Grooming Gangs, Political Correctness, and Anti Fascist Left Wing Enablers


The Daily Bale Launches Christmas Campaign in Memory of the Victims of Left Wing Political Correctness.

ChildLine logo

We strongly sound the call to all members of the Public to ensure that the Child line number is available and in clear access for all Children that may be in danger or under the supervision of left wing politically correct sickos, weirdos and Marxist left wing freaks.

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

We all know a left wing politically correct sicko when we see one, but more readily when we hear the left wing lies, brainwashing and garbage that comes out of these weirdos mouths.

But for us adults its alot easier to tell a left wing sick politically correct crank where to go and just what we think of these vile creatures, but for Children it is not so easy to define who is a genuine person, and who is just plain evil.


If you know or suspect that a Child may be in danger around left wing politically correct freaks, then please do not hesitate to sound the alarm and blow the whistle immediately.

Just like the Rotherham Child abuse atrocities and the countless others up and down the U.K involving left wing politically correct cover ups, its only when these evil people are exposed for the monsters they really are, then the authorities can act and we can name and shame left wing paedophile enablers and get them prosecuted along with the perverts they are enabling to carry out the abuse.


Also if you know or suspect a left wing politically correct sicko online that may be covering up for abuse or even being part of it, then you must immediately report any and all suspicious left wing politically correct activity around Children or involving Children.

We must also be aware of the left wing politically correct Anti Fascist accounts online.

These accounts are always anonymous and the parasites behind them hide their identities.

If you know or suspect who is running any of these accounts, then please report them to the authorities and always report the account to the Social Network provider, but more importantly make it known to the public, family and friends.

You could save a Child’s life by doing so, or at the very least, prevent a Child from being abused.


The Evil of Left Wing Political Correctness.

Almost every day there is yet another revelation in the Rotherham child abuse scandal and other atrocities up and down the U.K, and it is all too easy to become diverted from calm consideration of the deep-seated causes of the affair into emotional outbursts of anger at those who committed such crimes and those who pretended that it was not happening, those that call themselves ‘politically correct’ or the left wing Anti Fascists.

What is important is not just that all those are brought to book, but that we try to understand the overarching causes of the tragedy.

Like the Birmingham Trojan Horse affair, the Rotherham scandal underlines the truth of what I have been saying for many years, that no society can have more than one culture. Of course minorities should be free to practise their religion, to eat Kosher, Halal or other foods, but in matters affecting their relationship with the society in which they live, they must accept the rules and practices of the culture of the host society in which they live.

The dangers in Rotherham and Birmingham were clear enough. The authorities, local government, social services, education authorities, and police alike had begun to talk about their relations with “the community” as though it were a sovereign body and accepting that different codes of conduct applied within it than within the host society.

In short, parts of Birmingham and Rotherham had become places more like the havens of the old apartheid South Africa, places of separate development, than towns in the United Kingdom.

The authorities had allowed the imposition of Sharia by Islamic courts, even where, as in respect of the rights of women, it conflicted with English law.

A blind eye was turned to election practices imported from Pakistan. Indeed the evil doctrine of political correctness and the perversions of equality legislation, alongside those foreign election practices were used to intimidate politicians into silence about the scandalous crimes being openly committed.

In consequence those of Asian descent and Muslim religion who would have been well content to integrate into the society to which they, or their parents, had come, to escape from the one into which they had been born, were intimidated into remaining culturally in those countries.

Eventually brave men like the far from uncontroversial Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, had had enough and began to speak out. But why have they had so little support from those who should have been in the front line of the battle to protect vulnerable young girls?

Where is the feminist outcry?

Where is that race- and sex-obsessed organisation Liberty?

Why haven’t the left wing politically correct Anti Fascist freaks condemned this outrage?

Why are the organisations like ‘Hope Not Hate’ all of a sudden just beginning to mention this evil barbarity in our society, when before it was exposed, they called anybody who dared mention it, a fascist and a racist?

This is not acceptable, and we must have a full public enquiry into just how far these evil left wing organisations were involved.

We already know that ‘Hope Not Hate’ frantically deleted previous blog posts where they had condemned people who had tried to bring the subject of Child Grooming to the public’s attention.

