Labour Mass Immigration Ruined Britain. We Need Ukip Conservative Coalition – ConservUkip


Mass immigration, and how Labour tried to destroy Britishness and bring the U.K to its knees.

Only a solid right wing Patriotic People’s Party can turn this mess around.

The Conservative Party has no other choice – they must do a deal with Ukip and stop the left wing Labour madness from ever happening again.

We must have a “Conserv-Ukip” Government.

We have to deal with the left wing menace once and for all and form a rock solid coalition against the insanity of left wing political correctness and the culture of left wing Anti British Marxism.


Throughout the tenure of the last Labour government the Daily Bale and many other mainstream news outlets — while praising the huge contribution immigrants had made to this country in the ‘past’ — we must attack the laxity of what were supposed to be our border controls.

It was clear the very nature of our society was being changed by a new kind of uncontrolled mass immigration — and without the British people ever having been asked whether they supported the policy.

Immigrants eating food by railway sidings in Calais

Labour arrogantly accused its critics of racism — though most of the incomers were white.

It claimed it had no choice but to open our borders to the nationals of ten mainly ex-Soviet bloc countries which joined the EU in 2004.

The truth was that — as other EU countries which restricted immigration from these states proved — it did have a choice.


The cynicism did not end there. Such, Labour claimed, was its commitment to ensuring that only people with a right to be in Britain could come here that in 2008 it set up the UK Border Agency. The truth, unfortunately, was very different.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has announced that the agency is being wound up next month precisely because it is useless, and the officials who ran it — rather like the borders they supposedly policed — were out of control.

Despite the strong threat from international terrorism, the evidence of eastern European criminal gangs infiltrating Britain, and our overburdened public and social services, 500,000 unchecked people were let in to Britain via Eurostar between 2007 and last year, while countless so-called students were just nodded through.


Though Labour clearly left the system in a shambles, it should be noted that it has taken almost two years for this Government to admit the mess our immigration procedures are in, and to do something about it.

So Mrs May’s department — and notably the Immigration Minister Damian Green — also have a case to answer.

They seemed unaware that their officials, too, were ordering the relaxation of controls. Yet while the Coalition has been derelict, Labour was downright malign.

The game was given away in 2009 by Andrew Neather, a former Labour Home Office and Downing Street adviser, who revealed that mass immigration was a deliberate policy by the Left to change the social fabric of the country and to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’.


This appalling policy was never discussed publicly because Labour strategists feared it would upset the party’s traditional white working-class support. For self-interested political reasons, the public could not possibly be consulted.

Mass immigration gratified the Left in two ways that have inflicted enormous damage on our country. It furthered the bogus notion of multiculturalism — undermining national identity and common values, and preventing the successful integration of immigrant communities into the British cultural mainstream.

Moreover, at a time of growing economic crisis, it added an enormous number of people to Labour’s client state.


Recent immigrants were grateful for their admission to the country, and for the costly safety net of the welfare state that was provided for them: a gratitude that, Labour hoped, would help it garner more votes at elections.

That aside, it is generally accepted that new arrivals to a country — who are often relatively impoverished — are more likely to vote for Leftish governments.

So although present ministers have much explaining to do, this cocktail of ideology and blatant gerrymandering is of the Left’s making.

In the interests of creating a society with which Leftist ideologues felt comfortable, and which would help shore up Labour’s vote at elections, the wishes of the vast majority of the British people, and their security, were ridden roughshod over.


The idea of multiculturalism was advanced with varying degrees of stealth over several decades by politicians, civil servants and council officials. Its doctrine was spread in schools and in teacher-training colleges.

Weak as it so often is, the Church of England appeared to welcome it, even though it posed a mortal threat to that institution. The BBC, never to be found wanting when political correctness was required, suppressed any debate about mass immigration, took the tenets of multiculturalism as its gospel and preached it to the nation.

Internationalism is one of the core principles of the Left. It abhors the nation state, which it sees as a foundry of bigotry, racism and aggressive nationalism.


The Left has always understood this: that if you manage to wreck a national culture and a national identity, you shatter the ties of history and nationhood forged over centuries.


