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Joshua Bonehill-Paine (JBP) 

Joshua Bonehill

Everything you’ll read elsewhere about me is a lie, written by the claw of left-wing extremism. The only truth is the one written by my own hand and that Is below:

At the age of 14 I entered the care system, politically unaware and naive to the world around me. During this time Britain was held under the tyrannical rule of the New Labour government and social services was an organisation known for stealing children and subjecting them to politically correct brainwashing through emotional and moral manipulation. I came from a perfectly normal background and upbringing yet my angst and fury at the ‘establishment’ was ever present at an early age and this evidently resulted in me being placed into the care of social services from the house of my parents.

Growing up In care was fantastic. I realise that this of course is a highly inflammatory view but the experiences and skills for life that the care system had taught me are of great value to me. Children’s homes are a form of politically correct imprisonment where you are locked inside between the hours of 5pm till 10am the next morning and forced to adhere to a left-wing politically correct lifestyle except I rebelled against this.

Whilst living in a care home in the Town of Taunton in Somerset I would frequently smash windows to break out and interact with the world around me. I refused to conform to a lifestyle that was not mine and the arrests pilled up against me as I resorted to crime in order to live normally away from the politically correct prison.

I remember this one occasion where a black resident took a baseball bat to the cranium of an austic child to ‘release’ demons inside. The care staff were horrified by this incident but covered it up entirely because the assailant was black and they didn’t want to be labelled as a ‘racist’ establishment. I also witnessed what appeared to be a ‘guilt complex’ directed to the black resident in question by white members of staff who indeed worshipped the black because of his skin colour.

Apart from frequent cover ups and politically correct tyranny, I was treated as a prisoner and would have to listen to deluded members of care staff telling me about how important equality Is. One member of staff would brag about his conquests in Africa over blacks and made out as if race mixing was indeed the normal state of affairs in the bedroom – not in my books.

Fighting was another regular occurance within the care system to which I believe is natural and do not critic it. One has to learn to fight with ones fists and eliminate threats to ensure the survival of the fittest. There were many victories but just as many loses but nothing quite got the blood pumping faster than landing a beautiful and well formed punch across the jaw of the opponent.

I would stage frequent break outs after lockdown by force or by stealth. The care home I was imprisoned at in Taunton had a small office where the keys to all the doors were kept in a deposit box and I would make it both my pride and duty to liberate those keys and force my way out and into the world.

Indeed on one occasion where an obesic care home manager told me that I was never going to leave the confides of the care home I proceeded to throw a bunch of keys at him, landing a shiner on his forehead before picking up the large television set, wholly throwing it through the window and gleefully saying “just watch me” before jumping out of the destroyed window.

In those days we would operate in what can only be described as ‘gangs’. I by my own admission was a little thug and we as a gang would frequently steal from supermarkets and shops, mainly for alcohol to get our youngselves high and on the path to a good night’s worth of entertainment.

Crime is Crime and the only outcome is imprisonment, it’s not a lifestyle that one can adapt to easily yet luckily enough for me I avoided this and managed to pull myself up and out of the system. I was enraged by my treatment and the treatment of others around me in what seemed to be the direct result of political correctness and 12 years of New Labour.

I had realised by the age of 17 that “morally right” was a waste of time and if you live by left wing principle then you are a weak, under developed, sub human being not worthy of living within a natural community or society.

I realised that something needed to change in Britain and it came to me at that moment that I had to do something to aid that change so my head turned to politics.

Foolishly I joined the conservative party as I was introduced to it by friends and told that it was a party who cared about the people.

I can remember very well campaigning for and working under the conservatives for about a year until my 18th birthday when they asked me to stand as a candidate in local elections for the office as district councillor.

At the time I was living in a hostel back in Yeovil when I had taken up the offer to stand as a candidate. Along with my candidacy I was also invited to join the Freemasons by the branch officer of the Conservative constituency office.

I was aware at the time that the Freemasons were some sort of ‘Secret Order’ but had no real understanding of what it supported or to whom it was connected both religiously and spiritually.

I can remember the initiation ceremony as if it was yesterday. It’s almost completely surreal and at one point I found a dagger being pointed towards my naked chest to which I was made to swear an oath of loyalty under pain of death. Upon taking off my blind fold and being made a freemason I was shocked to find local police officers I knew sat alongside local labour, liberal and conservative party councillors in a large room around me at the lodge.

