Left Wing Immigration Plans Upon Election Victory. Shocking Report.


Britain could hand over its continental border controls to the French under radical plans to meet Government spending cuts to be finalised if the left wing get back into power in 2015.

The proposals would end the dual immigration system at the ports of Calais, Bologne, Dunkirk and the Channel Tunnel at Coquelles, where UK officers operate security and immigration checks.

Shocking flood of unlimited immigrants from France if the Left Wing get in power next year.

British left wing Anti Fascist politically correct weirdos and sickos were last night rejoicing.

It would leave French immigration in sole control of cross-Channel security, The Daily Bale has learnt.

A similar proposal has been outlined for Eurostar immigration controls in Paris.

The highly controversial move would reverse the cross-Channel controls introduced to counter the unlimited immigration chaos brought about under the Left wing looney Government last time.

UKIP_logo (1)

“Ukip will not let this happen under any circumstances” a Ukip supporter told the Daily Bale.

British immigration staff denounced the proposals, claiming that the policy would amount to “handing over the control of UK borders to another country”.

A secretary of the Commercial Services, warned that the cuts would lead to more illegal immigration and the left wing would be making a big mistake if they get in power in 2015 and do this.

He said,

“this is just madness, and left wing political correctness and Anti Fascist groups are pushing to get this made reality, why are we standing for this, we must get Ukip in power next year, or we are doomed for sure”

Under alternative measures, which would leave the “juxtaposed controls” in place, staff would be offered relocation packages so that UK Border Agency (UKBA) immigration officers could move across the Channel.


Both the proposals would save millions of pounds from the £2.4bn UKBA budget by reducing allowances and travel costs between the UK and France. Under the present scheme, immigration staff are paid for travelling to and from the checkpoints.

The UKBA has earmarked 7,000 job cuts over the next four years, ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review, which will see its budget slashed by between 25 per cent and 40 per cent.

Unions fear that this will lead to more use of private security companies, such as G4S, to take up the slack at a lower cost. They said that this would go against the previous Government’s promise not to “part-privatise” the UKBA.


“That promise was given by ministers on the floor of the House. In terms of frontline security, our members are the first port of call to maintain proper border controls. If they decide to cut one in three this country will be less safe.”

An executive of the UKBA, said: “Our priority is always to keep the border secure and to control migration.”

But Left Winger, Brian Fenton, told the Daily Bale:

“the left wing is focused on reducing the public deficit and the UK Border Agency will take its share of cuts to public service budgets. We will not know our final budget until the left wing opposition Spending Review is announced, but either way, we would be better off with the French deciding who comes into Britain and takes over border controls, we must have unlimited immigration, and we will get it if we win next year. We will smash Ukip and the Conservatives, we will open up the U.K like a gutted fish, this will be payback big time”


“Through modernisation and new technologies, the UK Border Agency was already working to reduce its budget and ensure value for money for the taxpayer. We will build on the progress that we have made. Where we need to make further reductions, we will focus on cutting overheads, layers of management and support services to protect frontline services, and when we get in power next year we will open the borders completely”

In an agreement between the Government and the then French Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, all UK-bound passengers travelling from Calais and Dunkirk are subject to checks by UK immigration officers before they travel. Passengers are refused permission to set off for the UK if they do not have the proper paperwork, but under a left wing Government all that would stop.


The move, which was designed to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to reach Britain, was part of a package of measures that included the closure of the Sangatte detention centre.

In 2008, UKBA officers searched more than a million vehicles and stopped 28,000 attempts to enter the country illegally. From January until the end of July 2009, technology used in checks at ports helped in the seizure of illegal drugs worth more than £143m, and British officers seized in excess of 340 million cigarettes, representing a potential loss of £65m in tax revenue.

The agreement on immigration controls is a reciprocal one, and French border police are stationed at Dover to check passengers travelling to France, extending the controls they already operate at the Eurostar stations of Waterloo and Ashford, and at the Eurotunnel Terminal at Cheriton.

A border employee in France told the Daily Bale – “we cannot wait for Britain to get a left wing Government, we will send you all the problems we have here now, and in their hundreds of thousands you will get all of them believe me Mon Ami”

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From all the team here at your Daily Bale.

Political Correctness in Schools


Political Correctness in Schools.

Shocking New Report by the Daily Bale on the state of British Schools.

Is this now a P.C Crime against our Children too ?

British Schools overrun with Political Correctness and a Culture of Left Wing Weird Sick Politically Correct Marxist Undisciplined Liberal Leftist Delusional Nonsense and Marxist Rubbish.