Devoted Nationalist and Public Hero Joshua Bonehill, had many times early last year tried to expose grooming gangs and the cover up by left wing sick perverts, but he was vilified and condemned by the left wing Anti Fascist politically correct thugs and Marxists, who called him a fascist and a racist.

We strongly believe that it was ‘because’ of the attention that Joshua Bonehill brought to this subject before the left wing tried to silence him, that gave the Rotherham victims the courage to come forward when they heard Joshua Bonehill being interviewed last year.

Joshua Bonehill was interviewed last year on BBC Asian Network and the interview went out publicly.

This man is a National Hero.

But unfortunately at this time, Joshua Bonehill is fighting legal proceedings brought about by the circumstances of his victimisation.

Another Victim of Left Wing Political Correctness.

We would have expected this scandal would have been of great interest to Shami Chakrabarti, but there is not much sign of it.

We cannot help but wonder if it had been the Salvation Army which had been abducting and abusing young Asian girls whether these groups would have been so quiet.

But the blame for all of this being allowed to happen in the first place must lay firmly at the feet of the left wing politically correct weirdos, perverts, sickos and freaks who knew about it but did nothing to stop it or expose it – they just covered it up.

Political Correctness is truly evil beyond words, but so are the people who support and push this vile left wing Marxist filth too.

Expose a Politically Correct criminal today !

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our 2.5 Million readers.

Reporter on left wing crime – Frazer Cook.

Notorious Marxist WIkipedia article Perverter, Andy Dingley exposed

In a bid to change the content of articles on Wikipedia to reflect Left-Wing bias and paint nationalists out to be ‘evil’, we can exclusively reveal the person behind the majority of this perversion.


Andy Dingley

Andy Dingley, 47, from Chepstow in Wales has been responsible for editing over 150 different wikipedia articles to discredit notable patriots and lie to the common people in order to promote political correctness and change history.

Wikipedia has become the first port of call for many who are searching up information on the internet and anybody has the ability to change content on the dictionary website. Dingley who has been a content editor on Wikipedia for sometime, appears to have edited articles to reflect patriotic heroes like John Tyndall, Enoch Powell and Sir Oswald Mosley in a bad or negative light.

A Left-wing Steampunk fantasist weirdo, Dingley and his partner Rachel White have been responsible for organising left-wing steampunk festivals in Chepstow for some years until they failed to gather enough interest in 2013 so they stopped.The Chepstow Association of Steampunk Gentlefolk appears to be their left-wing, antiwhite front where meetings were held whilst dressing up in out of fashion clothing and pretending to be ‘gentlefolk’. which one can only assume has something to do with weakness and femininity .

Dingley and his partner Rachel White, dressing up

Dingley and his partner Rachel White, dressing up

Dingley who is a member of the communist green party, lives what can be described as a bohemian and eccentric lifestyle based around his obsessive internet tendencies. When not perversely editing articles on Wikipedia, Mr. Dingley spends his time selling left-wing steampunk paraphernalia on market stalls around the Bristol area whilst promoting his antiwhite, politically correct attitude.

You may question why we have decided to give Mr. Dingley an article on the Daily Bale but the fact remains that he is committing antisocial crimes by lying to the british public and perverting history. Wikipedia is a mainstream source that is often used to reference things, the perversion of articles under Dingley’s regime will have resulted in people being misinformed and lied to.

Dingley has also been responsible for creating a number of wikipedia articles which can be listed here, these should now be subjected to review and destroyed given proven evidence of Andy’s corruption on the website.

Disclaimer: (Whilst we have Dingley’s phone number, address and personal information we have decided not to publish in order to protect ourselves legally. All information collected in this article has been sourced from Dingley’s Facebook page, the internet and his wikipedia page). 

UKIP: The Multicultural Party

To assume that UKIP is a party for the white man is to assume a great error, for UKIP represents the multicultural Britain that Tony Blair worked so hard to create – UKIP is the legacy of Tony Blair’s multicultural Britain.  For a party that speaks out against Blair, occasionally Immigration and the EU, the similarities between Farage and Blair are quite remarkable.

A cult of personality centred around the Ego of Farage, UKIP panders to the whims of Israel and the Jews whilst builds the image of a Multicultural Britain, governed by non-white faces. With ranks full of non-Whites, homosexuals, degenerates and blairites, we find that UKIP has become the very epitome of political correctness.

