Aliens Introduced Left Wing Political Correctness to the U.K and the U.S.A


I am well aware that just because somebody (no matter what their ‘position’) says something to be true, it does not mean it’s true. Exceptions, however can be made if there is evidence that goes beyond their words and correlates with what they say.

At the end of the day, you have to listen to what your heart tells you, but when it comes to Left Wing Political Correctness, then i think we all agree, it is sick, immoral, oppressive, fascist, racist, manipulative, intimidating and very very wrong, but more than this, it is totally Alien to common sense and cannot possibly be derived from human life form or thinking.


David Roach allegedly was responsible for combining the Nato Air Force, Navy and Army into what is known as the Nato Forces Euro First Defence. He was the highest ranking person (on paper) inside of the Department of Defence for Europe and Alien defence. The Honorable David Roach is the highest ranking person among all g8 countries to openly speak about UFOs and extraterrestrials and left wing political correctness.

He has been speaking about UFOs and extraterrestrials for quite some time now, and he recently made an appearance on Daily Bale news through Skype stating that there are at least 4 known alien species that have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.

Upon retirement, Roach began to blow the whistle on political correctness, UFOs and extraterrestrials.

His testimony is allegedly backed up by hundreds of other high ranking military and political personnel all over the world, including official documents released by dozens of governments worldwide that have officially acknowledged the presence of UFOs linked to political correctness and Anti Fascism.

I think it’s also important to point out that governments recently allegedly acknowledged the fact that various federal agencies, including the E.U, the Federal office and the Department of Defence used to track and investigate UFO sightings and the spread of political correctness.


1) They claim to have stopped those programs, but that contradicts the minister’s claims of continued politically correct intimidation, manipulation and P.C oppression.

There is good reason to believe, and a lot of evidence to suggest that some of these UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial space craft (not all military), and the activities of the agencies responsible for these programs goes far beyond just tracking of UFOs, but into contact with various extraterrestrial races, other classified technological developments and politically correct left wing Anti Fascist Alien weirdos, sickos and freaks.


Here is some of what David Roach has to say,

“We have known for many decades that left wing politically correct Alien beings have existed on earth, but there has been a cover up by certain groups, because they actually contain in their membership Alien beings”

“These ‘Aliens’ can always be spotted by their mannerisms and beliefs, although not always by their looks, but they do usually tend to look strange and weird in some way, a bit like somebody who would of been bullied in high school'”

“Their mannerisms and beliefs are always that of Politically Correct weirdos and Anti Fascist”


“Political Correctness is an Alien weird belief system that had no place in human life form or thought before these sicko Aliens arrived”

” In one of the cases during the cold war, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying South from Russia (a Marxist den of political correctness) across Europe. The supreme allied commander was very concerned and was about ready to press the panic button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole”

“They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for three years and they decided that with absolute certainty that four different species, at least, have been visiting this planet for thousands of years. There’s been a lot more activity in the past two decades, especially since we invented the atomic bomb. They are very concerned about that and if we will use it again, because the whole cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos. They’re very much afraid that we might start using atomic weapons again and this would be very bad for us, and them also.”

images (1)

“Many are benign and benevolent, and a few are not, but they just look like weirdos”.

“They are always of Left Wing Politically Correct Mentality and desire to take over the earth.
They come from various places, for a long while I only knew about ones that came from different star systems”

“There are extraterrestrials that come from Andromeda, and ones that live on one of Saturn’s moon’s. There is a federation of these people, and they have rules, one of them is that they don’t interfere with our affairs unless they are invited. They have accepted the fact that this is our planet, and we have the right to run it but they are very concerned, they don’t think that we are good stewards of our planet. We are ruining our planet, we’re doing all sorts of things that we shouldn’t be doing, and they (the politically correct Alien sickos) don’t like that. They’ve made it clear, and they have given us a warning.”

Anti Fascist Left Wing Politically Correct Weirdos could be now trying to take over Social Media on Anonymous or Fake profiles.

“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about the direction we were heading and offered to help”

“They tried to trick us then by suggesting political correctness as an ideal way of warped thinking”

“We interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after”.

“It is ironic that we should be fighting monstrously expensive wars, allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when we ourselves can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions have been spent on politically correct projects which the right wing decent people and none left wing P.C people and Ukip have been kept deliberately in the dark by left wing P.C Aliens.”

The majority of Anti Fascist profiles are weird looking sickos or just Anonymous profiles.

It is commonly accepted now that Great Britain also has a large Alien problem in the form of weird left wing groups and sick politically correct Anti Fascist weirdos.

Nick Griffin Worked To Release Dr Khan From Syria. Anti Fascists Did Nothing

1184792_703668972992885_1160496165_n (1)

The Daily Bale learns that Nick Griffin, former B.N.P Leader, worked to get Doctor Abbas Khan released from Syria where he was being held captive, but so called evil British Anti Fascists who are against Mr Griffin did nothing.