How politically-correct policies are spoiling our schools.

By parents in their own words to the Daily Bale.

Britains No.1 Anti P.C Publication.

Children are being given –

“Labels” and branded with some kind of non-existent made up politically correct sounding condition that just never existed 20 years ago, and then they are given Drugs to try to make them behave – rather than just disciplining them.

This may open the floodgate for legal action when the Child is older and they decide to sue for being given Drugs and having their normal Childhood taken away in place of Politically Correct lunatic policies of not disciplining Children and maintaining normal safe solid healthy boundaries with adult authority.

Children now see the world as an unsafe place to be, where not even the adults have any authority and they are scared to enforce proper discipline incase they are sued or arrested.

Children see adults as weak and if not just plain weird P.C lunatics and pushovers.

Children know that adults have no power to enforce discipline and all they can do is tell them off, and teachers are now being assaulted on a regular basis, Children see them as a target for ‘being so weak in the first place’ and a mentality of “touch me and i will have you sacked sicko” has set in.

Parents believe political correctness and bureaucratic red tape are ruining childhood, and demand a return to normality and proper discipline, and the removal of weird sick left wing politically correct lunacy.


Parents and Teachers want Discipline back in Schools and Consequences for unruly behaviour with proper teacher authority and power.

They say their children’s education is being fundamentally damaged and communities undermined by ludicrous rules and the Politically Correct weird sick “everyone must have prizes” mentality.

This has led to school sports days being cancelled because the grass is wet, and pupils being sent home for wearing the cross of St George in case it offends other children, which in itself is fascist and racist towards Children who are punished for just living as they identify with being and is their own culture.

Talented pupils are not praised or encouraged and are paired with “klutzes” in school plays and dance classes as part of policies to include every child.

Parents blame schools, local education authorities and the Government for the “political correctness insanity and criminal mentality”

Why are the left wing politically correct weirdos and sick leftist Marxist unwashed Do-Gooder freaks being allowed to get away with this evil crime against our Children ???


Classrooms just like ‘street riots’ because Teachers have no power over Pupils.

But they say childhood is also being damaged by growing materialism and the celebrity culture, which also is riddled with left wing politically correct garbage and rubbish.

The Daily Bale is being flooded with mail and messages from parents across the U.K who are sick to death of left wing political correctness and weird lunatic perverse sick policies.

One mother, Karen told us –

“who the **** can tell me a mother of four on how to bring my kids up ? these left wing P.C nutters who only care about what looks ok, as long as it does not offend a minority parent or go against their weird P.C loop the loop policies. When people come to live in the U.K and bring their kids to go to school here, then perhaps they should keep in mind that it is a British School that they will be learning in and not one back home. It makes me sick, why should my kids suffer because the P.C cranks don’t want to offend anybody ? Shouldnt we be teaching the principle of taking responsibility for your own feelings rather than to blame everybody else because you don’t like what others say or wear ? Its called democracy kiddo, get f******g used to it, your in the U.K”

A report was conducted by other sources some time ago around these issues, and the Daily Bale makes it clear, we are fully on the Parents side, and also the normal None P.C teachers side.

The Daily Bale ‘does not’ recognise P.C orientated teachers as a legitimate form of teaching, and rather we view P.C teaching as unnatural and damaging.

The findings come in a report, Childhood Wellbeing, which was commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families after a recent Unicef study found British children were among the unhappiest in Europe.

The DCSF asked the Counterpoint-research agency to discover what parents and children believed to be the key issues undermining a good and contented childhood.

They found that one of the major factors was political correctness, along with limited opportunities for “quality” family time – because both parents have to work to give their children a better life – and the pressure to buy youngsters expensive clothes and equipment.

Parents worried about the content of TV programmes such as EastEnders and of rap music. They said children were mimicking the clothes and language of “gangsta” rappers and left wing politically correct weirdos and sickos who fill their heads with leftist Communist nonsense and Anti Fascist P.C garbage.


We must hold those responsible to account for this – we must haul these left wing weirdos who have caused this mess in our Schools before a Court and make an example of them and even dish out lengthy prison terms.

Many parents complained that -

“it was no longer permitted to be proud to be English”.

They said political correctness was dictating that established communities in the UK not only didn’t warrant the same treatment as newer communities, but that their identity was to be “underplayed and denied.”

Parents feared that a marginalisation of Englishness “had an impact on their children’s perceptions of themselves”.