So ardently in favour of non-white supporters and ever keen to boast these supporters, UKIP encourages a vision of Britain where multiculturalism works. UKIP kicks out members of it’s own party for being ‘racist’ and denies former members of the BNP, National Front or any other patriotic organisation membership in fear of being branded a racist organisation. This same type of political correctness allowed for 1400 children to be abused in Rotherham at the hands of Grooming Gangs.

Just like Labour, The Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats, we find that UKIP also boasts a ‘friends of Israel’ division which in itself is very questionable. Why is it that these political parties only have friends of Israel divisions? there are no friends of China, Rhodesia, Russia or Germany within any of the main political parties – just Israel!

Now let us examine some prominent faces within UKIP

Ubuntu Nirgu-Unigo

Ubuntu Nirgu-Unigo

Ubuntu is UKIP’s ‘Black Rights’ spokesman, his role is promoting Black membership in UKIP alongside Winston McKenzie. They view themselves as following the legacy of MLK with their Black Power image and strong sense of Negro culture that they have brought and given to the Party. Ubuntu, born in Nigeria originally came to the UK in 1999 when Tony Blair opened up the flood gates and allowed these immigrants in.

Winston McKenzie

Winston McKenzie

Winston McKenzie is probably the most recognisable Negro in UKIP. He’s ever keen to flamboyantly expose his Black Power image by referring to himself as ‘The Champ’  and doing everything in a typically ‘Black way’.

Nigel Farage giving Winston a hug, embracing Negro multiculture.

Nigel Farage giving Winston a hug, embracing Negro multiculture.

This man is currently the UKIP Croydon chair and in 2002 described himself as ‘The Black voice for Britain’ in an attempt to usher the spirit of MLK and pretend to be one of those hard-line black rights campaigners. McKenzie a former Labour Party politician looks set to stand as a candidate for the 2015 General Elections for Croydon.

Ace Nnorom (Left) with Bill Lagos (Right)

Ace Nnorom (Left) with Bill Lagos (Right)

Ace Nnorom – a former Labour member who stood for UKIP in Woodside in May is another Negro Immigrant present within the authority chain of UKIP. Nnorom born in Nigeria came to the UK in 1990 and joined the Labour Party under Tony Blair. A key figure within New Labour’s campaign and strategy team, Nnorom was often referred to as the ‘Pet dog’ of Tony Blair. Ace looks set to stand in the 2015 general elections for UKIP where he will stand for woodside once more.

Nigel Farage with Nnomi Acuntoo

Nigel Farage with Nnomi Acuntoo

Nnomi, an immigrant from Lagos, Nigeria is UKIP’s PPC for Islington. A staunch ‘Black Nationalist’ and MLK fanatic, Acumtoo is Farage’s right-hand man. Self described ‘Profit of the black folks’, Nnomi campaigns for black civil rights most of his time when not colluding in UKIP activism. Another former Labour Party member, Nnomi joined UKIP after Tony Blair left government and see’s Nigel Farage as a type of ‘father figure’. In 2013, Farage invited Nnomi to his home for christmas dinner where this particular negro sat Farage’s youngest child on his lap and sung him native Nigerian songs.

Nnomi has been linked to black gangsterism and on more than one occasion was stop/searched by the police in London for reasons unknown.

Slut-Whore Lizzy Vaid

Slut-Whore Lizzy Vaid

Nigel Farage’s aide and prominent UKIP Bengali weirdo , Lizzy Vaid hit tabloid headlines earlier this year when photographs were leaked of her in ‘comprising positions’. Vaid was also placed in the UKIP manifesto to make UKIP appear multicultural and non-white in a bid to keep up with political correctness.

Vaid appearing again in UKIP literature to promote mixed-race relations

Vaid appearing again in UKIP literature to promote mixed-race relations

Dirty Whore Vaid is responsible for UKIP’s membership lists and administration – we ask, how can a person like this ever be trusted in a place of high authority over white British people’s personal information?