An inquest into the death of a British doctor who died in Syrian custody has heard former BNP leader Nick Griffin worked with the Syrian government to get him released.


Mr Griffin, who was expelled from the BNP earlier this month, told the inquest that he went to Syria as an MEP in 2013 to raise awareness of the issue of European people fighting jihad in the country.


While there he said he met an influential businessman whom he helped to write a proposal for a “deradicalisation programme” to rehabilitate jihadists using a form of Islamic theology called Sufism.

Mr Griffin described it as a “brand of pacifist Islam based on love”.

Hearing about Dr Abbas Khan’s detention in the country, Mr Griffin then suggested to the Syrians that Dr Khan should be released so he could be one of the first to go through this programme.

Mr Griffin said the Syrian regime, including President Bashar al Assad, liked the idea as it would be “good publicity” and moves were made to get Dr Khan released.


It is believed by the Daily Bale that the so called ‘Hope Not Hate’ Anti British Anti Fascist left wing politically correct gang of thugs who oppose right wing Nationalists and want an open border policy to flood Britain with immigrants, did nothing to secure the good Doctor’s release.

The inquest previously heard there was no evidence to suggest that Dr Khan had travelled to Syria to fight. The orthopaedic surgeon was arrested in the war-torn country under terrorism charges while volunteering in a hospital in Aleppo.

Dr Khan’s family were aware of Mr Griffin’s plans and were happy for him to go through the programme as he would be freed.

Despite claims that there was “personal authorisation” from Mr Assad, Dr Khan died days before he was supposed to be released.

Syrian authorities say Dr Khan hanged himself but his family contest this.

The inquest also heard that Mr Griffin believed his contact was extremely close to Mr Assad, whom he describes as “not the monster that media portray”.

The former BNP leader said he thought the president would not have ordered for Dr Khan to be killed.

Instead, Mr Griffin speculated to the jury at the Royal Courts of Justice that Dr Khan was threatened with torture and may have “been forced to take his own life”.

The inquest is expected to end with a jury decision next week.

Daily Bale makes a historic return to Leicester

One year after we made first contact with the good people of Leicester we were pleased to learn that our readers and supporters have been sharing a Daily Bale poster in the heart of Leicester.


The poster that was initially released via our article about an illegal immigrant with Ebola on the run was printed off reportedly more than 50 times and put up around the city of Leciester by a fantastic Daily Bale supporter.

Indeed our founder, Joshua Bonehill took to his twitter handle to congratulate the supporter and share his gratitude that a concerned member of the public and Daily Bale reader had taken to the effort to put this poster around Leicester.

The poster released was our new Mark II ‘Missing Poster’, a continuation from the same poster we used for the ‘Amy Hamilton’ missing appeal last year.

These posters are important because they draw attention to very serious and credible wrongs in society, such as Missing Children who have been presumably taken by Islamic grooming gangs or of course as we’ve seen with our new MkII poster, drawing attention to the fact that illegal immigrants can indeed carry Ebola.

The Daily Bale recognises that these are hard times and in this climate we have to take to both hard and strategic tactics in order to make change happen. We are at the ‘radical’ forefront of nationalistic propaganda and through the message we carry there will be no doubt that the people will be fine tuned and ready for Nationalist revolution in Britain.

The Daily Bale has reached many millions of people to date, we are a free publication with a large core of readers who trust in us to continue producing quality and engaging content – it is to those readers that we dedicate ourselves, sacrifice ourselves and give all we can to the nationalist cause.

As it is – The Daily Bale is a love letter to the British people, a cry for radical change and the gateway to a nationalist future under the positive agenda of hope that Bonehill has offered.

The Leciester Mercury has written a biased article about the posters here:

The Daily Bale will continue to run daily and provide our just and moral service to the people

Joshua Bonehill

Why we must HATE – no hate, no victory!

So time after time after time I’m constantly seeing people on Twitter (Right-Wing people) treat the Left-Wing as some kind of authority over them. Too many people legitimise the Left-Wing and take them at face value, forgetting that the Left-Wing are the sworn enemy of the people.

I hate the left-wing personally but what I hate more is people who listen to the left-wing and treat them as an authority and follow their every order. It doesn’t matter what the situation is or even if we on the right are indeed ‘morally wrong’, the Left-Wing will always be wrong and there can be absolutely no compromises for that fact.

This morning we (the Daily Bale) put out an article on Twitter attacking the sick, left-wing organisation Hope not Hate and the article was fully justified – in fact regardless of the tactics used, the article was fantastic and I fully stand by it. Some Plastic Patriot criticized the article and attacked me after the faceless Left-Wing sicko account ‘SLATfascists’ told the Plastic Patriot that the article was a lie, which it wasn’t.