Families of non-academic children, who were talented in subjects such as sports, dance, music and drama, were particularly incensed by growing political correctness and health and safety fears, according to the report.

“They felt the system was loaded towards academic children, with non-academic subjects being ruined by ‘PC-ness’, (non- competitive sports, inclusion policies in music, drama, dancing etc) and H&S (concerts cancelled because of equipment worries etc).”

One mother, from Watford, said:  “Do you know what they did?

They cancelled sports day this year because there was a bit of damp on the grass. Can’t have us suing them for injury to our kids, can we? It makes you weep.”


The report said parents had complained of dance classes being made “inclusive”, with talented youngsters given poor partners.

This seriously undermined the quality of lessons and performances and led to their children not being praised.

One mother told researchers: “It’s not fair. God help you if you’re a good little actress, you have every kind of klutz in a play with you.”

Another said: “They have all sorts of league tables for maths or English, but God help you if you’re good at running, everyone gets a prize.”


This is surely where the foundations of tomorrow’s society are laid. The most important time in your life. If it hadn’t already been said by someone who meant the complete opposite, I would say that the priority of any government should be ‘education, education, education’.

Here, children are meant to learn how to integrate with others, to learn self sufficiency, good humour, selflessness and a willingness to help themselves and others. Our politically correct education system fails them all miserably.

Teaching methods that were tried and tested over many years were dropped and replaced by trendy PC ideas. New systems of learning to read, write and spell have left a generation of children severely handicapped.

Mental arithmetic and spelling skills which were honed by practising them out loud have disappeared and children and adults alike now rely on calculators, tills and spelling checkers to do this work for them. The reasons for all this seem to stem from the idea that children shouldn’t be taught anything, the teacher is just a friend that helps the little loves discover things.

These are the trendy ideas being taught in Teachers Training colleges in the UK. During a recent training day for English A-level teachers, a senior examiner asserted that it is necessary to ‘batter out of students’ the idea that there is any ‘correct’ way of speaking English.

The General Teaching Council calls for all exams for under-16s to be abolished, because they impose ‘excessive stress’ on pupils. Similarly, using red ink to mark assignments is a ‘no no’ as it causes stress as well! The poor loves – why would we want to equip them to live in the real world?

Political Correctness

The 11+ exam, while a rather crude attempt to stream children into two ability groups – did for the most part work. This at least sent the most intelligent group off to get a better education while leaving the rest to a rather more mediocre one. Nowadays both groups just get the mediocre one! (Political Correctness demands that we round everything down rather than up).

There will always be good schools and bad schools. At least selecting those with most intelligence to go to the good schools made sense. Nowadays those that go to the best schools are those with the richest or most powerful parents.


When Tony Blair leader of New Labour lied -

‘What I want for my own children, I want for yours’,

he went on to send his children to the London Oratory while condemning millions of others to the bog standard comprehensive. In 2008 David Cameron, the leader of Blue Labour (Conservative party) was trying to do just the same kind of thing.

So you may be a Labour cabinet minister and have the hypocrisy to send your child to a private school. Or you may be an ordinary parent with money who buys a house in the catchment area of a good state school.

This inflates house prices locally and excludes poor families from the area. So which sounds fairer to you – selection by the pupil’s brains or the parent’s wealth? (Recently the government has announced plans to do selection in good state schools by a raffle!)

So what is the problem with selection by ability???

The PC evil dogma also says that selection by ability discriminates against poorer children, yet the opposite is true. Bright children living on a council estate have the same chance as children with rich parents if selection is by ability but no chance when selection is by wealth. As always, political correctness stands truth on its head.

And there is already selection by ability in New Labour’s City Academies which are allowed to choose 10% of their children by ability but only in music and sports. So why is it OK to select the best pianist or footballer but not the best mathematician?

Now the children of the less intelligent parents who followed political correctness -

(or who were just too lazy or disinterested and didn’t smack their children when necessary)

tend to misbehave and hold back the more disciplined children who want to learn.

Teachers are virtually powerless to do anything about this (the PC Brigade stopped punishments in schools years ago) so most children just don’t get anywhere. Recent ‘under cover’ documentaries on TV have shown the true face of schooling in Britain.


It could take ten minutes to get the class settled and even then it was constantly disrupted by pupils fighting and messing around. The teacher was constantly reminded by the pupils -

“touch me and I will sue you!”

the Teacher having let the cat out of the bag and trying to report what is going on -

then the teacher’s reward was to be suspended from teaching for one year for -

‘unacceptable professional conduct’.

Politically Correct Fascism !

