Joshua Bonehill

Who is Joshua Bonehill?



Joshua Bonehill-Paine (JBP) 

In 2013 after the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, JBP founded Stand Strong UK which was a peace organisation set up to unite people in the face of extremism and unrest in Britain. Stand Strong UK raised many thousands of pounds for the charity Help For Heroes and showed the country that people could unite.

After Stand Strong, JBP moved to create the controversial news website “Daily Bale News” which in part was satire but also reported on some of the serious issues that were going unreported in Britain. It was through Daily Bale News that JBP ended up appearing in court throughout 2014 for several articles that broke the law under “Malicious Communications”. JBP argues that his work was simply freedom of speech and whilst he acknowledges the offensive nature of his articles and the potential damage they could have causes, he now fights for the right to freedom of speech in Britain.

Bonehill furthermore went on to create the “National British Resistance Party” which in itself was a Freedom of Speech social experiment that sought to push the limits to democratic Freedom of speech in Britain. After running the NBR for 7 months, Bonehill stood down and disbanded the movement in the best interests of the British people.

Politically Joshua has aligned himself with the British National Party. Bonehill believes in the people and is currently focusing on the possibility of merging capitalism with socialism to form a new and viable way to run the British economy to which he believes will fix many of Britain’s issues but also recognises that democracy itself needs restructuring – Bonehill is a nationalist.

Bonehill has talked about the possibility of forming a new and democratic political party in the near future but whilst he is still young, he understands there is much work ahead and more immediate issues that need dealing with first for the common good of our people.

45 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill

  1. I’m starting to suspect that this site is one massive troll. If it’s the same Josh Bonehill I met a few years ago, he seemed to have some modicum of intelligence and didn’t seem like a completely bigoted idiot. Then again, I haven’t spoken to him in years and never knew him well at all, so I may be wrong. But dude, wtf happened?

  2. Joshua is a hero and modern day saint, i hope one day he forms a government and sticks up for the british people. THe man is a giant in politics. His fame and respect stretches far across these lands and many people admire him. In fact i keep a picture of Joshua in my lounge x

  3. This man and his website is doing a service to the British people, stop criticising him.
    We need people like this to show people how stupid the the right wing are, how uneducated, hate filled and malicious they are.
    Keep doing what you’re doing Mr Bonehill, so generations of people can see how misguided and ridiculous the right wing can be.
    You’re a prime example of how dangerous being ill-educated can be.

  4. All of you are fucking mad. It makes me sad to think that all of you. ALL OF YOU. Are attempting to silence someone you disagree with.

    To think that American Free Speech came from ideas based partly in your country makes me sick to think now, you are all pissing all over yourselves to remove someones free ideas and exchange of personal opinions in order to make the web politically correct, and family friendly.

    It’s lack of accountability. IF you do not agree, DO not read this site.

    End of discussion.

    Fuck off you wankers

    • If you like him that much, please take him to the US he can live in the deep south with all the other racists!

      • Lot simpler ! You are a cunt ! Your not right wing your a fucking Muslim Terrorist plant to take away our focus from the real issues ! Or maybe your just a liberal democrat !

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