Although there used to be patriotic Leftists — and there still are one or two — many in the New Labour project in the Nineties and Noughties were, effectively, self-hating Britons.

They tortured themselves with post-imperial guilt, wanted the country to lose its independence and be ruled by Brussels, and sought to have what a BBC executive called the ‘hideously white’ mainstream culture diluted by ‘diversity’.


This was immensely dangerous. In a world where even Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Equality Commission, highlights the threat that multiculturalism poses to social cohesion, it is surprising it has taken ministers so long to become alert to this danger.

However one of them, at last, has. Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has said that the culture of the majority will once more be given pre-eminence in society.

This is utterly sensible and, indeed, indispensable if we wish for a coherent and settled society of shared values.


To promote — as opposed to tolerate — the practices of other cultures is to drive people into ghettos.

It prevents integration and assimilation and causes strife in society between religious and social groups who find themselves gazing at one another suspiciously across the social divides created by multiculturalism.

Mr Pickles has specified what this assault on multiculturalism will mean. He has said that public bodies’ obsession with translating leaflets into all known languages — and spending a fortune in public money on doing so — should end.

Learning English is one of the fundamentals of grasping the British way of life.
He has argued that tolerance of the beliefs of others should not extend to disowning those of the majority.

He deplored the disciplining of Christian workers who wear crucifixes, and the recent decision to ban prayers before the meetings of a town council in Devon. He has called all these issues ‘the politics of division’, and he is right

Great personalities like Joshua Bonehill of the Daily Bale have appeared to expose and speak out against the immorality of left wing political correctness and to express the public anger at immigration brought about by left wing P.C cranks and fruitbats.


In a society that remains more than 90 per cent indigenously British, it is ludicrous to be ashamed of national traditions, rooted in common values from a shared past.

And it is entirely right to expect those who come here to accept those values and traditions, and not be made — usually by mischievous, politically-motivated white liberals — to feel hostile towards them.

When even many atheists recognise the central importance of Christianity to the culture and institutions of our country — and I am one of them — it is offensive to the intellect as well as to the spiritual to seek to downgrade or marginalise that faith.

Our society needs an end to mass immigration.

Parties like Ukip are now rising fast by popular public support.

This is not just because the parts of the country where immigrants most wish to settle are overcrowded, and the public services and infrastructure are cracking under the strain, or because we have 2.7  million unemployed.

It is principally because our national identity — founded on Christian values of tolerance and decency, and on a history of which we can be exceptionally proud — has been gravely injured by Britain’s Left-wing enemy within, and needs to recover from its wounds.

The best way to guarantee a harmonious future for all our people, of whatever racial background, is to make that culture strong again, and for us all to embrace it.

Ukip Conservative Coalition But Labour Never Again in Our Name


IT was the father of the evil left wing political correctness ideology of communism Karl Marx who observed that history repeats itself first as tragedy and the second time as farce.

There’s nothing remotely funny about the way British political history is repeating itself so prepare for tragedy if a Labour Government ever wins power again within the U.K

Labour ruined the economy last time they were in office, also they opened our borders to millions of benefit scroungers and criminals without telling us they were doing it or even asking us if we even wanted these ‘People’ coming here. There was enforced the weird sick twisted communist ideology of Political Correctness with all its unjust, unfair, Anti British and Anti White undemocratic dictates and its vile bullying, manipulation, intimidation and crushing of the democratic freedom of speech that our fathers and forefathers fought so hard to preserve and keep.

What are we left with today we ask after the Labour years of politically correct purges ?

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

Today we are left with a creepy small bunch of weird sick Anti British left wing politically correct misfits, drop outs and long haired unwashed thugs who call themselves Anti Fascists, who go round dictating to the majority on how we are to think, talk, behave, and act in Society and telling us how we are all horrid racists and fascists for being British and even worse if you are white.

These weirdos and sickos are the aftermath of the Labour years, a bit like the gasses left over from a dying star that exploded and then imploded on itself into an empty black hole of nothingness and just a sad memory.

We must stamp out this evil sickness within our midsts and expose the wicked evil people peddling this vile disgusting politically correct communist criminal nonsense and left wing Anti Fascist Anti British criminal treason and destruction of our culture and identity as a people.