If you missed the documentaries don’t worry. Another teacher has written a book (again using a pseudonym – Frank Chalk) about his experiences as a sink comprehensive school teacher.

Things are so bad in some secondary schools that they have a full time police presence.

An officer is permanently based there to help with issues such as truancy, bullying and to search the children each morning for knives. This affects over 400 schools in the UK.

For the schools that haven’t gone down the ”permanent police presence’ route, a simple phone call summoned the police to deal with over 7000 violent incidents in schools during 2007. Amazing really, my old headmaster used to manage these things all on his own!

Now our Schools are violent unsafe places to be.

But this misbehavior in state schools causes a problem – the PC Brigade want all children to have a university education (it shows how wonderfully egalitarian they are) and yet most now could not achieve the exam results necessary.

Rather than realising the real reasons for this and reversing their meddling, they come up with a typical PC answer – just lower the standards so more and more children pass their GCSE’s and A levels. So hence every year more children pass at ever higher grades.

This then sparks a debate as markers complain that they were forced to award ‘ludicrously high marks’ to candidates whose command of grammar and sentence construction was ‘simply non-existent’. One examiner said: ‘A* grades are given out like sweets at a children’s party to youths who not only cannot spell or punctuate to save their lives, but who cannot do something much simpler than that – namely, copy words which are printed in front of them.’

He revealed that of nearly 1,000 papers he marked, more than 100 candidates spelt ‘literature’ wrongly on the front of their answer sheet – many wrote litriture – ‘in spite of the fact that it was there in big letters on the question paper’.


The examiner said: ‘Neighbours speak was quite common – as in, “Then Shelia was like, what?”’ He added: ‘I don’t want to award A* in a subject called English Literature to a person who knows no English and cannot spell literature even though it’s printed in front of him / her. And yet I had to, again and again and again.’ Experts attacked the failure to test pupils on their written English as misguided and ‘crazy’.

Maths fares even worse under the new system of marking. Grade ‘A’ is awarded for just 45%, which in my day would have been the fail mark! Mathematician Dr Roger Porkess, an exams expert who has designed maths syllabuses said: ‘These grade boundary figures are incredibly low – it’s ludicrous.’


He added that a certain proportion of questions tested mastery of algebra, but pupils could get none of those algebra marks and still score way over the 45 per cent mark. ‘It is criminal. An A or A* grade gives students a clear green light they are ready for maths at A-level,’ he declared. ‘If you are giving those grades without any algebra, you are telling lies.’ Doug French, of the Maths Association, said: ‘To give pupils a paper in which they can get a high-grade pass on less than half marks seems crazy.’

And then of course comes the August day when the ‘even better than last year’ marks are announced; the academics then have their say about standards declining and finally an education minister is wheeled out to try and put some good spin back on it by trying to make people feel bad for questioning the children’s hard work.

The problem is of course that independent schools achieve such good results that they show what can be achieved by a decent education system and this puts the state system to shame. In a cynical attempt to bypass this glaring comparison, the government has announced plans to remove the charitable status of these schools which will send the fees rocketing and will cause many to close. Similarly in Northern Ireland in 2008, they abolished Grammar Schools altogether without any idea of what to replace them with!


The government then put pressure on universities not to select the best candidates (those with the highest grades) but instead to select the candidates from social backgrounds that fitted the governments preferred ‘disadvantaged background’ profile. So if you have a lone parent who is a black lesbian with a wooden leg then go to the top of the list.

Married parents, nice home with a 4×4 in the garage – no chance! The Chancellor of one Oxford university was incensed by this move and told the government to ‘get their tanks off of the lawns of Oxford.’ Medical schools are also very alarmed at this silly policy (as I am) and have asked why the country shouldn’t have the best possible candidates to be the doctors of tomorrow.

Our education system is betraying our children and a politically correct syllabus is seeing them leave school in such an ignorant state that they are hopelessly ill equipped to cope in an adult world. One in four pupils leaves school functionally illiterate.

Political Correctness

Universities have to offer remedial teaching in basic subjects. Even pupils who got four As at A-level, can’t manage mental arithmetic. Ask them to multiply two single digits together and they will reach for a calculator. Ask them questions about the last thousand years of British history and watch the blank looks. As for geography, most have trouble pointing out Manchester or Edinburgh.

Why do they think 50% of children should go to university anyway? A lot of children are just doing meaningless degree courses, such as a degree in Coronation Street. Yet nobody wants to do difficult subjects such as Maths or Physics. And when the children leave University they very often can’t find jobs in the subject they graduated at or indeed jobs at all. The only thing they have to show for the time spent at University is a big overdraft of several thousand pounds.