The Plastic Patriot

The Plastic Patriot

Notice how in his biography he states that Years of political correctness have destroyed Britain and he’s sick of the establishment parties, he states that he ‘loves his country’ yet this man can not recognise what political correctness is, nor can he free his mind from faceless Left-Wing nobody accounts on Twitter – it’s truly pathetic but it’s a problem that needs highlighting otherwise we might as well all give up now and walk away.

The faceless Left-Wing account SLATfascists told the Plastic Patriot not to share the story and the PP listened to him

The faceless Left-Wing account SLATfascists told the Plastic Patriot not to share the story and the PP listened to him

After spotting what was occurring, I instantly challenged the Plastic Patriot and asked him why he was legitimising a clearly Left-Wing and faceless Twitter account – I could never have predicted what was to occur next.

The Plastic Patriot sides with the Left-Winger and the Left-Winger later comes back to favorite the tweet of the PP

The Plastic Patriot sides with the Left-Winger and the Left-Winger later comes back to favorite the tweet of the PP

So the Plastic Patriot listened to the Left-Wing account and legitimized him as an authority before openly telling me (a well known nationalist and patriot) that he was going to block me.

In an exchange afterwards, he refers to SLATfascists as a 'Friend' - a friend????

In an exchange afterwards, he refers to SLATfascists as a ‘Friend’ – a friend????

This is why for the past century in Britain, nationalism has always failed. These idiots who think the Left-Wing are their friends and somehow morally compatible citizens who will contribute to society without causing problems destroy any hope of nationalist unity or fixing our country.

So how do we deal with the Left-Wing?

We hate the Left-Wing, they are the very lowest of the low and should be seen as a form of ‘Sub-Species’, a lesser existence than ours who’s only ability in life is to destroy everything around them. Make no mistake about it, the Left-Wing are not your friends and at any given opportunity they will use morality against you to perverse you and corrupt you. I go back to our plastic patriot in the images above, notice how he says he’s ‘fed up of political correctness’, did it not register with him that actually he IS politically correct?!

If there’s no hate involved then change will never happen. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘hate is wrong, i shouldn’t hate’ then get out of your movement or whatever you think you’re involved with and leave the nationalist cause forever because you’re not cut out for this.

Every single day I live and breathe I curse the Left-Wing, they are evil in every way and have single handedly destroyed OUR country and then I see patriots who want to be FRIENDS with the Left-Wing?

If you want to put on pretty pink dresses and look nice in front of a camera then go and join Tommy Robinson, he’s real friendly with the Left-Wing as well and likes that politically correct approach where morality comes into question for everything.

This is a WAR, there is no being friends with the enemy. We either win or we lose – you decide, which is it?

I’m opting for victory and anybody who follows me will head towards victory, everything else will lose and perish.


Chloe’s Law: The truth behind Chris Grayling’s new Anti-Trolling law

It was announced by Justice secretary Chris Grayling this week that ‘internet Trolls’ may face up to 2 years behind bars for simply expressing themselves online after the Madeley family kicked off about their daughter being trolled online but what is the truth behind this law?

Firstly – we have to understand the fact that the Madeley family are upper-class, staunch conservative voters. This is a family that believes in ‘book clubs’, ‘wine clubs’ and they all seem to speak with a forked middle-class tone that is not commonly accepted in most parts of our country.

Is it by no coincidence that this new Anti-Trolling bill,’Chloe’s Law’ has come into fruition seeing as both Richard Madeley and Chris Grayling went to school together.

According to statements by Richard Madeley and his semi-attractive daughter Chloe, they were both threatened with ‘rape-threats’ online and subjected to a torrent of abuse by anonymous Twitter accounts which led them to both fearing for their safety which presumably is when Madeley got onto the phone to his old friend Grayling and sought advice.

Though this is not the first time Madeley sought advice with the Justice department as when in 2009 Chloe crashed her car after drunk driving in North London – potentially she could have killed somebody in both a violent and horrific manner yet she was slapped very firmly around the backside with a simple disqualification for 20 months!

So let’s get this straight – a new law being passed through parliament is to be named after a convicted drunk driver who nearly killed somebody a few years ago?

Now, Chloe who is famous for nothing other than being the daughter of a television presenting couple is seemingly living off the back of her mother and father. Indeed Miss Madeley has took to an obsessional fitness and well being exercise lifestyle like any other semi-attractive woman of her age but rather callously and conspicuously her father Richard has popped her a few notes to open up an attractive new website flogging crap at extortionate prices – ‘Fitness Fondue‘ as it’s called.

Chloe Madeley's Left Foot

Chloe Madeley’s Left Foot

So either Richard Madeley has made a very large and handsome donation to the Conservative Party for a new law to be named after his fame hungry daughter or pigs are literally flying because to me an average, common and hard-working British man, the first allegation seems to be the most likely in this given situation.