UKIP Diwali Party

UKIP Diwali Party

The wigger on the right in the above image is Alexandra Phillips who works as UKIP’s head of communications. Alexandra was actually ok before she joined UKIP but it seems her time within the party has clearly made this young tart susceptible to political correctness and multiculturalism. What strikes me more than anything else is the fact that UKIP decided to hold a ‘Diwali Party’ and celebrate multiculture whilst ignoring White culture. I highly doubt that Farage would allow a White Party in fear of being publicly branded racist or fascist.

The bottom line here is that fundamentally UKIP are a fraud. The supporters and voters of UKIP are good people, traditional nationalists who believe that UKIP will deliver the goods and fix Britain but this quite frankly is not the case. UKIP have no real policy to tackle immigration, no policy to address White Genocide and no policy to address the Jewish Problem. All we hear and see from UKIP is this multicultural, politically correct image that they try so hard to publicise.

What makes UKIP attractive for the man on the street like you and I is the charisma of Nigel Farage. Farage appears to be one of us and this draws us in as voters but also he maintains a level of gravitas when speaking and appears to care passionately for Britain and for UKIP. Farage, the  former city banker is a con man, he does not care about us the people nor does he care for the real issues that face this country – UKIP is one big ego trip.

Without Nigel Farage, UKIP will fail and this is only around the corner. Nobody else within UKIP carries the level of charisma or passion that Nigel displays and once he retires and disappears from the political scene then UKIP will be no more.

Luciana Berger poses with freaks for LGBT Labour in Liverpool

Luciana Berger

Spot Luciana Berger among the crowd of weirdos, weevils, sickos, perverts, fictional characters, deformed people, people with ridiculously large chins and Homosexuals

With a poster that reads ‘Only Labour can deliver equality’ we felt that we needed to represent equality and diversity properly as opposed to a group of homosexuals. If we are to live in a world of diversity then we must fairly represent all aspects of diversity which include the characters added to the above image.

Labour wants us to live in an equal society where quite literally the people of our nation look like the people in this photograph because White People have no place in a diverse society. Through White Genocide, our race will slowly be replaced with a stock of bad genetics, weirdos and freaks who will eventually occupy these lands we once called Britain.

Jewish MP, Luciana Berger’s face really says it all. This is the face of Labour, the face that opposes your way of life and demands that you conform to perverse political correctness, diversity and foreign culture. Added to the image are mugshots of convicted paedophiles to represent the fact that Labour once campaigned for paedophile rights with the group PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange).

With bad genetics comes deformity, autism and an array of mental health problems that can be attributed to the destruction of our race. Where the purity of white genetics no longer exists, we find Britain occupied by a vulgar grouping of deformed people that no longer represent people at all.

If you want Britain to look like the photograph above then by all means go ahead and vote Labour, if what you see repulses you then take a stand and fight White Genocide before your future is that image.


Declaration Against the Evil of Anti Fascism, Communism and Political Correctness


Communist Left Wing Politically Correct Evil Must Never Be Allowed To Rise In A Civilised Society And It Must Never Go Unrecognised As Exactly What It Is – Evil Disguised As Morality.

The creeping evil of left wing Political Correctness.

The Declaration against the creeping evil of left wing Political Correctness and Marxism and bringing those to justice who enforce this evil ideology upon free and democratic Nations.

To recognise and bring to justice those who have already been involved with the oppression of peoples through left wing Politically Correct Marxism and Communism and the suppression of basic human democratic human rights through Politically Correct Left Wing intimidation, manipulation, bullying and suppression of freedom of speech.

The full declaration covers the full meaning of Communist Marxist Left Wing Politically Correct Crimes and also not excluding those who call themselves ‘Anti Fascists’ in the context of Communist meaning and purpose and under the disguise of morality pretending to be other than Communist or Marxist.

Communists, Marxists, Anti Fascists, Politically Correct.

They are all the same.