Some children are clearly not suited to academic work anyway but would make wonderful tradesmen (oh, and women of course). When New Labour started the drive to get more children into university, the country was crying out for plumbers, painters, decorators and electricians – they were so rare they could name their own price for work. These jobs have now been filled with migrant workers mostly from Poland (while of course millions of British workers languish either on the dole or on the sick).

It is rank hypocrisy to force millions of children into a dead end education while at the same time getting the best education for your own children due to your wealth or influence. This is government at its worst, yet New Labour and Blue Labour are committed to continue this charade. Yet when you think about it, perhaps it does make some sense to them as both rely on having a client state of ‘deprived people’ to look after. Without them, what would they do in government?


It’s probably not true but it does make you wonder! Rather like a comedy sketch I remember set in the fund raising office of Cancer Research. Everyone on the phone happily raising money when in walks someone and announces “Hey, have you heard? They have found a cure for cancer!” Shocked faces turn to miserable faces as they tell the people they were phoning that they don’t need the money after all.

They all sit around looking unhappy and eventually one says “Well I suppose we may as well go home then”. They all get up and get their coats on when the person who made the original announcement says “Hey I was only joking!” They all brighten up instantly and it’s all smiles as they pick up the phones again.


Daily Bale reporter on left wing politically correct criminality.

Alec Woodward.

Political Correctness. A Study of Left Wing Anti Fascist Evil in U.K and U.S.A


Political correctness is philosophical nonsense and a crime against Democracy and the basic Human Right of freedom of speech and self expression in a free and Democratic Society.

What we need is Justice not just Equality, Moral Responsibility not just Freedom, Intelligence not just Reason, and Charity not just Niceness or Fraternity—even if these don’t sound so good on a banner.

We need Caritas in Veritate—love in truth.

We do not need or want Left Wing Politically Correct Marxist Fascism and disguised Racism.

Left Wing Political Correctness “is” Fascist and Racist.


For the very fact of identifying differences in race in the first place, and then trying to force political ideology by using those ‘differences’ that political correctness itself first picks up on, where none existed before, to then go on and call others Fascists and Racists, and hence using race as a ‘tool’ to force it’s own political agenda.

Fascism and Racism comes to mind here very clearly !

In this case, the agenda is left wing political correctness and the evil ideology of Marxism.

Quite simply, to anybody not completely brainwashed by these Moronic evil politically correct parasites, and anybody who still has the smallest amount of common sense, then they can clearly see that left wing political correctness –

is Fascist and Racist !

Even Children are now questioning the obvious immorality and unfairness they see everyday in Schools in the United Kingdom, and Kindergarten in the United States of America.

Teenagers and youth are leaving High School seriously messed up and confused, having lost their own real identity and the basic judgement of real values and the basic principle of real morality, freedom of speech, and common sense.

The true judgement of an individual is their Character, and not their colour or race.

Political Correctness tries to enforce that Race, Colour, Religion, e.c.t does matter, and so it divides communities and alienates one neighbour from another.

We must remove all political correctness from our Society, Institutions, Culture, Political Policies,
Organisations, Schools, Places of work, Law, and our overall National Mentality, we must restore democracy.

Political Correctness is Evil and Fascist and Racist, and we must work towards bringing those responsible for spreading this evil to Justice before Courts of Law.

There are countless victims of political correctness who demand justice and for those responsible to be brought to book for their crimes against humanity and democratic freedom.

We are supposed to be a democratic Society with Freedom of speech and the right of expression.

Those who have violated those rights under Democratic Law, then surely they must face Justice, just as we would put any other common criminal on trial.

Anybody who tries to remove your Democratic Right, is a Criminal.

Just imagine standing outside a Polling Station and trying to stop people from Voting.

Same principle, it would not be allowed and you would quite rightly be arrested.

So why are Anti democratic politically correct left wing Fascists and Racists not being arrested ??

They are violating democratic freedom and human rights !

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

Political correctness identifies a syndrome we all recognize, but is hard to define. It can be best described as a set of attitudes rather than an ideology, since viewed philosophically it is completely incoherent.

It can perhaps be traced back to the French Revolution, in the aftermath of which various slogans became fashionable—mostly involving “Liberty” and “Equality”, sometimes joined with “Fraternity” or “Reason” to make up a memorable threesome.