Not only was the political establishment present within the lodge but so were religious figures, as for the chair of whom was a Jew by the surname of Woodward.
I attended several meetings at the lodge as an ‘entered apprentice freemason’. That’s a term that has stuck in my mind as after my initiation ceremony we gathered in a hall where I sat on the top table and the masons sung for me to celebrate my initiation, the lyrics frequently chanted “a free and entered apprentice mason” in what appeared to be a ‘mini musical’ of song and dance in my honour.

So there I was at the age of 18, in the care system still but now a freemason and conservative party prospective candidate whilst living in a hostel.

After some weeks and before the election, I was kicked out of the hostel I had been staying at for being politically incorrect so I was relocated to chard in Somerset where I was to remain until the social services organised me a new home.

Upon arriving in chard I had realised that the town was overun with foreigners and quite frankly a cesspit of multicultural disaster. I was tasked with living in a hotel called ‘the phoenix’ and there I would remain until the notorious chard police station incident later that evening.

Before arriving in chard I had pocketed a bottle of whiskey which I had intended on drinking later that night so naturally this was the first thing I turned to upon entering the phoenix hotel.

Indulging my whiskey led me on a rampage across the town which saw me eventually kicked out of the hotel for causing a right ruckus in the foyer.

Upon leaving the establishment, the owners set a gang of local gypsies to chase me out of the town. I was outnumbered 1 – 10 but charismatically made my way through the town towards the police station where I had intended to seek refuge and transport back to yeovil.

I knocked on the door of chard police station and two officers greeted me. Although denied transportation back to my home town they greeted me with a cup of tea and I sat on the step outside in the freezing winter cold plotting and scheming.

After the two and only police officers on duty left the police station, I proceeded to examine the door feeling cold and determined to get warm.

The police station was only a small building about the size of a bungalow and the main door was a slide lock which seemed to be fully secure.

On my person was a flimsy conservative party membership card made out of plastic and for some unbeknown and drunken reason I had attempted to slide it down the lock as if I was some kind of fantasy ‘secret agent’.

To my utter surprise the lock of the police station door flew open and I was able to open the slide door fully after pushing my card down the lock. After opening and shutting the door several times in sheer disbelief as to what I had just done, I ventured inside to the warm confides of the police station.

Whilst inside the station I wondered over to the computer terminals to examine them and found nothing of much interested before heading deeper into the building.

I came across the uniform room where I found a kit bag ready to take. I picked up the bag of uniform which I later found out to belong to the chief inspector of the station and headed back out.

Being that it was freezing cold and wanting to make a strong political anti-establishment statement I decided to put on the police uniform outside and waited for the police officers to return to their post.

Not long after putting on the uniform a police car pulled up and looked strangely at me, realising that I shouldn’t be wearing a uniform.

Two police officers got out of their car, I drew my Batton from the utility belt and prepared to duel with the men without fear of consequence.

Unfortunately after a quick scuffle the battle was over and I found myself in the back of a police van In the compound behind the station, where I was famously quoted for saying “your security is shit”.

For breaking into a police station and liberating uniform I was quickly awarded a probation community order and allowed to continue living free although I withdrew my election bid and was asked to leave the Freemasons. Soon after I decided to leave the conservative party and understood the judeo establishment for what it really was.

From there I left politics alone for a few years and moved into my first home away from the judeo madness. It wasn’t until an old ‘friend’ of mine by the name of Alex Wood summoned me out of partial retirement and back into the political realm.

Alex Wood who is now known for the infamous ukip roman salute incident (which wasn’t really a salute) invited me to help out on his election campaign. I never really trusted Ukip and their judeo capitalist agenda but I threw my hat into the ring to help out an old friend.

With the demise of Alex Wood and my assignments finished, I left ukip to focus on my own movement to do good in the nation and that was a movement known as ‘stand strong’.

Stand strong was a peaceful initiative set up in the wake of Lee Rigbys murder to bring peace to our nation and restore the balance whilst raising money for charity.

It was an utter surprise to find stand strong coming under attack by the left-wing who branded this peaceful and non political movement both ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’, whilst my own reputation was being dragged through the mud and I became the victim of a personal hate campaign launched against me by bothEdlnews.Co.UK and militant left wing organisation Hope not Hate.

As an organisation of peace, Stand strong marched on June 23rd nationally and we raised many thousands for military charities.

In our organisation we had a large number of White mothers who ran divisional branches across the country for Stand Strong and indeed I witnessed how they had also came under attack from the left wing.