We must get back to being British, and we must ban and outlaw all criminal Anti Fascist left wing Anti British political correctness thug groups that still exist and who try to force P.C criminality onto normal decent British People.


Thirty five years ago this week the Winter of Discontent was unleashed on us. Militant unions brought the country to its knees with strike after strike as they demanded pay rises as high as 25 per cent. Rubbish piled up in the streets, ambulance drivers refused to collect the sick, nurses walked out and the dead went unburied as grave-diggers downed tools.

If you’re under 50 it’s hard to imagine what a desperate mess the country was in. A weak Labour government wanted to limit pay rises to five per cent but was powerless to control its union paymasters and over the next three months almost 30million working days were lost to strikes.


The communists and Trotskyists, who controlled the unions, showed their ugly, snarling face and voters were so appalled that Labour was kicked out and Margaret Thatcher voted in to begin her remarkable transformation of our country.


Young Ed Miliband had his ninth birthday midway through the Winter of Discontent so it’s highly likely he was indoctrinated in the rights of socialism and the wrongs of capitalism as he sat on his father’s knee.

Certainly he has learned nothing to persuade him of the folly of governments interfering in free market economics. Tomorrow Miliband makes his first major speech since his promise to the Labour conference in September that he was bringing back socialism, a speech which the head of the CBI says made the hairs on his neck stand on end.

Miliband will be pandering to union bosses, who made him Labour leader, by attacking low wages and promising to force companies to pay workers more if he becomes prime minister.

“We need the kind of strong increases in wages that will genuinely make people all across Britain better off,” he will say.

It’s an ill-conceived policy of juvenile proportions, dreamed up by a man who fails to grasp that businesses create wealth by being set free from state control, not by having extra costs imposed on them. Trying to camouflage the reality with a half-baked tax break fools no one.


Miliband and sidekick Ed Balls have spent three years talking the country down, blaming “savage Tory cuts” and promoting the recklessness that borrowing even more is the answer. They suffer from what Michael Howard so aptly calls “spending amnesia”.

“Labour boasted that they had ended boom and bust,” he says. “They claimed they had rewritten the rules of economics – in fact from 2002 the Labour government spent more than they received in taxation in every single year of office.”

Who was at Gordon Brown’s side in the Treasury at the time? Miliband and Balls.

Paradoxically the current issue of wages is the opposite of the one that brought down Labour in the Seventies. Then Jim Callaghan wanted to peg wages back, now Miliband wants to push them higher.

But there is one worrying similarity between then and now. In the Seventies men with communist sympathies led powerful unions that used forgery,
coercion, manipulation and bullying. Thirty five years later they still do.


We saw in the Grangemouth refinery dispute in Scotland that the Unite union, led by Mad Dog McCluskey, will stop at nothing to get its way. Mobs besieged the homes of refinery bosses, scaring the living daylights out of their wives and children.


This was no isolated incident for it emerges that 65 other locations have received the attentions of Unite’s flying squads: family homes, hotels, businesses, even a charity fun run have been targeted. One former Labour parliamentary candidate has torn up his Unite membership card in disgust at the “depressing, devious and combative way” the union conducts itself.

Jonathan Roberts writes on the Labour Uncut website: “If you think picketing the family homes of company bosses and intimidating their children, or putting hundreds of jobs at risk because one trade union official was under investigation for skiving at work, or ordering the PR team to ‘dig up the dirt’ on Labour MPs who disagree with union policy is a decent way of representing the workers then we’ll have to agree to disagree.”

He adds it’s not solely Thatcherite reforms that have caused a dramatic fall in union membership but “the behaviour of certain union leaders that puts off millions of ordinary, decent people from joining. For shame.”


Miliband admits there are “bad practices” but he’s too weak to do anything about them. He won’t act on the scandal in Falkirk, where Unite is alleged to have corruptly rigged the selection of its own candidate for the safe Labour seat.

Miliband refuses to publish an internal inquiry report into what went on in Falkirk. Since Unite is by far the biggest financial donor to the Labour Party it’s not hard to see why.


One accusation is that Miliband’s former campaigns chief Tom Watson was behind the “Falkirk fix”, which Watson denies. I make no comment on Watson’s guilt or innocence except to say that if I had to choose between being trapped in a lift with him or a skunk then the skunk would win hands down.