In each case the “value” in question is distorted by extraction from traditional philosophical frameworks in which such ideas had been discussed for many centuries—or perhaps more tellingly, from a concern with truth.

Equality seems to mean treating people as if they were the same. But this is not justice. Justice is giving people their due. Why insist on equality at the expense of difference and diversity? Insisting on equality in that sense is unjust, because it is the differences between people that determine what they may be due. A man who is well fed is not due a food handout, and a blind man is not due an eye-test on the NHS.

A child with one leg is not expected or entitled to run in the hundred-yard sprint on Sports Day. The only way in which all human beings are equal is in being human; but the “rights” our humanity implies will depend on what we understand it to amount to (not to mention when it begins and ends)—in other words, it depends on the truth about human beings.

Liberty or Freedom is similarly useless without truth. Popularly understood as the power to choose, freedom makes sense only when linked to the truth about those choices. A man going into a supermarket wearing a blindfold has no real power to choose.

He still does not if, when he takes off the blindfold, the packaging on the products is full of lies. Nor does he, if the products are essentially all the same. Choice has to be real choice, in a real world, between realities that essentially differ.

Even more importantly, he is not free if he is conditioned or habituated to choose in a certain way. In the case of moral choices, the principle is the same. Truth matters. In order to be truly free we need to know which options are morally good or not, and we need to have the power (the virtue) to choose the good over the evil.

Reason or Rationality was glorified by the Revolutionaries, but at the same time they contrived to replace it with a caricature. Reason is our capacity or faculty for attaining the truth (including the truth about good and evil, and the truth about being human).

But modern thinkers gave up the aspiration for truth some while ago. Why is this? They cannot accept that truth lies beyond us—in which case our grasp of truth has to converge with the truth’s grasp of us. The moment we deny transcendent reality, truth becomes something we can manipulate, instead of something we submit to.

“Abandoning the investigation of being, modern philosophical research has concentrated instead on human knowing. Rather than make use of the human capacity to know the truth, modern philosophy has preferred to accentuate the ways in which this capacity is limited and conditioned” (John Paul II, Fides et Ratio, n. 5).

Fraternity was not always included as part of the triad, and one reason was that it is particularly hard to define. It evolved into our present obsession with “niceness”. This notion can be used to set the limits around the use of free will—so that what we do is limited by the obligation not to do harm to others, or else inspired by the positive duty to do good.

But once again any real value in the notion is lost when its connection with truth is destroyed. What does harm to another person (or to oneself) depends on the truth about being human. For example, we need to know, before we encourage gay marriage, whether it is likely to do psychological or spiritual harm to any adopted children. But such questions are these days more likely to be decided a priori, based on assumptions that are no longer open to question, and so the question of truth once again eludes us.

Political correctness is truly evil and Marxist undemocratic criminal nonsense.

What we need is Justice not just Equality, Moral Responsibility not just Freedom, Intelligence not just Reason, and Charity not just Niceness or Fraternity—even if these don’t sound so good on a banner.

We must remove all political correctness and bring those responsible for this evil to trial.

The Evil of Left Wing Anti Fascist Political Correctness – The Truth Exposed


Much has been written about the phenomena of Political Correctness, often tongue in cheek by liberals who would rather poke a bit of fun at it rather than make the populace take a long hard look what Political Correctness is actually accomplishing for the Anti Fascist left wing Marxist Anti British immoral race hate stirring thugs.

It is indeed a serious thing.

This is in part why the Daily Bale came into existence and was created by the Founder -
Joshua Bonehill-Paine.

Ask the child who has been expelled from school, the worker who has been fired from his job, or any individual who has had to endure social criticism from their more ‘enlightened’ peers.

Ask any family or individual who has been bullied, shamed, named, vilified and excluded from communities and society – ask them why there is a need for a publication like the Daily Bale.


Orwell envisioned a world where the Thought Police enforced the belief that black is white, two plus two equals five, and evil is good.

His stunning prophecies have become reality today in the form of Political Correctness, as inflexible a tyrant as the most brutal dictator – a powerful social tool of the Left wing Anti Fascist Anti Democratic Militant Marxists that manipulates, intimidates, bullies, humiliates, and ‘educates’ people whose thoughts, words, or actions do not conform to the designs of the current power structure of left wing evil ideology of Marxism.

Political Correctness in a nutshell is the inability to call a spade a spade, but more so the threat that if you do say it how it really is, then you will be punished.


It is the extreme aversion to ‘offend,’ resulting in the sacrifice of Truth. In effect, Truth does not matter to the proponents of PC, because the Truth is often contrary to their grip on control and power.