The declaration both called for condemnation of communism, education about communist crimes, prosecution of communist criminals by establishing an international court within the EU for communist crimes, construction of a memorial to the victims of world communism, and reduction of pensions and social security benefits for communist perpetrators. The declaration stated that:

“Communist regimes have committed, and are in some cases still committing, crimes against humanity in all countries of Central and Eastern Europe and in other countries where communism is still alive”

“Crimes against humanity are not subject to statutory limitations according to international law; however, the justice done to perpetrators of Communist crimes over the past 20 years has been extremely unsatisfactory”

“We must not deny the tens of millions of victims of Communism their right to justice”

“Since crimes against humanity committed by the communist regimes do not fall under the jurisdiction of existing international courts, we call for the creation of a new international court with a seat within the EU for the crimes of communism. Communist crimes against humanity must be condemned by this court in a similar way as the Nazi crimes were condemned and sentenced by the Nuremberg tribunal, and as the crimes committed in former Yugoslavia were condemned and sentenced”

“Not punishing the communist criminals means disregard of and thus weakening of international law”

“As an act of reparation and restitution, European countries must introduce legislation that equalizes the pensions and social security benefits of perpetrators of communist crimes so that they are equal to or smaller than those of their victims”

“As democracy must learn to be capable of defending itself, Communism needs to be condemned in a similar way as Nazism was. We are not equating the respective crimes of Nazism and Communism, including the Gulag, the Laogai and the Nazi concentration camps. They should each be studied and judged on their own terrible merits. Communist ideology and communist rule contradict the European Convention of Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. Just as we are not willing to relativise crimes of Nazism, we must not accept a relativisation of crimes of Communism.”

“We call upon EU member states to increase the awareness raising and education about crimes of communism; we remind them of the need to implement, without further delay, the Resolution of the European Parliament (2 April 2009) to mark 23 August as the European-wide Day of Remembrance of the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.”

“We call upon the European Commission and European Council of Justice and Home Affairs to adopt a Framework Decision introducing a pan-European ban on excusing, denying or trivializing the crimes of communism.”

“The creation of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, as supported by the European Parliament and the EU Council in 2009, must be completed at EU level. Individual governments must live up to their commitments regarding the work of the Platform.”

“As an act of recognition of the victims and respect for the immense suffering inflicted upon half of the continent, Europe must erect a memorial to the victims of world Communism, following the example of the memorial in the USA in Washington, D.C.”

Left Wing Political Correctness and it’s evil crimes.

Mass killings occurred under some Communist regimes during the twentieth century with an estimated death toll numbering between 85 and 100 million.[1] Scholarship focuses on the causes of mass killings in single societies, though some claims of common causes for mass killings have been made.

Some higher estimates of mass killings include not only mass murders or executions that took place during the elimination of political opponents, civil wars, terror campaigns, and land reforms, but also lives lost due to war, famine, disease, and exhaustion in labor camps.

There are scholars who believe that government policies and mistakes in management contributed to these calamities, and, based on that conclusion combine all these deaths under the categories “mass killings”, democide, politicide, “classicide”, or loosely defined genocide.

According to these scholars, the total death toll of the mass killings defined in this way amounts to many tens of millions; however, the validity of this approach is questioned by other scholars. As of 2011, academic consensus has not been achieved on causes of large scale killings by states, including by states governed by communists.

In particular, the number of comparative studies suggesting causes is limited. The highest death tolls that have been documented in communist states occurred in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, in the People’s Republic of China under Mao Zedong, and in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.

The estimates of the number of non-combatants killed by these three regimes alone range from a low of 21 million to a high of 70 million.[2][dubious – discuss] There have also been killings on a smaller scale in North Korea, Vietnam, and some Eastern European and African countries.

Anti Fascist Left Wing Troll Attacked by Patriotic Youth in Bottle Incident


A left wing Anti Fascist who lost an eye in a vicious assault has described his anger after one of his attackers was spared jail.

Dan Camaz, 36, was on his way home from a left wing Anti British Marxist Anti Fascist meeting when he was hit in the face with a 12 year old malt whiskey bottle and badly beaten up in Luton, his attacker shouted “Traitor” and “Marxist scum” as he was beaten.

Anti Fascist Camaz, is said to run and admin an online anonymous Anti British left wing Anti Fascist account on Twiiter.


A number of youths took part in the unprovoked attack shouting “Traitor” as they did it and the screams could be heard from streets away, but only one of them, Gary Britan, who was 17 at the time, could be linked to it by evidence.

Normally a person who blinded another would be charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, which is one of the most serious violent offences.

But, because it could not be proven that Britan, now 18, actually swung the whiskey bottle, he was charged with the lesser offence of assault causing actual bodily harm towards the left wing crank.