Come the general election in 2015 there will be one question to answer: do you want a government of economic fools who are the puppets of corrupt union bullies? If so vote Labour.


If not, then vote Ukip.


Alec Woodward

Even Labour Party councillors support the Daily Bale

There’s nothing we like more than serving Labour Party Councillors and politicians sharing Daily Bale articles.

When a serving Labour Party Councillor by the name of Andrew Knight shared a link to a Daily Bale article earlier today, we were more than delighted.


This is evidence that even Labour’s own councillors are sick of the party as the whole left-wing ideology is starting to crumble and lots of daily bale articles find their way into the mainstream and crush cultural Marxism with iron brutality.


We have also noticed that many regular Labour party supporters and activists have been sharing daily bale articles recently. We understand the madness of political correctness and will help anybody who wants to break free of the tyranny and find freedom once more.

This marks a change in our ambitious adventure, an advancement and surely a glorious victory over the left-wing politically correct parasitical perverts.

We welcome Councillor Andrew Knight to the ‘Daily Bale family’ with full open arms and understand his grievances with the Labour Party fully.

Daily Bale officials will be making contact with the councillor in the coming days to suggest new and ambitious Nationalist policy for his constituency area in Cinderford West. We will guide the democratically elected councillor in the ways of true nationalism and seek to have a high level of input in the day to day running of Cinderford West.

We welcome all other local level councillors who have had enough with party politics, political correctness and indeed the judeo democratic system to defect to the Daily Bale and allow us to help with the running of your constituencies.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine Hero Of The British People Faces Court For Freedom Of Speech


Joshua Bonehill-Paine, Founder and Creator of the popular right wing publication the Daily Bale and the Daily Bale News arrives at Yeovil Magistrates court to be met with overwhelming Public support and publicity.

Joshua today faces sentencing for his courageous battle against left wing political correctness and the oppression of freedom of speech by left wing Anti Fascist thugs on Social Media, who have bullied, intimidated and harassed innocent people on a grand scale.

Joshua fought back against these left wing politically correct Anti British fascist bullies during a long and hard online campaign against joshua, during which he suffered countless arrests and police raids upon his property and confiscation of his computer property, phones and personal belongings.


Joshua Bonehill-Paine has vowed and promised that if he is sent to prison today, then he will come out at the end of his sentence with even more determination to confront and fight the evil of left wing political correctness and the evil left wing thugs and bullies that push this evil menace upon the decent hardworking British Patriotic people of this country.


News Media teams had been waiting since very early this morning.


He faces 2 counts of Malicious Communications and 5 counts of Harassment for Daily Bale articles.


Joshua Bonehill, founder of the notoriously famous and popular Daily Bale, with 2.5 million readers, the free speech publication and exposure of left wing political correctness injustice and Anti Fascist left wing intimidation, bullying and hypocrisy arrived under a blanket of security that suddenly appeared, but he walked to the Court by the cars and waving security people aside.


Joshua made it clear that he does not need security and will never need security provided by anybody, but he was thankful to the people who voluntary arrived to offer that support.

He said –

“i stand today as an advocate of free speech and self expression. I do not point the way, but rather i beckon, follow me, speak out, speak up, speak your mind and your conscience, we can never allow the left wing fascist suppression of freedom of speech win over us, and only by exercising our democratic basic human right of free speech can we ever make change a reality, and once and for all overcome the evil of left wing politically correct fascism”


This morning at a Hotel the Daily Bale Team were staying at to support Joshua today, the team gave him a very warm and loyal send off to Court when he called to see them on his way to Court.


Bonehill, who has been on police bail for over a year wrote a number of articles on this website which targeted Left-Wing agitators, branding them paedophiles, Jews and Homosexuals faces magistrates at the cost of the taxpayer.

In a targeted campaign of hate directed towards Mr. Bonehill, the Left-Wing have attempted to destroy his reputation and disable him from participating in the political arena but despite this conspiracy he hasn’t gone anywhere.

Joshua has had overwhelming support from local residents and the British Public.