When has the truth ever been a defense for those who get in the way of left wing control and power.

In order to understand how the left wing have invented and used Political Correctness for their own benefit, one must first understand the motive and design behind each ‘PC-code,’ and how each benefits this Evil ideology.

It must first be understood that people learn about Political Correctness from the Mouths of the leftist power Elite, those who declare themselves to be morally righteous and above reproach to questioning of their evil ideology – left wing political correctness.

We have all experienced it – when the politically correct left wing Anti Fascist freak is losing the argument, they resort to race hate slander, labeling opponents as Fascists and Racists.

But who are the real fascists and racists here ?

When somebody picks up on race where beforehand race was not the issue, then who is the one who is recognising ‘differences’ in race in the first place ? Who is the Racist ??

Its not rocket science is it ?

It is now Politically Incorrect to unfavorably criticize any non-white gentile Christian race or ethnic group.

Again, truth is no defense here, only the enforcement of political correctness and the left wing need to be right over and above the actual truth, and to be right at any means.

The politically correct left wing freak will use race as a tool to shame and silence opposition into silence and conformity to left wing ideology.

The practice then, is to ‘force’ ideology and any opposition to politically correct policies will be named and shamed within the community as a racist and a fascist, and hence as a warning to anybody else who does not conform as to what will happen and what will be the penalty – exclusion and shame.

Beginning to get the picture now ?

So again we ask, who is the racist here, and who also is the fascist ??


Next time you are on Social Media or in the Community, and you hear or see a left wing politically correct Anti Fascist freak trying to intimidate or bully somebody into a corner by racist and fascist race hate name calling – just think on as to who’s side you take.

The P.C left wing politically correct freak will try to appeal to your moral codes and entice you into joining them in the bullying and racist slander of the other innocent individual, just because they spoke freely and exercised their right of freedom of speech that the left wing P.C freak didn’t like because it did not conform to left wing P.C ideology.

Are you really going to side with the left wing politically correct fascist and racist ??

Or will you side with true morality, freedom of speech and true democracy and true freedom ?

There are many other PC-codes which are used to the same ends: Feminism, homosexuality, gun control, the elimination of the traditional patriarchal family, the war on traditional morality and real Christianity, etc.

Even now, groups like Hope Not Hate, the so called left wing Anti Fascist organisation, are beginning to criticise extremist groups, where before they called people fascists and racists who pointed out these extremist groups themselves.
Why are Hope Not Hate now backtracking ?

One word – Rotherham.

But what does that tell you about Hope Not Hate ?

The proof is all over google, read it for yourselves, the stuff they have not had time to delete yet that is, or can’t delete.

Only a bit of logic can determine how those on the left wing benefit from the evil of Political correctness, and thus why it has been implemented by left wing groups and left wing Anti Fascist groups in the U.K and the United States of America.

Judge us here at the Daily Bale how you will and your conscience tells you to judge us.

But choose wisely, because deep down you already know the truth, and no matter what they say about us or how they condemn us, you also know deep down why they are doing it and the reason behind why they are doing it.

They do not want you to believe us !

To the guilty, we are the beginning of the end, and they know it.

Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Conspiracy to Change English Language


The Daily Bale has been given a shocking disgusting dossier by a left wing informant, which contains plans that the left wing Anti Fascist organisations have “if” the left wing should get back into power next year in the 2015 Elections.

We also have been given information that British Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Marxists are trying to unite with Anti Fascists in the United States of America to force global Political Correctness and Left Wing Politically Correct Marxist lunacy in the U.S and the U.K


They plan to set up massive quangos and ‘force’ politically correct left wing Marxist lunatic left wing crackpot policies onto Society and then try to get the lunatic policies made law.

Also a total open border policy with no restriction on immigration with unlimited entry for European
or African States to the U.K

Amongst a variety of crackpot weird sick and perverse politically correct left wing proposed changes that would come into being and try to make law, there would also be a whole section of the English Language changed or altered to mean different things, in order (not to cause offence) to anybody and breach politically correct codes of speaking and expression of meaning which would become a matter of law – if they get their way.

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

Below is a list of proposed offensive words and what they want to change them to.
The words appear first, and then directly after the original word or words are the new word or meaning that the left wing politically correct weirdos want to change them to.

Teachers-education friend

Children-young adults

Army-Passive Home Guard. P.H.G




Foreign-Culturally Similar equal.

Fascist-non left wing.

Alive-Awareness abled.

