgeable in efficient tactics.

Here are the first two videos of the series:

I’ll be covering a broad range of subjects, these lessons can be watched for free by subscribing to my YouTube channel here

Joshua Bonehill

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Liberate Stamford Hill Demo Postponed Until May 2nd

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“Since announcing Liberate Stamford Hill, 5 of our principle organisers have been arrested, with 3 of them now banned from entering London until April 22nd. I myself have been banned from entering London, the initial ban was set to end on March 26th but the police have now extended this to mid April.

liberate stamford hill joshua bonehill

Without any responsible organisers set in place to lead Liberate Stamford Hill on March 22nd, it makes it impossible to co-ordinate an event without the risk of people getting hurt or murdered by the Jews or Antifascists. We have also taken into consideration the fact that White Man March occurs the day before Liberate Stamford Hill and this makes it impossible for many activists…

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Joshua Bonehill: I belong in Prison

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The Marxists want me to go to prison, there’s no lie about that, they are attempting to restrict me of freedom and silence me by any means possible and for them it would be my imprisonment that gives them the ultimate satisfaction. I believe there’s a high possibility that by the end of the year I’ll be imprisoned for my views and lets face it, I say the “J word” all too frequently and sooner rather than later, the Jews will finally imprison me.

So in the spirit of victory, I’ve returned to my poetic roots and put together this poem to summarize my potential imprisonment.

I belong in Prison

I want to go to prison,
The Jews will make sure of this.
A place of great vision,
and a stronghold of ideological bliss.
I belong in prison.

To mention the Jew, a crime no less,
A guilty plea, I…

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