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29 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. people like you is everything that is wrong in the world, also, dont pretend on your website that you have a team of people behind you. everything written is by you, all of which is bollocks and nonsense. Regards, The Left Wing : )

  2. You need to be in some sort of psychiatric hospital, I feel sorry for anyone that your vile words and actions have affected.

  3. Let’s see now.

    You didn’t do very well at schoool.
    You’re certainly not university educated.
    At school, you weren’t very popular – and ended up adopting (not by choice) the loner persona.
    You’re single with no propsect of a girlfriend…
    …your poor social skills/inability to empathise means girls and you just aren’t meant to be.
    If you have a job (I think you do), it’s a dead-end warehouse type of job.
    You have incredibly low self-esteem, tend to hide yourself away…
    …so your website has become your public persona & makes you feel important.
    In fact your website makes you feel like some kind of intellectual…
    …compensation or those less than happy school years
    You’re a disappointment to your parents…
    …and consequently you feel very angry with the world
    Hence the poor social skills, lack of empathy, failed relationships etc.

    Most people would seek counselling and change from within. You’ve decided to change from without, and build a ‘front’ to match what’s on the inside.

    I feel sorry for you, for it’s not a website you need, but psychological help.

  4. I feel sorry for you, and for all the morons out there that believed your lies about The Globe. Please, just stay in your little corner of Yeovil – us big city folk really don’t want your types around here (and by ‘types’ I mean ignorant backwater hicks).

    Matt, from Leicester

  5. Spot on. What a twat this so called rising star of the right is! Bet he wouldn’t have the balls to have a proper public debate?

  6. Joshua, you realise that you’re in serious need of counselling and medication, right? This isn’t a case of simple attention seeking here, because mummy and daddy didn’t cuddle you enough as a child, this is a straight up mental health issue. You should get used to wearing jackets with buckles on the back, because I’m pretty sure they’ll be providing you with one in your size, when they finally put you in your very own padded cell.

    I hope you get the help you need, because clearly you’re a danger to yourself and others. Imagine if someone believed the lies you post here and then went out and attacked an innocent person in retaliation. You’d have that on your conscience for a very long time, unless you really are a psychopath, in which case you’ll most likely laugh in the mirror pathetically, as if you’re a James Bond villain.

  7. It’s Matt, from Leicester again. I feel that, as a guilty verdict has been announced, the owners of The Globe should now sue you for damages and loss of earnings.

    I am now going to their parent companies website (The Globe is owned by Everards) to suggest this to them. Obviously they aren’t stupid, but I feel like adding my voice to the campaign (you never know, it may be the tipping stone they need).

    I truly hope this experience ruins you.


  8. Foolish boy. Now exposed as a hatemonger I wonder if you are aware how much damage you have done to your life, the internet never forgets. Every prospective employer or girlfriend is going to be reading about you after the most simple of Google searches.

    You are doomed, perhaps others however can learn from your error.

  9. Wtf, you wrote an article in feb 2014 regarding a pedophile (not paedophile as you seem to think it’s written) in Britain but the picture you used is from a misssing man from 2010 in canada. You used the exact picture that the rcmp used to ask for help finding him. (you would think you’d have used the current mugshot if it’d be true) This guy is missed terribly by friends and family. To get this article when searching for any new information is absolutely disgusting. You might not have been aware that ppl in canada have access to Google. I sir, say fuck you

  10. This is a disgusting racist site and will be shut down or I will hunt you down wait for that knock on your door scum

  11. I have traced this site to the PC it was created from does anyone want to see this so we can rip his finger nails out and inject the cunt with H

  12. The article about ‘black’s spread Ebola’ was obviously a very narrow minded point of view. You refer to black people as ‘it’ and have this idea that all black people live in dirty homes and refer to all blacks as a plauge. I think this kind of talk is not freedom of speech because if you wanted that then just speak in person to someone and rant away. This article is very Hitler Nassi style and attempts to frighten and try and brain wash people into your twisted view.

  13. What you report is rubbish and without any foundation, looking at your posts you should be outlawed very soon, shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ur disgusting posting hoaxes about this ebola spreading to tescos in uk this is pure scaremongering tatics i think ur twisted and will petition to get u banned from facebook

  15. Don’t threat guys. Save your breath! He is back in court on the 28th ( next Tuesday ) on several charges of accusing people of being pedo’s and harassing many people online. He is likely to get prison time for it.

    Just pray that he ends up sharing a cell with Bubba The big black Love Sponge who doesn’t understand what ‘No’ means………

    ………not that Bonehill is likely to say no since it will be the only sex he is ever likely to get in his miserable life ;)

  16. Isn’t Joshua a Jewish name. And a great idea to open a Daily Bale HQ in Leicester…there is a prison there.

  17. Stop picking on Chuka Ummuna and trying to thwart his ascension to power over the Whites of the U.K. Here in the U.S. we love our jew-installed mulatto nigger Obama and are so grateful for his smart, competent leadership on everything from the robust U.S. economy to dispensing with ebola so it’s a non-concern, to protecting the economy from illegal invaders.

    If you give the mulatto Chuka Ummuna a chance, you’ll love having an African ruler. The BBC says so. Queen Elizabeth I expelled all africans from England and history has shown what an incompetent she obviously was by the cultural low that Elizabethan England is known for worldwide.

    The real King of England, Rothschild says you must replace Whites in England and make it a land of blacks and browns. So get with the program!

  18. Boney baby, you’ve always been warped and twisted and a complete liar? You are on JSA and never worked a day in your life in fact didn’t your social worker try to get you to attend college? No GCSEs and how does reggie bonehill sound to you? face shyte is full of your fake personas? You honk about freedom of speech but delete comments on this appalling site? Now you’ve even closed comments on the utter bile you write! I hope the MPs close in on you and throw the book at you so Bubba the love rod can have you’re company for a long time! BTW say hi to mummy for me!

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