Political Correctness-Essential Policy

Bald-Follicular disabled

Body Odour-Non discretionary fragrance

Broken Home-Dysfunctional family

Caretaker-Site Engineer

Clumsy-Uniquely coordinated equal

Criminal-Behaviourally challenged equal

Dead-Life termination

Dishonest-Ethically disoriented equal

Drunk-Chemically inconvenienced equal

Dustman-Sanitation Engineer

Fail-unwilling achievement


Fat-Horizontally challenged equal

Foreign Food-Ethnic cuisine

Ghetto-Economically disadvantaged area

Girlfriend-Equal partner

Gossip-transmission of near-factual information

Housewife-Domestic Equal partner

Ignorant-Knowledge based non awareness

Illegal immigrants-Undocumented equals

Jailer-Custodial equal

Jungle-Rain Forest

Late-Rescheduled arrival time

Lazy-Motivationally deficient equal

Lumberjack-transtree worker

Natural Disaster-Global Warming occurrence

Prostitute-Disadvantaged Sex worker equal

Sex change-Gender reassignment equal

Short-Vertically challenged equal

Shy-Conversationally selective equal

Spendthrift-Negative saver

Talkative-Abundantly verbal equal

Tall-Vertically enhanced equal

Caravan Park-Mobile Home community equal

Tramp-Homeless person equal

Ugly-Cosmetically different equal

Unemployed-Involuntarily leisured equal

Vagrant-Nonspecific destination equal

White racist-Neutral unequal

Worst-Least equal

Wrong-Differently logical equal

Politically Correct Anti Fascist Marxist Left Wing U.K Benefit Scroungers


Benefits system is broken.

UK’s top scroungers on £300-a-week more than the average family

BRITAIN’S top benefits scroungers were £300 a week better off on the dole than the average working family before welfare reforms, it has emerged, and the Daily Bale believes that the majority of them are Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Weirdos, Sickos and Marxist internet trolls who sit at home all day trolling the internet on fake or Anonymous profiles on Facebook and Twitter.


Figures reveal how tens of thousands milked the system for a decade because their claims went largely unchallenged.

Collectively all together they were much better off than workers on an average wage of £26,000.

The Anti Fascist Left Wing good life on Benefits.

Their taxpayer-funded Anti Fascist Left Wing Politically Correct Race Hate Stirring lifestyles were exposed after the Daily Bale went a root-and-branch search to look at reforms of the UK’s complex benefits system and the Daily Bale made some judgements of its own.

Now handouts to almost 40,000 jobless Anti Fascist freaks have been capped at £500 a week.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Bale convention meeting, our Founder said:

“Benefits were out of control and people were rightly outraged at some households receiving far more in benefits than the ordinary hard-working family, the Daily Bale must give our take on this and let the people know our own conclusion as to where it has been going. The left wing P.C brigade will not keep us quiet on how they have been duping the public”

Booze, Fags, and Left Wing Anti Fascist good living.

“The Government has fixed this broken system by introducing a fair limit to make sure the system works for taxpayers who fund it. Reforms ensure claiming benefits is no longer a more attractive option than being in work, or so that Anti Fascist Left Wing Marxist Anti British Activists can sit at home all day trolling the internet and attacking innocent people with politically correct race hate slander by calling people Racists and Fascists”

Benefits were out of control and people were rightly outraged at some households receiving far more in benefits than the ordinary hard-working family.

Line them up, that will do nicely thank you very much.

Figures show some families were picking up the equivalent of a £70,000-a-year salary.

Now many have seen their benefits slashed by £400, indicating they were receiving £900 a week.

More than 100 families pocketed the equivalent of a pre-tax annual salary of £68,000, while another 300 enjoyed the equivalent of a £40,000 wage.

All smiles, its a good life being a Left Wing Anti Fascist.

The Daily Bale Founder said:

“It wasn’t right people got so much more by being on benefits than in paid work.

Government experts say capping benefits will have saved more than £85 million in a year.

Labour leader marxist lefty Ed Miliband has even come under fire from one of his MPs for being soft on welfare, but the Daily Bale will say it how it is”

Anti Fascist political correctness and suppression of freedom of speech – they enjoy the good life and if you dont like it or disagree with anything they say then they call you a fascist and a racist !

But the Daily Bale Founder said,

“Left Wing Marxist Labour should not oppose all benefit reforms, that is just typical Labour looking after their own out of work Anti Fascist Left Wing marxist Weirdos”


“Where’s the money going to come from ? what more do these left wing freaks want from the tax payer”