Chloe Madeley posing half naked again

Chloe Madeley posing half naked again, image of foot as displayed above taken from here

Now back in the day somehow I ended up seeing a bit of Richard & Judy on the television like we all did, they were both publicly loved and respected by millions but it seems in recent years they have made a complete fall from grace. I personally agree with Judy’s comments on Loose Women the other week however I believe she made them purposely to strike up a huge and frenzied media storm to put the Madeley family back on the map – is that not what trolls do?

So given that sentiment, Judy Finnegan (as she calls herself) is indeed a troll by her own definition, her remarks on Loose Women provoked a lot of anger and reaction – something that the trolls who had fun with her daughter also did. This leaves us in a very hypocritical and seemingly perverse situation in the sense that actually, under Chloe’s Law we should see the arrest of Judy for her remarks.

Whilst people may question the ‘morality’ of jokingly threaten to rape or murder somebody online you also have to see the funny side to it. Trolls don’t threaten to rape and murder because they intend on carrying out those remarks, they don’t even threaten at all – they provoke and express, just in the same way that Judy Finnegan did on Loose Women. Should we jail people for two years because they express themselves? No.

Now, I publicly asked Chloe Madeley a few questions on Twitter just the other week to which she blocked me and then started to childishly like the Left-Wing perverts remarks, (the people who stalk me because of my political convictions) below my questions which to my mind is akin to treachery to one’s country.

Sadistic Madeley favorites a left-wing remark on Twitter in opposition to my harsh, authoritarian and dominant approach to dealing with trolling

Sadistic Madeley favorites a left-wing remark on Twitter in opposition to my harsh, authoritarian and dominant approach to dealing with trolling which is akin to treachery and basically constitutes raping the british people

So I will request that Madeley will unblock me so I can continue to conduct my investigation and peacefully ask a number of questions which will prove vital in the war for freedom of speech. She is more than welcome to choose to ignore my demands but without answers we can not truly begin to grasp tightly a picture of what has actually occurred here and instead we will be free to jump to conclusions of bribery, molestation and buggery as I did in my general synopsis above.

Failing that then I suggest we all go and get drunk, crash our cars and attempt to kill people before ripping our clothes off for lads magazines and then just maybe we will be lucky enough to have a piece of parliamentary legislation named after us.

Either way – the whole thing stinks of shit and I want answers.


EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrant with Ebola missing in UK


The NHS centre for disease control have upped the Ebola threat to critical after allegedly a 32 year old Somalian illegal immigrant disappeared in Leicester.

Jamal Malouf arrived in the UK by shipping container last wednesday and managed to evade authorities for three days after being caught. Malouf appeared to be ill and suffering with a ‘cold’. Health authorities sent Jamal to the Leciester centre for disease control ran by the NHS over the weekend where he allegedly escaped.

Health officials have warned that the 32 year old black may be carrying the deadly EBOLA virus and have advised the public to avoid the black man if spotted.

If Mr. Malouf does indeed have Ebola then this could potentially have catastrophic consequences for Britain should the spread the virus throughout the country. The Police and army have been called in to search for Malouf and the Daily Bale understands several areas in Leicester have been sealed off during the manhunt.

Police in Leicester seal off street in manhunt for positive Ebola black man

Police in Leicester seal off street in manhunt for positive Ebola black man

The NHS centre for disease control have set up a hotline for the general public to call if somebody should spot the 32 year old illegal black man but have advised people to keep ‘well’ clear should they come into direct contact. The number to call is 08006122918.

The news comes after the Daily Bale broke the story that Ebola potentially may have entered into products being sold in Tesco due to imports from Africa areas that have been confirmed to have the Ebola virus. Read that article here.

The Prime Minister has urged for ‘calm’ despite the potentially terrifying news and has reassured the public that the black man will be caught by the police.

Police officers stop-searching 'men' fitting the description of Jamal Malouf

Police Stopping men who fit the ‘mans’ description

Leicester police have been busy stopping ‘people’ who fit the description of the 32 year old black man in the hope of finding him hiding out on the streets.

The news comes as 98% of the British public demand immigration reform and call for a stop to all immigration from other countries despite David Cameron’s hesitance in dealing with the matter.

Leading figure of the right in Britain, Joshua Bonehill told the Daily Bale “Now that an escaped illegal immigrant has put the common British people at risk of harm, let us hope that the government will see the damage that immigration is doing to Britain. We don’t need immigration cuts, we don’t need immigration limits – we need to end ALL immigration immediately and give this country back to our own people”

Police are hopeful that the Black man will be caught by the end of the week and have told people to continue going about their day to day business but exercising caution in the event they should come across people fitting the description of the escaped black man.

Peter Callahan reporting for Daily Bale News