Bell's Original

It was said that loyal British patriot Gary Britan had consumed the best part of a full bottle of 12 year old Highland Malt whiskey, whilst discussing with friends about the disgusting criminality and injustice of left wing politically correct Anti Fascists and left wing Marxist Anti British groups destroying the U.K

Britan then suddenly jumped up an said –

“i am going to get me a lefty”

before storming out the door and the rest followed him and all singing “you’ll never walk alone”.

He then walked down to the gable arches that was situated near the Anti Fascist meeting hall.


That’s when he spotted Dan Camaz just leaving the Anti Fascist Anti British Marxist meeting.

After pleading guilty at an earlier hearing, Patriot, Britan, was sentenced to a 4-month community punishment order and 25 hours unpaid work.

After having his right eye removed, Mr Camaz, of Luton, lost his job as Branch Manager for the after care of convicted criminals in the community, the group he worked for cared for convicted criminals and sponsored the rights of criminals over ordinary hard working citizens and provided money and accommodation for the likes of sex offenders and muggers.

Badly traumatised by his ordeal, he no longer goes out at night or attends Anti Fascist meetings for fear of running into his attacker or any of his associates.

The father-of-two’s anger has been intensified because he was forced to give evidence after Gary Britan’s original trial – at which he pleaded not guilty to bottling the lefty – collapsed after a juror made it clear that he did not like Anti Fascists, and said that he thought they were a menace to society and just Marxist Anti Fascist Jobless left wing Anti British thugs.

Mr Camaz said: “I feel I have been let down by the system because i am an Anti Fascist, and political correctness should of worked as it should do here, we Anti Fascists are always right. There’s no such thing as real politically correct left wing justice anymore, obviously the people are not doing as they are told to do now by left wing bias and political correctness. The Government should make the law always favourable to Anti Fascists, like they did under the Labour Government”


The left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Anti British Marxist went on to say –

“My attacker has had a free ride in between the first trial and pleading guilty, and at the end of it all he’s got off with a 4-month slap on the wrist.

“It is shockingly laughable and I’m sure I’m not the first Anti British politically correct Anti Fascist person who it has happened to.

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

“The justice system wants looking at because it needs to be in favour of just the Marxist left wing politically correct people over and above the patriotic British people.

“Time after time the system is letting left wing political correctness down terribly. The only people that seem to be benefiting are the right wing criminals and not just the left wing criminals, but i do actually support criminals rights, but its not fair that they should attack an Anti Fascist like me, that is not being politically correct at all.

“Ten years ago my attacker would have been given a custodial sentence under the Labour Governments regime, then it was a time when political correctness ruled over everything, and i want it like that again please”

Left Wing Brainwashed Anti Fascist Weirdos Protest For Black Man Killed In America


Left Wing Brainwashed Sickos And Weirdos Protest For Black Man Killed In America !


The Alien Enemy Within

Left wing sick weird Anti Fascist freaks, Marxist perverts and jobless benefit scrounging brainwashed useful idiots for Unite Against Fascism cause chaos in Westfield shopping centre – one of the UK’s largest shopping malls – in a ‘die-in’ protest chanting ‘I can’t breathe’.

1069249_486693894752063_1020417221_n (1)

No surprise that thousands of low IQ aliens together with useful leftist idiots and weirdos stage a protest in support of a ‘black criminal’ who died while being arrested in the US.

We know they would have taken this “protest” further and looted the shops if there hadn’t been the security to stop them. This was a protest against white Europeans by those who want to commit crime and get away with it.

Of course there are no such protests for the hundreds of thousand of white victims of black and asian/Muslim crimes.

European countries are now flooded with this alien time bomb waiting to go off any time they feel hard-done-by. Thanks to the Judeo-marxist agenda this problem is growing and can only get worse. Already whole areas have become alien infested enclaves, corrupt and crime ridden hotbeds of degeneration.

I can only hope the right gains political power somewhere in Europe and this spreads to other parts. Closing the door on non-EU migrants would be a start but not likely to happen in the UK any time soon as even UKIP are pro-non-EU migration.

We must begin to criminalise these evil sick left wing wasters and weirdos, and ban all sick left wing protests and the sick twisted Anti British organisations that encourage this depraved behaviour.