Mr. Bonehill’s Daily Bale has continued to serve the Great British public bringing the latest news and information about the  evil of political correctness and the criminals who call themselves Anti Fascists despite the continued oppression and loss of Freedom that he has faced.

“If anything this case will highlight the evilness of the Left-Wing” said Mr. Bonehill,

“They are a truly vile and cretinous source of perversion, whilst I may be standing in the docks it’ll be the Left-Wing who are put on trial today”.


Mr Bonehill said before going into Court -

“i will continue to fight the evil that calls itself ‘Political Correctness.
The British People are sick and tired of this evil left wing oppression within our Society, and i will make a stand against this vile outrage that has infested our once great British way of life and tried to wipe out common sense amongst the masses of the decent truly moral hard working people of this Country, but the left wing politically correct fascists and bullies will never take away our true combined strength together as a people with a true voice and truth as our solid foundation.

i call upon all decent upstanding British Citizens to stand behind me to fight this evil oppression and left wing disease within our Society. Lets wipe it out forever for the sake of our future and our Children’s future. Make a stand with me and the Daily Bale today. Lets put the Great back in the Britain today”


Mr. Bonehill told the Daily Bale that he doesn’t believe he’ll be going to prison as this is not what providence has in store for him, he believes this case will highlight the hypocrisy of the Left-Wing and land a fierce and brutal blow upon evil, sick political correctness.


We the general decent British public stand fully behind Joshua, and we believe all communities do too who believe in common sense, true morality and living in the real world without left wing politically correct criminality and bullying, or the vile racist and fascist mentality of the extreme left wing activist thugs.

The left wing politically correct marxists and vile racists, divide communities by continuously bringing attention to people’s race by vile race hate slander and bringing race to people’s attention, where before it just was not an issue. The majority of decent people do not recognise ‘differences’ in other human beings, and race is not an issue or a recognition.

The so called left wing ‘anti fascist’ thug organisations do recognise ‘differences’ in people, by continuously bringing attention to race, and using vile racist name calling and slander towards non racist people who just do not happen to agree with left wing policies or the extremism of left wing politically correct unjust and immoral ideology.

Who are the real fascists and racists in Britain today we ask ??


We call upon the Government to ban outright all criminal left wing activist militant thug organisations, and to protect the British public from any further left wing politically motivated fascism and racism, and the politically correct marxist bullying and intimidation by so called ‘anti fascist’ criminal groups.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a true Martyr and a true national hero to all decent moral upstanding hard working people everywhere who want to see an end to the unjust and immoral ideology of left wing political correctness, and left wing politically correct fascist bullying, intimidation and manipulation of the British public.


The Evil Of Political Correctness Exposed.

The Evil of Left Wing Political Correctness.


The Daily Bale again brings your attention to the ‘massive left wing scam’ that the left wing use against the people to gain control of your thoughts and your freedom of speech, by pretending to use ‘morality’ as their claim to righteousness and authenticity.

By using the perception of morality, and then terming it as ‘Political Correctness’ they then use that to shame, bully, intimidate and manipulate and force their own way, and their own left wing political agenda, by silencing any opposition or questioning of their point of view, by calling you a ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist’ if you so much as question these evil people.

They get away with it by keeping you continuously on the defensive. Think about it – if you are being labelled as a racist or a fascist, then your first reaction is to defend yourself, because the majority of people are appalled by those terms, and the social stigma attached to those labels. Are you beginning to get the picture now ?

But let us look more closely at the people throwing those disgusting terms and labels at everybody else, why they are doing it, and what does it really says about the people doing it.

The people doing it are almost always left wing and self righteous in attitude. They are doing it to shame, bully, intimidate and manipulate the other person or person’s into following the same twisted thought process, and they try to make the individual feel false shame and guilt so that the individual falls in quickly to the left wing politically correct agenda, whilst the politically correct weirdos themselves project a perceived ‘moral’ high ground and thus deceptively ‘prove’ themselves to be morally right.

The overall percentage of politically correct left wing weirdos have been shamed and brainwashed themselves by the same sick and evil ideology that they are now pushing themselves – they just dont realise that this is why they are doing it.

But, this is where the whole rotten disgusting false morality of Political Correctness falls flat on its face, and the ‘real’ racists and ‘fascists’ are exposed for the shameful and immoral evil people they really are.