The attacks on innocent people and the lies published about them simply was unacceptable and yet the Left Wing could get away with this through their news and media websites.

I realised that something had to be done and in defence of the people I quickly set up Daily Bale news to counter the Left and defend the people from malicious and criminal attacks.

The Daily Bale has grown to become one of the biggest and best loved political news websites in the United Kingdom but for this status I would have to pay with persecution.

In October of 2013 I was first arrested for publishing an article about the Globe Pub in Leicester in which I stated they had banned British soldiers in fear of upsetting military personnel.

I did this because I had been tipped off that the Left wing were using the Globe as a meeting point and indeed the owners of the pub had been involved in left wing conspiring against the British people.

What followed was a justified fierce backlash from our supporters who threatened the globe pub and this ultimately resulted in my arrest to which I was charged with malicious communications.

Realising the fully operational power of the Daily Bale, I continued to post articles targeting Labour Party criminals and exposing the Left-Wing judeo conspiracy against the people. Indeed many of our articles went viral and we triumphed as documented on our website.

In April of this year not long after my sentencing for the globe pub incident, I decided to create a physical movement to simply use as a platform to vocalise my angst – the national British Resistance was born.

Although short lived, the NBR would tour the UK and we spoke at various meetings and rallies to much public support.

In essence the NBR can be viewed as a prototype for a future movement that I am planning but I had to pull the plug considering the immense state pressure and threats from the police – if I didn’t end it then they would.

So with that I announced that it was a piece of performance art and we would be ending the movement. I put out a video claiming that I had portrayed a persona and that my political views were both nationalist and socialist.

I was reading from a script supplied to me and this video should be dismissed as a fraud. My political views are indeed both nationalist and socialist of this I do not deny.

This video allowed me to end the NBR so that I could return to running the Daily Bale and plan towards a future movement.

Since returning to the full time running of the Daily Bale, we’ve successfully targeted a number of Labour Party politicians and continued launching vast viral campaigns to which once again I have been arrested for.


joshua bonehill

This time I believe that the state will move to imprison me thus effectively silencing my voice however I am writing a manifesto to launch a new movement.

The new movement I am planning will be massive and it truly is the future of British nationalism but also the future of Britain itself.

Nothing can possibly deter me from the cause at hand. White genocide is real and if we don’t fight it then the white race as we know will cease to exist in the western world.

I see it now as my life’s work to bring about a new era of awakening and restore the western world for the future generations to come – this I recognise as my sole purpose of existence.

I seek to form a western alliance of White nationalists who are prepared to make the final move towards victory. In true revolutionary fashion we will eliminate our zionist occupied governments and replace them with true, white democracy as resistance fighters in unity.

From my immediate experience I realise two very key things. We have no freedom of speech and white genocide is our death sitting on the horizon.


joshua Bonehill

This is a battle for nature, we are the side of nature whilst our governments take side with mechanical evil. We know that nature always wins and this I predict is our outcome – victory.

Hail Victory!

Joshua Bonehill

58 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill

  1. You were hurt when you were young and came from a broken home. Now you are an angry young man trying to “get your own back”. But who are we to judge. As you get older and gain experience, your views will change.

  2. I’ll answer this one.. My ideology is Nationalism and I beleive this to be an ideology supported by the principle of nature. The vast majority of people who disagree with me are indeed left-wing even if they are not affiliated with left-wing parties, this is because they are Brainwashed by political correctness and assume that what the left-wing say about me or nationalism must be true. There are some right wing people from the EDL and UKIP who beleive left-wing lies and are fully brainwashed by political correctness, so despite their right-wing association they are still very much left-wing and they don’t even realise it. The term ‘left-wing’ in my books is the same as ‘Zombie’. I don’t recognise the left as a form of legitimate political force, I view them as a bunch of brainwashed zombies. JB.

  3. You know its really easy to make the claim of “everyone agree’s with me except the left wing” yet as shown in your own posts the truth is anytime someone disagree’s with you, you label them “left wing”. So even if they are not left wing, if they don’t agree with the likes of you – you label them as such just for disagreeing. It seems to me you are a hypocrite, a racist, and you talk about “anti fascism” as if its a bad thing….. I wonder if you realize the dictionary defines fascism as being synonymous with dictatorship. Does anyone in any free thinking society REALLY support a group that welcomes dictatorship?

  4. Brain, you’re a moron if you think lies and bullshit are the way to go. If the likes of Joshua Bonehill are an example of so-called ‘British natives’ then I welcome extinction.

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