Logic tells you very plainly, that you have to recognise ‘differences’ in people in the first place to then go on and accuse others of doing the very thing that you yourself ‘recognise’ which is ‘differences’ of race.

The majority of us do not see ‘differences’ and we just see other ‘people’ or other human beings just the same as every other human being on this planet. But the Politically Correct left wing racists actually pick up on ‘differences’ and then go on to accuse other people of what they themselves see, which is ‘differences’ in other people.


The politically correct racists and fascists then use the ‘differences’ that they see to then go on and falsely accuse others of racism, and thus shaming people into submission and keeping them quiet and preventing any questioning whatsoever as to the moral foundation of what they are doing or what they actually stand for – which in this case is the squashing of freedom of speech and politically correct fascist left wing domination of all areas of society by P.C bullying.

It thus becomes a dictatorial order of either (conform to our way of seeing things, or be branded a racist or a fascist) –


Alec Woodward.
Reporter on left wing crimes and P.C.C – Politically Correct Criminality

Labour Minister Mocks St George’s Flag and Exposes Labour Party True Colours


Labour shadow minister accused of ‘contempt for working classes’ over white van tweet
Emily Thornberry was attacked after she tweeted a picture of a white van outside a house draped in the St George’s Cross with the caption ‘image from #Rochester’ in a disgusting show of contempt for English people and the proud decent working class people who want to display their pride in being English.

Showing pride in the St George’s Cross, but Labour Minister ridiculed it on Twitter with other left wing vile disgusting Anti British politically correct Anti Fascist monsters.

A Labour front-bencher has been forced to apologise after being accused of holding working class voters in “contempt” by appearing to mock a terraced family home draped in England flags.

Emily Thornberry, a close ally of Ed Miliband and the party’s shadow attorney general, was on the by-election campaign trail in Rochester and Strood when she Tweeted a photo of the house accompanied by the caption “image from #Rochester”.

Disgusting show of contempt for English People.

Mrs Thornberry, who lives in a £3million home in Islington, North London, told The Telegraph that she thought that the image was “remarkable” because she had never seen a house “completely covered in flags before”.

However, three hours later she issued an apology after Ed Miliband intervened and made it “very clear” that he believes people should be able to fly the England flag with pride.
She faced public backlash and was even criticised by members of her own party for posting the image, which will fuel concerns that Labour has lost touch with working class voters.

Labour Minister found it acceptable to mock this fine display of Patriotism and ridicule it on Twitter with other left wing vile Anti British left wing politically correct Marxist Anti Fascist thugs to bring contempt on English People and scorn English pride at being English.

One person told the Daily Bale – “this is a disgusting outrage on the English People and shows the true intentions of the Labour Party and their disgusting supporters and followers on Twitter, these people are truly evil beyond words”

But for the most part people were just annoyed.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, said –

“Everyone will know exactly what she meant by that comment. I think she was being derogatory and dismissive of the people. We all know what she was trying to imply.

“I’ve talked about this previously. It’s like the Labour party has been hijacked by the north London liberal elite and it’s comments like that which reinforce that view.”

Eric Pickles, the Local Government Secretary said: “Whatever one’s class, colour or creed, the St George’s flag is a unifying symbol for our nation. Don’t knock it”

Others said the message represented a “insight into the minds of Labour.”

A Labour spokesman initially said that he did not see the problem with the picture.
Mrs Thornberry told The Telegraph shortly after posting the image: “My point is that it’s a remarkable image of a house completely covered in flags. I grew up on a council estate and I have never seen a house completely covered in flags before. There’s three of them.”

However, she was later forced to make an embarrassing climb-down. “I apologise for any offence caused by the 3 flag picture. People should fly the England flag with pride.”


Michael Heaver, a Ukip Spokesman, Tweeted: “If you don’t want snobby Labour MPs knocking on your door ahead of May’s election, stick an England flag up.”

Anti Fascists on Twitter allegedly behind Webcam Hacking of Children online.


Shocking Report – Left Wing Anti Fascists Believed To Be Behind Webcam Hacking.


Baby monitors, CCTV cameras and webcams from UK homes and businesses hacked and uploaded onto Russian website that is regulary used by left wing Anti Fascist trolls who used anonymous accounts on Twitter to gain people’s information and to troll right wing Patriot Females and Children.

The Daily Bale strongly recommends that you secure Webcams and turn off connection to the internet from your Webcam when not in use. Beware of left wing Anti Fascist accounts online, and block and report any and all suspicious left wing Anti Fascist anonymous troll accounts that you may see online.

A Russian website believed to be used by left wing Anti Fascists on Twitter has been found to be hosting hundreds of feeds of live footage from inside UK homes and businesses, which have been accessed by hacking into people’s webcams, which includes CCTV cameras and baby monitors.

The UK’s privacy watchdog has urged people to upgrade their passwords after the website was found to feature 500 live feeds from Britain alone.

U.K Left Wing Anti Fascist Sick Perverts on Twitter believed to be connected.

The Russian site currently shows what is believed to be a child’s bedroom in Birmingham, a gym in Manchester, an office in Leicester, and a shop interior in London, among others.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has warned that people in the UK with webcams using weak passwords or without any password protection, will be vulnerable to hackers. An estimated 35,000 of such cameras were sold in the UK last year.

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)
Left Wing Anti Fascists believed to be responsible who operate anonymous profiles on Twitter also.

UK Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said he will work with Russian authorities to have the site taken down, adding that a site of this kind would be illegal in the UK. But Sky News reports the site’s alleged administrator said the cameras have been hacked to highlight poor security, and that the site will only be taken down “only when all cameras will be password protected”.

Simon Rice, ICO group manager for technology, said: “The website, which is based in Russia, accesses the information by using the default login credentials, which are freely available online, for thousands of cameras.

Left Wing Perverted Anti Fascist politically correct weirdos and sickos.

“The footage is being collected from security cameras used by businesses and members of the public, ranging from CCTV networks used to keep large premises secure, down to built-in cameras on baby monitors.

“This is a threat that all of us needs to be aware of and be taking action to protect against,” he said.

The ICO is urging people to take steps to secure any internet accessible cameras they may own by changing default passwords to something that cannot be easily guessed and which contains a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters. It advises people to check all the available security settings for their cameras, and to secure all other devices with an internet connection.

Orthodox Jew stabbed White man to death in shop

A 20-year-old white Oregon college student was killed in what police believe was a racially motivated stabbing at a convenience store, and officers said they shot and killed the  suspect when he returned to the scene and menaced them with a knife.


An orthodox Jew wielding a knife

Linfield College president Thomas Hellie identified the victim as Parker Moore, a Woodinville, Washington, native who was majoring in business management. Moore also served as a resident adviser and played linebacker on the football team.
“We are all still in shock, but we know that it is important to speak to counselors, to support each other as we mourn, and to think about and pray for Parker’s family and friends,” Hellie wrote in a message on the school’s website. “We have lost a valued, important member of our community and all of us share in the grief.”

The suspect is believed to be 47 year old orthodox Jew, Danny Kaufman.
The stabbing happened just after 11 p.m. Saturday at a 7-Eleven near campus. It wasn’t clear what prompted the stabbing.
Yamhill County Sheriff’s Capt. Tim Svenson said investigators don’t believe the suspect and Moore knew each other or had any previous run-in, and from witness accounts, there did not appear to have been a robbery in progress. Authorities had not yet reviewed surveillance video from the store, Svenson said.
Another line of inquiry into the stabbing Is that it was racially motivated. Mr. Kaufman was a member of anti-white Jewish militant group, Ziona.

Moore, a sophomore, was flown to Oregon Health and Science University, where he died.
As investigators from the McMinnville Police Department were questioning a witness in the parking lot outside the store, the suspect returned and confronted officers with a knife, Svenson said.
“They were talking in the parking lot to a witness, and he pointed and said, ‘There he is right there!’” Svenson said. “The officers commanded him to show his hands, and he presented a knife, and that’s what resulted in him being shot.”
Linfield is a private, liberal arts college of about 2,500 students in McMinnville, 40 miles southwest of Portland. The school said counselors were available during the day Sunday and for the foreseeable future.
Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News